I was restless. I paced around the entire room. I wanted to do something. The boredom was real. I had called Mimi earlier and she said she was gonna be back today. But right now I was bored. Just the little time I've spent here, I have changed a lot. I still had a lot of things on my mind. I recall that jasmine booked an appointment for me with my oncologist. But I still have not decided if I should go or not. My birthday is also near. Few days from now. But right now, I was bored.

I decided to call Kyle. Well, I wasn't sure if he had a class now but it was worth the risk.

Imagine if his phone rang during one of his lectures

I chuckled at the thought as I dialled his number.

"Musketeer," he said immediately after he picked at the first ring.

"Bitch" I replied.

"Grumpy" he added.

"Asshole" that was me.



"Geez babe." He said laughing.

"When did you get so feisty and who thought you how to cuss?" He said admist laughter.

"I'm a grown lady sir. Lagos babe for that matter. We don't carry last na." I laughed at my pathetic attempt at a joke.

Kyle chuckled too.

"What's up? To what do I owe this special call from a friend who has clearly forgotten her bestie." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up. Wanna come over?"

"Hmmmm...why? Do you have something for me?" He asked and I groaned in frustration.

"Kyle Matthews. Get. Your. Ass. Over. Here."

I said making emphasis on every word.

He laughed and said,

"All right Hart. See ya in a jiffy."

"Eww...who still says jiffy? That's old school." I said chuckling.

"Whatever. Bye." He hung up immediately.

I laughed loudly after dropping my phone on the bed. Kyle is currently studying English and Literary Studies. He has always been a straight A student especially in English Language. He hates making grammatical errors and definitely hates being corrected. But I do it to piss him off sometimes you know. Just for fun.

I picked up my phone and started playing Candy Crush Saga. I was already at level 132 and I was so proud of myself because I just downloaded it last week. I realized that I could have just played this game instead of calling Kyle to come over.

After three minutes of playing, I heard a knock on the door. I got up phone in hand still playing the game and opened the lock. After that, I walked back to the bed still playing.

"Its opened Kyle." I heard him open the door but I didn't bother to look at him. Hey. It wasn't my fault. The game is highly addicting.

"You know if you wanted to play your game all day you shouldn't have invited me over."

Kyle said and I just waved my left hand to him telling him to hold on.

Before I knew it I was already laughing so hard. Kyle was tickling me.

Damn him for knowing I was ticklish.

My phone fell on my bed and I was holding my sides, trying to block Kyle's attacks .

"Please.....Kyleee....I'm .....sorryyyyy...." I said amist laughter.

"No. Forgiveness is for the weak." He said still launching his tickles attacks on me.

"Please....I'll.....dooo..... anything....I promise..."

Kyle laughed and let go of me.

"All right, let's play 'Would you Rather'."

He said and I nodded.

He sat on the bed with his legs crossed so he was facing me.

"I'll start first." Kyle said.

"Let the game begin then." I said.

"Would you rather be deaf or blind?" He shot the question at me.

I looked at the ceiling for a while and finally answered,


"Umm.. okay. Nice choice." He commented.

"Your turn."

"Okay. Kyle Matthews would you rather have mouth odour or body odour?" I asked looking at him.

"For Christsakes. None." He said holding his nose with his left hand.

"No..uh...you have to pick one." I said suppressing laughs. I was enjoying this.

"Okay okay...mouth odour." He said and I laughed hard.

We played for a while and chit chatted.

Someone knocked on the door and it was Jayden. He looked tense.

"Miriam back yet?" Was the first thing he asked when he saw me.

"Err..no..she isn't." I replied him.

"Okay. I'll wait for her here." He said taking confident strides into the room.

Bossy much.

He looked at Kyle sternly and never took his gaze off him as he sat on Mimi's bed.

Kyle looked uncomfortable and turned to me.

As I looked at Kyle, I realized I haven't been spending time with Kyle like before. Jayden somehow gets into the picture.

"Aly.. I think I should start going now. I have a class later today and I need to get ready.

I had a nice time with you dear." He said standing up. I knew he was leaving because of Jayden. I'm yet to figure out why they can't just bro along. You get it, don't you?

We hugged and then he left leaving the door ajar.

The dorm was quite dusty and I needed to clean it up. I took the brush and started sweeping. Jayden on lay on Mimi's bed in silence. I swept close to Mimi's closet and felt something ran past my leg. I squeaked and jumped on the bed with Jayden.

"Rat! Rat! Rat!." I cried out.

I could feel Jayden tense up for a while but just then he relaxed.

He held me close and I hugged him tightly on the bed. I didn't even realize that I was on top him since he was lying down.

He drew circles at my back with his fingers and I felt calm suddenly. I looked at him directly at his eyes and I suddenly felt heat between my legs. We were so close but didn't realize it. I looked down from his eyes to his nose. It was perfect. He was perfect. My eyes trailed down to lips. His plump pink lips. I bet.......

"Oh. I'm sorry for intruding." A voice interrupted my thoughts.

We both turned and looked at the person standing there. I quickly jumped down as Jayden released his grip on me.

"Jasmine..!" I exclaimed looking at her in shock.

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