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7 Spirits Overgod! - Douluo Dalu Fanfic


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Author: I don't own Douluo Dalu. I'm just a huge fan of Tang jia san shao's stories that couldn't suppress the urge to write this. I will also incorporate many elements from other stories, webtoons, mangas, animes and games into this story after all this is just for fun........XD A young soldier sick and tired of endless fighting and killing. His only escape from this reality were his favorite stories, animes, mangas and games. When he finally had enough and decided to retire, he found himself betrayed by his superiors. Now lying in a pool of his own blood due to his superior's cunning plot, the young soldier swore that if he was given a second chance he would choose to live a quiet and peaceful life away from all the fighting and killing. Now reborn as Dai Xingchen the third prince of Star Luo Empire in one of his favorite novels, will he be able to keep his pledge and avoid conflict? Or will he accept the gifts he was given and become an existence beyond the Gods?!


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