She always knew that there was something wrong with her.She knew that she wasn't normal like kids her age and she would always remain that a weirdo, freak and abnormal person. But what she didn't expect is not being able to live happily like others.'Was it my fault that I was born like this that I can't have a normal live like others why do I have to change schools, move to different houses every single time and I don't even get the chance to make friends or feel secured , why why ???!! She yelled hysterically at her uncle who has always being her and her brother's guardian after her mother left when she was just five and ever since then they have been living their lives like they were on the run all the time and she was getting tired of it. 'May, this is for your own good, please I promised to keep you safe and that is what I will do, okay, please let's go and I promise we won't have to move again , I promise okay, 'pleaded her Uncle James, then he turned to the man standing at the door and nodded at him and then he faced her brother Damien, "Lad, go get your things down so we can load 'em in the van okay, hurry now kiddo," he urged him as he faced her again, "Come on lass we ain't for all day to waste. She looked up at her brother who was six years older than her and seeing his complient face a he stared back at her feeling her stare at home she knew that he knew something that she didn't but one thing she knew was that things weren't gonna be the same again for her.

Kozan_daisy · Sci-fi
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9 Chs

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