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the author dropped it guys, sorry. there is a minute chance of it returning but I figure if it was going to return it already would have.


Now it's 10months🥲

gdxfr:the last update was like 5 months ago.:,( I'm going to continue reading tho (I'm at chapter 200 or so)

I just realized😳 this chapter 1501 is called, "Wait for me" & it's the last chapter before Madam Ru went on hiatus. So we are all waiting for her to come back. Thee most cutest little secret message EVER!!!🥰😍💙💚💛💜❤🧡💟


I’ve reread this multiple times😆 First time i reached until 1,300+ chapters but heard that Madam Ru went on haitus so I stopped so not to catch up with the last update. After 8 months I read it again from chapter 1 to 1459 then stopped again because there was still no update. Then when I saw that it was updating again. Read from chapter 1 to the current 🤣 Lol. So I’m staying loyal until the final and will vote every day!


Gone back to see how it's doing.I have supported this novel from the very first time it was posted here, Giving it my all to help it go up it's ranks in the power ranking, and one day it finally managed to be at the top. It has been a long ride I hope to be able to read more of the adventures of boss and the team. Author needs a break, I hope you come back strong Madam Ru!


this story is amazing....at first i read this story its kinda boring but when i continued reading it gives me a feeling that im in a wrong judgement.....Even i have a limited amount of coins even i stop reading this because of out of coins if i have a tiny money i have i will spend it to read this story. I love Ling Lan because of her character, it gives me strength in any challenges I take in real life......Thank you so much


Can't wait for this book to finally hit it off. I guess it's another long wait then


This story has not been officially dropped. This story is on a hiatus.


Guys! Guys! Madam Ru posted on her social media that she will be updating this book! Not all hope is lost! Check her weibo!


At first, I felt quite irritated that the novel went on a hiatus. Eight long months since the last chapter! Eight! That's long for a web novel to be off and the author and Webnovel/Qidian haven't announced anything to the English readers. That's disrespectful. But then I had a change of thoughts, which helped. If I thought of the novel as a standard book release (e.g. Harry Potter), then the hiatus didn't feel so bad. J.K. Rowling's books also had gap years in between their releases, especially after book three or four. Being on hiatus doesn't necessarily mean that the author isn't writing and trying to move the story forward, it just means no release. But please, Madam Ru, your readers are waiting for you.🙏🏻


i will definitely wait for updates. this is the best and reall worth it book in this platform


i hope the author will come back to finish this story because it is the best story i have ever read in this platform.. i also hope that we are not waiting for nothing and that she has not totally abandoned the story. i already spent a lot of money reading this and it would be unfair for those of us who paid for this that they will leave this work unfinished.


This is the only premium novel I pay for. I've been simping this novel ever since I first read this. I never got bored and every page is pure gold. I hope the author will be able to continue this.


Ling Lan: 'Wait for Me' ------------------Me: Please hurry back soon...


Ive supported this story for over a yr now. i rlly hope to see a happy ending


Time to cry, when will this masterpiece come back ç.ç


I hope this novel come back.. if I could be honest, I've read this years ago when I was still in junior high school and when I read ORV, a different novel which became a manhwa, I've felt the synchronization to the main character on how he lived well because the novel he reads gives him hope and strength throughout his life----to me this novel is the same to my life. This might be an exaggeration for others but I really like Ling Lan and whole story this novel gives. To the point whenever I'm not okay, I re-read this novel or named my game characters based on this novel. I might not be alive right now if I don't have this novel since I've been depressed so many times and this novel is one of my source of strength aside from my family. This novel might not be the cup of tea of others, but I hope Madam Ru could read my honest comment. Don't give up this novel because there were a lot novel readers like me who awaits and supports you. We love your work and we wish you more strength in life. Just like how your work gave me strength when I am down, I wish I could give you some courage and confidence, some strength to overcome this hurdle. You can take your time, no need to rush in making a comeback chapter or feel pressured. We can re-read. As long as you plan on coming back and continuing this wonderful novel, I'm willing to wait until you are ready to come back to boss Lan's world. ❤️ I am planning to live a long life to see the ending this novel you know? hahahaha


I hope the author ask someone to co-write this novel with her so that there will be a continuation of this novel.


By this point with the long haitius I’m just in my own little world, thinking about what’ll happen next to ling lang and her familes. Ling Lan entering god realm, defeating those enemies and taking over the choatic lands!!! She’ll be the king of the kings!


halo author ,I had read this book on January 2021 and saw no updates later . I totally loved this book and wished to complete this special book. and today I accidentally saw the update and very very glad to know.[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update] I 1000%support ........


Wait is the delay due to the translator or the original author? We've waited 7 months, don't stop at just this :/


I honestly think Lou Lang puts too many limits on himself. He listens to the personalities too much, who advise him on what the limits are. Yes, this is not their first or even second human. So they know that nobody has reached the god class realm with them or even the imperial level. But none of those other humans had Boss as their friend/superior. All of Boss's friends are destined for greatness. & the cold personality whispering in Lou Lang's ear saying "it can't be done" is only holding Lou Lang back.