147 Representatives from Other Kingdoms

The next day, Lu Wan woke up early and forced himself to dress up. Ye Jiao also followed after him as they headed out. Three carriages specifically prepared for the three of them parked in front of their residence.

"Lu Wan, make sure that you behave," Lu Su warned without any expression.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll just do what I usually do."

"Lu Wan."

The tone his brother used was sharper than before, but Lu Wan just glared back. "What? Are you expecting me to treat them like royalty? I'm not going to act overboard, so you don't have to worry."

Ye Jiao peered to the side while the two brothers continued their clash. She could see Lu Zhi was getting ready to climb into her carriage too. This time, the young lady looked extremely beautiful as she wore a light pink dress. Her hair was tied partially into two sides yet still left enough to flow freely. Added with her light makeup, no one would think that this was a 13 years old girl.

'She grows up quite nicely.'

As she was still 10 years old (she had her birthday in the winter), Ye Jiao knew that she still needed some time to start her puberty. Still, she was hoping that her chest would start to grow at least a bit.

"Xiao'er, let's go."

"Yes, Young Master."

Lu Wan's call woke her up from her daydream. It seemed that the two brothers have finished their clash with one another as they got into the carriage to start moving.

They headed to the wall where there were already a lot of people around. They all filled the street and the wall while dressed properly and wore a smile on their face. Some of them even brought their children out as if they were celebrating.

"Don't put your face too close to the window," Lu Wan reminded.

Ye Jiao pointed outside. "This is the first time I see them so close like this and so many of them filled the street."

"That's because the hunt signifies the peace treaty between the four kingdoms. Even though some of us might have bad relationships or at least, slightly worse, we all still gather together to compete and exchange pointers."

"I have never seen it before."

"The last hunt three years ago is in Cao Kingdom," Lu Wan remarked. "While the previous one before that is in Chi Kingdom and the other one is in Barbarian Kingdom. The last time it's in Chen Kingdom is around 9 years ago and at that time, you should be only one-year-old."


There was no way she could possibly remember things when she was only one-year-old.

Watching from above the wall as the Lu Family could occupy the special seat, Ye Jiao could see the long procession. Seeing the large number of children along with their parents or guardian, she was astonished. She had never expected that there would be this many people coming.

"Don't be surprised so early," Lu Wan reminded. "This is just one kingdom. There's still two other."

"Two more like this?"

For the first time in her life, Ye Jiao felt that she had gotten the picture of how big the four kingdoms were. They all occupy land that encompassed thousands of kilometers wide with different terrain. It was no wonder that they all have a large amount of population.

The procession lasted for a day with the people filling the street. They all welcomed the representatives with open arms.


A few days afterwards, all three kingdom's representatives come to Chen Kingdom Capital City. It signified that the Spring Hunt would officially began after the top geniuses of each kingdom met with one another.

"In short, you have to greet them?" Ye Jiao asked the busy Lu Wan. As it was formal meeting, the boy was trying his best to look as tidy as possible.

Lu Wan nodded. "The leading figures are those who're actually the youngest but with the greatest talent among the children they send. The Spring Hunt is for us to make friends and relationships, so it's expected that they want us to be friendly with one another."


Ye Jiao felt the word rather foreign. Considering how Lu Wan and Wei Cheng's relationship was already like fire and water, it was clear that there was not even the slightest bit possibility for them to stay in the same roof with one another.

Lu Wan passed a sideway glance. "Everyone they choose to meet will be the greatest genius who they'll sent to the academy once we reach rank 3. There might be a need for us to cooperate, so they want us to meet with one another first."

"Do you know how the test was conducted?"

"No, I don't."


"Even though I don't know, it doesn't mean that we don't have to collaborate," Lu Wan answered back. "After all, there's no way we can live alone."

"I see."

Lu Wan finished preparing himself and showed his neat robe to Ye Jiao. "How do I look?"

"At least, you don't look like a troublemaker."


Ye Jiao grinned when she saw her senior brother's dark expression. Standing up from her position, she pointed to the door. "You're going to be late."

"You're coming with me."


Lu Wan grinned. "Do you think I'll let you stay at home when I have to act all formal all day long? Clean up your clothes and we're going to go."

"Uh, I'll not let you off in the training today, Senior Brother Lu!"

"Heh, we're not going to train again because the hunt is coming soon."

"…" let me smack this young man.

After taking care of her clothes for a bit, Ye Jiao followed after Lu Wan as they departed to the palace.


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