"Promise me you would take your medications regularly?"

"What's the use? I don't think we should waste money on me. The money you would spend on my tuition, you could donate it to an orphanage or fulfill my life long dream by starting a Cancer foundation for kids or teenagers. I mean I have only sixty days. You heard the doctor."

"God does miracles Alyssa. There's this pastor..."

"Pastor no. Jasmine, no. Look, I've accepted my fate and just let me live the remainder of my life the way I want to, okay?" I said interrupting Jasmine.

She shrugged.

"Okay, but please I want you to try and live a normal life at least. Promise me that you would. There's nothing God can not do and please be prayerful." Jasmine said, trying to fight the obvious tears running from her eyes.

"Sure. Sure. Eish. I'm the one with the cancer and not you." I said and walked away.


Alyssa rolled lazily off her bed. Glancing towards the alarm clock which stood on her reading table, three feet apart from her bed, she stood up and walked sluggishly to her bathroom. After a ten long minutes of sulking in the bath tub, she dashed back to her bedroom and went straight to her closet. She settled for a green t-shirt and a blue denim jean. After she was fully claded, she took out a comb from her drawer and began combing her hair. It was already five minutes past eight.

After a while, she noticed a huge chunk of her hair on the comb. It must be as a result of the chemotherapy drugs she was taking.

"Again", she muttered under her breath...she began sobbing and looked at her reflection on her mirror.

" Ali, what are u still doing up there?". Upon opening her room door, the voice stopped on her tracks when she saw the sight before her. Jasmine leaned against the door crying and said to her self, "of all the people in this world, why does it have to be my sister?". She asked herself. Soon she wiped her tears and walked into the room. Ali glanced at her direction and said in almost a whisper, " cancer is a bitch". She said with a bitter smile.

Jasmine returned the smile and wiped the tears streaming from her younger sister's eyes.

"Its gonna be fine Ali"

Ali shrugged and put on her curly wig. She went further to apply mascara on her lashes and lip gloss to her full lips.

"Now that's what I'm talking about", Jasmine said with a grin.

Ali gave her a light squeeze on her palms.

" my sfuffs are over there Jas.. You gonna carry them all the way down to your car", she said giggling.

Jas returned the gesture,

"Yes ma'am".

She hugged her and ruffled her wig saying,

" I'm gonna miss you kiddo"

"Oh please, you've got Ben. You wouldnt even know I'm gone"

Ali said as they make their way downstairs to the garage. Jas put Ali's bag in the trunk of the car.

"Speak of the devil", Jas said with an obvious smile as she answered her phone call.

Ali made her way to the passenger seat of the car leaving Jas at the rear of the car who was engrossed in the phone call.


I sat down in the car and closed my eyes. Jas has been there for me since the death of our parents. Jas assumed the position of a mother and father in my life..

She inherited dad's company and has been managing it for five years now.

And theres Ben... Jas's fiance.

He's been goood to me and takes me as his younger sister.

I'm a stage 3 chronic leukemia patient. My oncologist told me I have just 60 days to live.. except a miracle happens.. Like Jasmine says.

Jas ended her call and drove us towards GREGS COLLEGE.


I opened the door to my dorm. The lady downstairs told me the room is meant for two. So I was gonna have a roomate. I sighed at the thought of having a company. Yeah. Incase you probably havent noticed, I'm an introverted introvert. The worst there is. I dont start conversations until a question is been directed at me. I turned around and studied the room. Two beds lay on two different wooden bed frame seven feets apart, an alarm clock hung on a table slightly close to one of the beds. I did a quick scan and realised that this room was actually too homely to be a dorm. I turned and starred at Jas who had this grin on her face. It turned into a knowing smile.

"Jas this room is.....very.....not what I expected. What happrned to bunk beds, a tight room and all ..this is actually a big room".

" well..", she began.

"This is the most expensive room in this entire school. My baby sister deserves the best"

"You shouldnt have", I said with tears flowing slowly. " I could have managed, I mean this must have cost a whole lot Jas.."

I was interrupted by Jasmine's laugh and bear hug.

"Hey...chill, its your first day here Aly, less talking and more cleaning, okay dear?".

I wiped my damp face with an handkerchief and began arranging my stuffs in the wardrope.

Shortly afterwards, Jasmine leaves and I settle in one of the cosy king sized beds.

Few minutes later, the door swings open, revealing a cheerful girl. She ran to me, pulled me up from the bed and hugs me. Great, two hugs in one day. I said to my self.

" you are beautiful, I'm Miriam, or Mimi whichever is fine by me".

Mystery girl said and I could swear I saw her hazel nuts coloured eyes sparkle or maybe it was my imagimation. And yep, I talk to myself a lot.

I was marvelled by her cheerful nature, Aly this are the kind of people you shoukd hang out with more often. Oh shut up, I hate myself.

I turned and looked at the belle before me, two feet's taller than me, modelish looks and a long wine coloured hair, wow. She is pretty no doubt

"Oh Im Alyssa". I said in almost a whisper.

" Alyssa....mind if I call you Aly?"

Yeah sure, everyone does

I only nodded.

"You don't talk much, do you?" She asked rhetorically.

She understands me already

I only smiled.

"We gonna have lots of fun, I tell you. Oops, time to Go freshen up. Give me ten minutes Aly", she said and shot me a wink as she headed into the bathroom.

Well that was....awkward. And fun..did she say fun..whats that?. She seems friendly and nice though. And she talks to me like we are friends. Friends... Friends..like I would ever make a friend.

Jas is the only friend I have. I know I'm a little bit anti-social. Okay. Very anti social, but its because of my condition.

I sigh. I hate myself. I hate my life. If not for Jasmine, I would have ended my life a long time ago.

I crashed unto my bed and felt heaviness in my eyes and I slept off instantly.


"Please...come on, you cant stay here forever. You would get hungry. Lets go to the cafeteria Aly, I insist".

Mimi says giving me a puppy dog eyes. I swear I laughed inside of me.

" I'm good, trust me. I just need a shower, besides its quite late"

Yeah, we've been talking and I think I have a friend.

I giggled at the thought of that.

"Late? Its just past six. Okay okay, whatever you say miss". She says and raises her hand in mock surrender.

I laughed.

She heads out and I took a deep breath. I miss home. I shook my head and headed to the bathroom.


Shortly onwards, Mimi comes in with a pizza and two sodas. Two sodas...could one be for me.

"Come on lets dig in. I'm hungry" she says pointing a finger at her stomach which I just noticed is really flat. She is just perfect

Why ain't you a model?

Oh my God, did I just say that out loud.

Mimi laughed and made a face. "Lets eat please"

I shrugged and sat beside her on her bed while we ate.


The next day was Monday. I was already dressed and was waiting for Mimi to finish up. We both had same classes and where studying same thing. How wonderful. I stare at her wardrope full of clothes and wonder, there is no way an ordinary girl could have this drum full of clothes. Her parents are really wealthy

Within five minutes she was done and we both headed to our first class together.

After classes, Mimi and I head towards the cafeteria for lunch. We ordered different foods and while eating, two guys walked towards us and sat with us on our table. Seeing them, Mimi smiled and then the introduction began.

Jayden and Cole.. Both second year students of law. And really cute too

I study them and for some reasons unknown to me, I kept stealing glances at Jayden. He does not talk much I think, about six feet's and some inches tall, a dark full hair,blue eyes, no way this guy is a Nigerian, and did I just hear Mimi say he is her step brother... Wow..this is interesting

Cole is also good looking but clearly not as handsome as Jayden. He asked me various questions and he is quite funny too.

After about two minutes of joining us in the table, Jayden suddenly looks furious and slams out of the cafeteria.

I gasped and turned to Mimi, I could see the look of worry on her face. I remained calm and stared at the direction he took.

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