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The series begins with a girl, who creates a non-human kingdom (See: Ideas that when dreaming: They wake up!) This kingdom is vegetal, animal and pro-human by metamorphosis, it has a fight on land with 4 other kingdoms: Caterpillars, Fungi, Wasps and Humans (See: Prays XHuman) The girl has grown up and cares about ecology; and the characters initiate a connection of the non-human world with the human world because they contaminate a Bay. Pollution that gives rise to Covid-19, Covid-20 and Covid-21 (human self-destruction / non-human self-defense?) This causes a Metamorphosis on the part of the Creator and the Prays is now transmigrated to Human (See: Vallemar) The girl remembers a problem in her cousin's family with drug aspects and the cousin is now Bierny, this character falls in love, but at the same time suffers a scam by Jack Latro, with the BitCoin in the pyramid mode ( See: BitLove) Bierny is transmigrated to Vallemar and both (bipolar / human and pro-human characters) fall in love with Nalexa. Nalexa has a sister named Alondra. Alondra falls in love with Xuli Latro who has been adopted by Jack Latro and specialized in Espionage, Hitman, and Finance. Bierny must mentor Xuli Latro to help him in his relationship with Alondra otherwise he will lose his marriage. There is a cycle of seven days for the change of project of life, character and personality; otherwise they will fall into a cycle of repetitions that the Creator has established for the bad guys; at the end a flood will eliminate everything created: Who will be saved? (Read: The Creator Of Seven Games) GenX ----------------------------------- Comprising: BitLove: (WPC # 160, Ranking: 2, Plate) https://www.webnovel.com/book/bitlove_19277591006022105 -----------------------------------/// Seven books are connected and aligned with the slogans: Prays XHuman (military, kingdom no human) WFP # 32 (White Sea School) WPC # 160 (BitLove) WFP # 34 (7 Creator Games)


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