She always knew that there was something wrong with her.She knew that she wasn't normal like kids her age and she would always remain that a weirdo, freak and abnormal person. But what she didn't expect is not being able to live happily like others.'Was it my fault that I was born like this that I can't have a normal live like others why do I have to change schools, move to different houses every single time and I don't even get the chance to make friends or feel secured , why why ???!! She yelled hysterically at her uncle who has always being her and her brother's guardian after her mother left when she was just five and ever since then they have been living their lives like they were on the run all the time and she was getting tired of it. 'May, this is for your own good, please I promised to keep you safe and that is what I will do, okay, please let's go and I promise we won't have to move again , I promise okay, 'pleaded her Uncle James, then he turned to the man standing at the door and nodded at him and then he faced her brother Damien, "Lad, go get your things down so we can load 'em in the van okay, hurry now kiddo," he urged him as he faced her again, "Come on lass we ain't for all day to waste. She looked up at her brother who was six years older than her and seeing his complient face a he stared back at her feeling her stare at home she knew that he knew something that she didn't but one thing she knew was that things weren't gonna be the same again for her.

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CHAPTER 2: In flesh and blood.

Finally sitting in the car taking her to her new school, well, not technically, new but since she was finally making an appearance because of her final exams, well... blah blah blah blah blah.

Here's the real deal! May Williams, is known to be the Young Miss and daughter of the most mysterious family in the States the Williams family. She is brown-skinned and has pretty eyes that shines like emerald green,a pretty face with a pointed nose and thin lips with the upper a dark shade of pink than the lower, a sharp chin and well defined and neat eyebrows that are arrogantly raised without her knowing and definitely comes out well with her personality of being snobbish,rude, mean and not...

"Adorable!!!"exclaimed a girl with short brown hair and glasses, that she has been pushing up her face, every five seconds since May's arrival into the classroom for the final years. Well,she didn't literally shout it but with May's kind of ears she definitely heard it loud and clear.

Turning to the Dean who called her attention to her, she smiled and raised a brow as if asking her 'what?' and as if reading her mind the woman who seemed to be in her late forties repeated herself," Miss, please introduce yourself to the class."

"Hmmghn, I am May Williams, and it is a pleasure to be here," she introduced with a subtle smile on her face that didn't quite reach her eyes.

" Miss Williams, here is in the Arts department and will be needing your help as her fellow students to be comfortable, so please do help in anyway you can," the Dean said before gesturing to May to take her seat.

She nodded at the Dean and moved to the back immediately ignoring the plea in the eyes of the girl who called her adorable to take the empty seat next to her, even some of the boys whistled at the new belle in class to take the seat close to them as they were busy shoving their friends away so that they can give her a free space. She ignored them and also the glares she received from some of the girls that were astounded with the way the boys were behaving because of this brown skinned bi***, she gave them a look that was saying,' like I care what you think'.

And finally she took the seat close to a girl at the back who was very fair but had this dark and ominous aura around her. Her fringes were neatly trimmed but her face was mostly covered by her black hoodie that she always wore to class. As she sat down she glanced at her and the hoodie girl did the same before the Dean interrupted the rumble of mumurs from the students who were shocked that she actually went to sit with a weirdo because it didn't look like she checked any seats as she went straight to the empty one close to the hoodie girl. Even the Dean had the same thoughts as the students but who was she say anything about it,only she knew why she wanted to sit close to Nina Tang.

May smirked as all of their reactions did not go unnoticed to her, well this wasn't what she wanted but man has gotta be a social animal, I guess ,she thought. To make everything natural she turned to her desk mate and smiled," Hi, I am May Williams, and you are..?" she asked while giving her hand for a shake.

Hoodie girl turned to her and it was as if time stopped for a moment as everyone held their breath as this was another shock that this mysterious Young Mistress was giving in a day, ha! She was really gonna meet her match in snobs as everyone knew that Nina Tang is a real snob that at times no one knew if she was in class if the register wasn't checked or marked. She even picked a seat in the whole class where no one liked because it was darker there if the lights have been switched off.

She turned to the new girl under everyone's gaze and using the benefit of her hoodie she raised her lips in an amused smile and then stretched her hand and shook May's and said in her tiny cute voice," Nina Tang, science department." That was it for the class as everyone was rounded up in mumurs from the girls who were shocked that the hoodie girl could actually talk because everyone had obviously forgotten how she sounded like to the boys who were also shocked that this girl in the hoodie was actually a beauty that has always being hidden because everyone finally saw her face clearly when she raised her head up to speak.

May was very amused with the way everyone in her class were reacting, this wasn't what she expected but oh well just one more week and her plan will be in motion. She turned when she saw the girl who called her adorable standing next to her desk in her neat uniform and short brown with her tiny eyes with glasses on the bridge of her nose and she raised her brow at her," Uhm, Hi! I am Amber Adams and I am the class representative for the art department so if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask."

"Sure,anything else?," asked May.

"Well,this is the form you have to fill and sign so that a file will be opened for you here in class aside the one in the administrative office,it's for the Student's Council." she answered placing the form in front of her.

May took it and when through it and looked up at her and asked with a frown," Is this compulsory," to which Nina answered "Yes, it is, just so you can belong to a club and also be recognized among students." She drawled out in a lazy tone surprising Amber who was about to answer.

Amber turned to May who was nodding in understanding and said," That's right so I will come get it during break and show you around the school, deal?"

May looked up at her and gave a stern gaze but was met by an eager gaze from Amber who looked like she really wanted to be friends, she was about to reject her coldly so that she doesn't come around her again but was pinched and she decided to nod at her to which she smiled a skipped happily to her seat.

After she left she picked up her phone and typed furiously like she was about to break the phone,"What was that for!!!".

And the reply came almost immediately,"A payback, why did you sit close to me, this wasn't what we planned, now am the center of attention."

"Ha! Deal with it.This is more convenient for both of us and what's with that tone you are using??!!"

"Sorry, Boss, but really she is helpful for this to work out, trust me, she isn't fake like most girls here."

" Whatever!!"

"But, Boss what was with the job you gave me yesterday, that was some sweet juicy info."

" I know right, but that wasn't for me it was for

Damien and right now he owes me one."

" Well, I got news for you"

"What news"

" The gold has finally arrived".

May was smiling to herself as no one suspected the interaction between the two of them as she was using her phone and Nina her tablet that she was working with before May even came into the class until she heard a stern voice pull her out of her reverie and looked to meet a pair of blue eyes on a handsome face that was shocked to see her. She smirked at him as she answered his question.

"M..May Williams?!,yyyou are May Williams? asked the youngest teacher in the whole of Vintage High School, Mr Matteo Russo.

"Yes, I am," in flesh and blood, she added in her head as stared right into his bewildered eyes. Looking at him like she didn't know who he was, she asked," Is there a problem sir?"

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