Jasmine's P.O.V

Today is Alyssa's remembrance. It has been three years since her death and things have been different and weird in all our lives. Where do I start from? Okay. Myself. I have a beautiful daughter, Alessia who is currently three years old. After Alyssa's death, Ben and I traveled to the United States to have our child, courtesy of Jayden. I got a job as a journalist over there and we have all been living there since. Ben works as a publisher for the New York Times company. We are pretty much successful.

Mimi is married now. She got married three months ago after her graduation last year. She married a young professor who helped her during those dark times. The story of her love life remains unknown as we all just woke up one morning and got a email of her wedding invitation. We video call every week and she always gives me stories about Nigeria. Her dad is now the Vice president of Nigeria and she decided to stay back with her husband.


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