"I'm so sorry about that", Mimi said giving Cole and I a brief apologetic look.

" its fine, I'm used to it", Cole said relaxing on his chair.

Used to it?

"No problem", I found myself saying.

Mimi excused herself and left the cafeteria. I was left with Cole who obviously tries to lighten the mood of the incident. We talk for a little while and I got to know more about him.

" Hey Mia, wait up!", Cole called out to a coursemate of his and they went out together.


I was still eating my lunch when I felt someone sit on what used to be Mimi's seat. I looked up and was surprised to see Jayden. He had this huge grin on his face and was looking at my food while I stared at him in shock.

What the fuck is he doing here???? And why does he have that grin on his face considering the fact that he just caused a scene like ten minutes ago?? Is this guy normal so? He definitely isn't.

"You gonna eat your lunch or stare at me?" He asked suddenly uneasy.

So much for mood swing

"Hmm...so.......rry..", I stammered.

" screw you", he said and left.

He is mad ..he's definately a mental patient.

I hurridly ate my lunch and grabbed my bag and left the cafeteria. I was headed for my dorm but unlike most colleges, my school's cafeteria which was located somewhere inside the college building had a different dorm location. The dorms were located in a different area entirely which is not in the school premises, meaning I had to book an uber. I hadnt gotten my license but whats the need. I'm gonna die soon...so its pretty much a waste.

I waited for about two minutes before an Honda jeep pulled up some feets away from me.

"Get in"

I heard the car owner said. I looked and it was none other than the asshole.

Authoritative much

" Now " he added with a face void of emotions.

I entered the passenger seat and took a deep breath in and out.

Is he always like this?

"Your dorm...right?"... He asked and I could only nod. He suddenly smiled.

What on earth is wrong with this brat. He's acting like a girl who's having PMS. Mood swings here and there.

" But...you dont know my dorm"

I said and immediately felt stupid after saying it. He just gave me a 'you're insane and weird look' and continued driving.

Classic Alyssa, why won't he know your dorm when you're roommates with his sister.

Well, this roommate thing is actually going to need some getting used to. For the next sixty days or less.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the song playing from his car....

Broken...Jess Glynne

I was in awe as I listened to the lyrics, even though I had heard this song a million times now. The drive to the dorm was a ten minute one. He stopped the car and I came down and muttered thanks. I got down and closed the door and felt his eyes on me as I went in.

I saw Mimi on the phone. She seemed Tensed but immediately she saw me she hung up and gave me a smile.

"Sorry I left you earlier on. I should have given you a lift since you don't have a car".

" its fine". I contemplated on whether I should tell her that her brother dropped me. "Jayden dropped me here". He would tell her anyway

She seemed shocked. " he dropped you? That's strange"

"He doesnt give people lifts. Did you beg him to drop you off?" She pushed further.

"No, I didn't. He saw me and asked me to get into his car." I replied with pure exhaustion in my voice. Today has been one heck of a day.

"Huh? That's weird." She replied looking odd.

I was honestly confused.

"Oh...umm I'm speechless", I said.

She only chuckled and said, " well don't get too close to him. He could be....". She looked up as if searching for a word to use.

"...unpredictable sometimes". Ah she found it

" he doesnt seem like a Nigerian..I mean his accent and all, even you too"

She smiled.."we grew up in Canada. He's mum was a full bred Canadian, so he is an half-caste.

"Was?...is she....???"

"Yes, she died when he was eight. Our dad married my mum a month later. I was six then". She said suddenly looking sad as we both sat on her bed.

Meaning the father had an extra marital affair....men are jerks

"And after the death of his mother, he became quite impulsive almost everytime. It was so serious that we had to take him to the psy...." She stopped half way and smiled to me.

"Aly please, you're my friend and since I love you please stay away from him. I don't want you to end up like the rest. I love my step bro and all but the asshole cant ever ever love someone...he doesnt have feelings and he uses and dumps girls like rag and I dont want you to end up like that. Hes a badass and a jerk and the funny thing is he doesnt even realise that he hurts people. Its really not his fault".

Its not his fault????..he's a jerk and he doesnt know? How crude.

"Theres a lot more to it. But its not in my place to tell you. He is really a complicated guy. But he is really nice..trust me".

I nodded even though I was confused.

He is a jerk and its not his fault.

He doesnt give people rides but he gave me a lift.

He uses girls and doesnt have feelings.

He's a badass but he is nice?... Why is Mimi telling me all this?

"I need to take this." She said waving her phone which was ringing.

" hello dad", Mimi said and smiled while exiting the room with her phone on her left ear.

I had always been a nerd in high school. Picture this: a 5'5 ft tall girl with thick glasses. I was pratically invisible. Back then I had only one friend. Kyle. But we lost contact when his family moved since the twelveth grade. He accepted me and made me feel normal. Like a normal human. I hope he is still alive.

If I could be invisible in high school I definately could be invisible in college and definately avoid Jayden for the next 60 days or so right?

I hope so.

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