84 Slaying a God

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Sword case?

Princess Yulin entered the inner room and saw an exquisite long box placed beside the frost jade bed.

It was entirely black, but the carvings on it were exquisite and intricate.

The carvings seemed to be similar to a mysterious talisman.

Princess Yulin wanted to lift the sword case, but she found that it was very heavy.

She used all her strength, but she still couldn't lift it.

"Use your Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill to lift the sword case," Lin Jiufeng told her.

Princess Yulin immediately followed Lin Jiufeng's instructions.

Sword energy emerged from her body and coiled around the sword case.

The sword case gradually became lighter.

She was finally able to carry it with ease.

Carrying the sword case that was about her size, Princess Yulin asked curiously, "I can go to the plains on my own just by bringing this?"


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