She always knew that there was something wrong with her.She knew that she wasn't normal like kids her age and she would always remain that a weirdo, freak and abnormal person. But what she didn't expect is not being able to live happily like others.'Was it my fault that I was born like this that I can't have a normal live like others why do I have to change schools, move to different houses every single time and I don't even get the chance to make friends or feel secured , why why ???!! She yelled hysterically at her uncle who has always being her and her brother's guardian after her mother left when she was just five and ever since then they have been living their lives like they were on the run all the time and she was getting tired of it. 'May, this is for your own good, please I promised to keep you safe and that is what I will do, okay, please let's go and I promise we won't have to move again , I promise okay, 'pleaded her Uncle James, then he turned to the man standing at the door and nodded at him and then he faced her brother Damien, "Lad, go get your things down so we can load 'em in the van okay, hurry now kiddo," he urged him as he faced her again, "Come on lass we ain't for all day to waste. She looked up at her brother who was six years older than her and seeing his complient face a he stared back at her feeling her stare at home she knew that he knew something that she didn't but one thing she knew was that things weren't gonna be the same again for her.

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CHAPTER 3: Kicking butts.

Liam Corporation.

In front of one of the tallest skyscrapers in city, a black Maybach followed by a Bentley stops at the entrance, where employees and some bodyguards are seen standing guard at the entrance.

Alighting majestically from the Bentley is no other than the youngest CEO in the country, Damien Williams looking serious than ever with a stone cold face and domineering aura that seems to make anyone standing by his side to give bow at this aloof figure before them. Dressed in navy blue suit with a high end vintage black polished shoes to the latest Rolex watch on his wrist, he quickly took large strides towards the building with his Personal Assistant catching up with him...

" Damien!",the window of the Maybach was rolled down to reveal the President of Liam Corp. Damien stopped right in his tracks and turned to look at his father who seemed to be on his way already but didn't they just get here?He hurried over to the car and," Dad, what's wrong aren't you coming to the office today?"he asked with a frown on his face because today was the annual board meeting and they had a kind of a hitch that he even had to ask for help from that little sister of his.

"Nothing much,but I have to meet up with someone right now," raising his phone in his hand he continued," I just received the call right now from him so I will be on my way, don't worry I will be present for the board meeting,okay?"

"Alright,be careful",he said finally nodding at his father in acknowledgement.

The car zoomed away from him as he stared at it with an unfathomable look in his eyes. He couldn't help but feel like everyone in his family was busy with their own thing and was hiding it from every other person.

This morning before May finally left for school, he cornered her to ask for the flashdrive he asked for containing critical information that he needed for today's meeting, he asked her what she meant by what she said about warning them all with which she said,"That was nothing".

He didn't know why that sounded so detaching yet felt like it had a underlying meaning. He knew that sister of his more than anyone but didn't seem to understand anymore after what happened four years ago.

He was brought out of his reverie when his Executive Assistant cleared his throat and said," Sir, we need to get to the office, you have some pending proposals to attend to." Seeing the CEO lost in thought early in the morning made Jason curious because his boss was always serious and if anything was out of odds he wouldn't show it unless it concerned his family and with the way the President left he didn't need a soothsayer to tell him that it was connected.

Damien nodded at him and headed towards the elevator for only for executive officials like himself and his father including their executive assistants. He knew something was definitely up with May and now their father. Today was an important day in the office because of a storm that was about to be caused by one of their competitors, the Scott family.

The Williams family was a prominent family on its own even with their close affiliation with the military, their specialize in different industries and other investments as well but the Scott family even though they have been in the field of construction and all that has to do with it, be it the equipments and also the projects they carry out which has made them well known in the industry, they can never be able to oust Liam Corporation that was seen as a small business in the last ten years only to make waves with their investments and involvement in so many industries and their high rise in the stock market. Leaving out their ties with the military and their agency which was recently known in public for bodyguards who have been rumored to being the best even as their numbers were unknown, but quality was always better than the quantity but that doesn't tell the fact that the numbers might be mind blowing seeing as how mysterious the Williams family were.

The problem started from the Scott family losing out on a government project ;a new bridge to be built but the Liam Corporation snagged it from them but because Liam Corp had not been involved in the submissions of proposal they assumed that they bribed their way through connections to get the multi-million project for the Island Bridge to be constructed to ease transportation for foreigners to tourist centers across the country.

Following this rumours some of members of the board of directors have been questioning the authenticity of the project that was won by the CEO as few of them still find him as an inexperienced business man even with all the achievements made so far but that hasn't been a problem for Damien Williams because now the Scotts had cross the line by attacking their workers and then causing their equipment that was being shipped to be stolen and casualties on the workers on site, that has definitely crossed the line for Damien.

As he went through the videos on the flashdrive, a knock on the door distracts him as he looked up and said,"Come in".

Jason entered and reports," Sir, the other directors have arrived and are in the conference room waiting."

"Okay then, 'sighs', they will have to wait, the President isn't back yet, is he?" asked Damien.

"No sir, he isn't here yet" answered Jason.

'Sighs' "I wondered what this is about now, May this morning and now Dad, what's going on." sighed Damien.

"Ehm, if I may sir, the Young Miss is finally going to school right, I don't think that's a problem and like the President said he probably has an appointment with a friend." Jason assured.

"Well that is what you want to think but I know them, something is definitely going on with May and Dad is acting fishy, I mean if he wanted to see someone early today he would have told me and it looked like he planned this so that I wouldn't want question him,'scoffs' definitely fishy," Damien said.

" That might be true but I think you need to concentrate on the meeting ahead, everyone would soon be here and if the Chairman isn't still here you would have to start without him for time sake," reasoned Jason again.

" Don't worry about them, I have everything I need in this flash to shut them up, that's why I love my little sis , always comes in handy in things like this, so leave them be,time is of the essence anyways, get me the drafts from the advertising team and the latest report from the Marketing Chief."

" Okay, sir." sighed Jason. Whatever he said wasn't going to get to his boss anyway, time was indeed of the essence might as well do some things before the Chairman's arrival.

"Jason!" called Damien.

"Sir" answered Jason who was about to open the door.

" Call Phantom for me," he ordered.

'Gulp' " Uhmn, right away sir," answered Jason who looked like he saw a ghost.

Why would the CEO be asking for that man now, arghh, this morning is definitely not going accordingly.

Turning on his heels, he left the CEO's office to take the elevator going to the underground training hall.

Turning back to his laptop after the click from the door, Damien sighs and stands up after removing the flash from his laptop. He goes to the wall near the door of his office and taps on it and there a green lights showing the keys on which he is tapping on. After entering the password, a female robotic voice says," Commence optical recognition", a optical scanner comes out by the side of the keypad and scans his eyes.

Suddenly a metal door slides to the two sides opening to a control room, or more a less a work room for Damien, seeing as his personal gadgets and toys are everywhere. The most eye-catching is his training suit hanged in the glass case at the corner of the room.

He went to the large platform in the middle and places his palm on top of it and a series of different keys appear and then the female robotic voice comes again and greets," Greetings, Master Damien, your instructions for me?".

"Hello to you too, Cybena, I think it's time for us to kick some butts."

"With all pleasure, Master."