She always knew that there was something wrong with her.She knew that she wasn't normal like kids her age and she would always remain that a weirdo, freak and abnormal person. But what she didn't expect is not being able to live happily like others.'Was it my fault that I was born like this that I can't have a normal live like others why do I have to change schools, move to different houses every single time and I don't even get the chance to make friends or feel secured , why why ???!! She yelled hysterically at her uncle who has always being her and her brother's guardian after her mother left when she was just five and ever since then they have been living their lives like they were on the run all the time and she was getting tired of it. 'May, this is for your own good, please I promised to keep you safe and that is what I will do, okay, please let's go and I promise we won't have to move again , I promise okay, 'pleaded her Uncle James, then he turned to the man standing at the door and nodded at him and then he faced her brother Damien, "Lad, go get your things down so we can load 'em in the van okay, hurry now kiddo," he urged him as he faced her again, "Come on lass we ain't for all day to waste. She looked up at her brother who was six years older than her and seeing his complient face a he stared back at her feeling her stare at home she knew that he knew something that she didn't but one thing she knew was that things weren't gonna be the same again for her.

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The alarm clock by the bedside rings out, shutting out the silence that absorbed the dark room. The room door opens and footsteps are heard by the owner of the room on the bed

She lays still as she knows what awaits her and then as if on instinct, she shuts her eyes more harder than before even as they were closed because of the blaring sunlight coming from the windows as the curtains have being drawn up by none other than the ever busy Butler Smith.

"Rise and shine, Miss May, breakfast will be served in thirty minutes, do not be late," even though he knew that his words were falling on deaf ears, he arranged the pillows on the floor, fallen from the bed and left the room.

At the sound of the 'click' lock of the door, May Williams, sits up slowly from her bed and is surprisingly all dressed, she uses her fingers to comb her hair and stands up and fakes a yawn.

Walking towards the windows she looks out as the Mansion faces the whole city from the hill side. Raising her lips slowly, she smiles slyly and then turns swiftly facing her full length mirror that is adjacent to the window near her closet and smirks. " Oh I am ready!!!"


" Wow, look who came down early for breakfast," exclaimed Damien Williams. The Young Master of the Williams Family.

"Wonder what brought you out of your bed today,you know this is the first time in let's see....hmmm,' taps his chin and in deep thought,'yeah ever that you have come to the dining to eat breakfast, well that's good little sis, here wants some syrup to go with the pancake," asked Damien smiling at May.

Sometimes she wonders whether all his smiles are a facade, because she believes,she is living a fake life that just has weird ups and downs that she would have loved to put an end by leaving everything behind but...

"Thanks but no thanks am good, I have told you that I don't like syrup." she answered with a cold voice and empty eyes. As much as she would want to follow up with her plan this was not what she wanted to face now.

"Come on, even a little,how do you just eat plain pancakes, oh, is it the time if the month," asked Damien with a silly grin on his face following his last question which he knew definitely irked her.

May paused as she was about to put food into her mouth,dropping the spoon on the plate, PANG!! She raised her head to face him ,"Just mind your business,will you?" asked May with a scowl on her face. She was already irritated with smiles and happy face but what could she do, she didn't have time for any of this, she had better things to worry for and that was her plan".

"Talking about business, aren't you getting late, Damien," asked their 'dad' Mr Williams. Jeffrey Williams is the head of their family as it is known to the public as 'his wife died during childbirth of his last child,' the known story of the Williams all around the country. But to them, he was their Uncle Jeff, who had always being with them through everything.

"Good morning, Uncle Jeff," greeted May as she received a peck on the head from him as strode to his chair and also playfully planted a peck on Damien's head who immediately reacted.

"Heh!!, ewww, I said no more kisses on the head, I am no longer a child, I am already ,twenty one for goodness sake." Damien complained and cleaned his head like he was taking away a serious disease off his head like that would work while trying to avoid the glare of his uncle, bewildered eyes of the butler who was giving out instructions to the maids and the obvious ridiculing smirk on May's face because of his blunder of stating out his real age in the presence of outsiders.

Deciding to end the awkward silence, he cleared his throat and glared at May who was almost done with her breakfast and was typing nonchalantly on her phone and said,"What's with the smirk on your face, I thought you hated kisses on the head ever since mom left and now yo....," "Damien that's enough!!!", yelled Uncle Jeff, who obviously saw the way May froze at the mention of their mom.

She dropped her cup of coffee that was about to be sipped from with an obvious thud, dressed her chair back and stood up.

"Hey, May, I didn't mean to....", Damien was cut short again trying to explain and apologize.

"Uncle Jeff, or should I say 'Dad', I hope you remember our deal, I resume school today, and you return my toys back, am off," she said with finality but was held back by Damien.

" May, look, am sorry, I didn't mean to bring up mom,okay, please, don't give me the silent treatment...,plssssss," Damien pleaded holding her palm in his hands and raised it high in a pleading manner but the next thing made his arm hurt, as she pulled his arm and as he knew her for always wanting to wrestle over any little thing, he held her left arm and used her elbow to grunt and stagger backward.

"Enough, already, Young Master and Young Miss,'' exclaimed Butler Smith. He continued in a whisper ," I don't know how long you both are going to be like this but you have to watch it whenever you speak in front of the maids, please!!," he stressed with mild irritation and anger. Uncle Jeff just shook his head at their qualms and said," The both of stop now!"

" Heh, what the f**k, why did you do that, do want me throw up,I just ate, you...!"

"I said ENOUGH!!!, and watch your language young man," Uncle Jeff bellowed with a stern look on his face and turned to May," I see that you still training," he said with a shadow of as mile on his face," and about your resumption, is that what you are wearing to school."

" What is wrong with this", May asked with a frown.

"You look like you going to a funeral," answered Uncle Jeff with a smirk on his face." Mind you, your resumption is to help you socialize better with your peers and since you finally agreed, I don't think you need your so called toys anymore in school, so why don't you change to something else and with more color so that you can look more normal."

" Ha, so I am not normal after all," she said with a knowing smile and cold eyes.

"Now, now, May don't change his words that isn't what he meant." reprimanded the butler who was still with them in the dinning table.

"Fine, fine, I am gonna go change," she retreated as she raised her hands up and headed to the stairs, then she turned as she walked backwards, with a devious smirk on her face," but don't say I didn't warn ya."

This was just the beginning anyways, hmmphh, the tip of the iceberg, she thought as she entered her room.