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Alan had no idea who Kim's dream woman was or about the picture of Susan that Kim treasured so much, but he smiled anyway, pretending to understand.

Kim hiccupped like some kind of stereotypical drunk, then continued, "And everybody else! I mean, no way! And they're all such fun! And Brenda! Jesus H. Christ!" She flailed her arms around for emphasis. "Can you believe Brenda?!"

"Believe what?" Brenda asked as she dragged herself into the room. She had ditched her maid outfit, because it had gotten too sticky and wet from her own juices while she was lying down and passed out. She'd even ditched her high heels, because she was finding it difficult to walk in them. But she still wore her new black collar. That was the symbol of her sexual slavery, so she was determined to wear it at all times, no matter what.

She walked right up to Alan and stood beside him. She was weary and obviously not yet fully awake. She ran her hands through her hair, trying to make it look more presentable. She appeared to have wiped her thighs and the rest of her body off with a towel or something similar because she wasn't soaked in cum and sweat anymore.

"You're awake!" Kim exclaimed. She was already standing near Brenda, also right in front of where Alan sat, but she moved even closer to the busty woman. She brazenly gaped with total amazement at Brenda's improbably curvy body, as if she'd just discovered a corpse risen from the dead.

Alan felt a power rising through him with all these naked or half-naked women standing around. He didn't like the way Brenda was standing in a slouched position, so to flex his authority he barked at her, "Tit slave! Assume the position!"


The change that came over Brenda was dramatic. Her eyes went as wide as Kim's were and she immediately dropped to her knees. She sat back on her heels with her hands behind her back and her chest proudly thrust out. This was the same position she'd taken earlier while wearing the maid outfit. Just like that, she was fully awake and panting with lust. Yet a kind of blissful serenity came over her as well, and she smiled and closed her eyes. Her nipples grew stiffly erect.

Kim had been briefed a little bit about Brenda before Alan came downstairs to join the party. She'd been told that Brenda was a busty woman who was hiding in the basement, watching the video feed of the party. It was explained that she was a submissive who was having a special ceremony and that Kim shouldn't say anything about her until that happened. But, even after witnessing the slavery ceremony, Kim had no idea just how remarkably submissive Brenda was.

She stared some more at the kneeling Brenda and couldn't help but ask, "What's going on? Why is she like this?"

Alan explained, "That's Brenda for you. She's just likes to be this way."

"She does?! You mean you're not forcing her or something? What gives?!"

He said more patiently, "I know it seems remarkable, but it's true. I don't completely understand why she wants to be a sex slave, to be honest. But think about it. People have all kinds of strange tastes that are hard to explain. Think about people who are into sexual asphyxiation. Or get off on bodily mutilation, even. There's even a weird Japanese art film about that. So, compared to some, she's not all that strange. Maybe some people are just hard-wired or imprinted differently to like different things."

"But still!" Kim just couldn't get over this, on top of everything else she'd seen this evening. The posture and bearing the stacked woman was taking just blew Kim's mind even more. Kim didn't feel any particular desire to be in such a position herself, but it made her feel yet more of an uncontrollable desire to ravish Brenda until they both dropped of exhaustion. "You mean that whole ceremony thing was real? I thought it was just some kind of sexual fantasy you were all acting out."

Alan replied philosophically, "What is real? What will it mean exactly, in years to come? I don't know. We're kind of in uncharted waters. But no, it wasn't just some elaborate role play."

Brenda smiled at that, pleased with his answer. You don't know the half of it, Master. I'm yours to command until I die!

He regarded Brenda for a while, then finally said, "Brenda, at ease. You can stand."

Brenda interpreted that as an order and stood up. She loved being ordered about. She still kept her hands together behind her back as if her wrists had been bound together. She just liked it that way. "Master, is there any way I can serve you? Any way I can please you?" There was such a spark of desire in her eyes that it looked like she might just up and jump him.

"Nah. Not right now." He was still trying to take it easy. Seeing a woman as sexy and buxom as Brenda proudly kneel in eagerness to serve got his motor running and caused feelings of power to surge within him even more. But he knew there were other women he needed to get to with the remainder of his dwindling sexual energies, especially Xania and Akami, so he figured he shouldn't have sex with Brenda again this evening.

Susan was greatly enjoying Kim's enthusiasm as she watched the whole scene while sprawled on a nearby sofa. She said to the young teen, "Go ahead; touch them. You know you want to."

"Oh! Mrs. Plummer, can I?" she asked with awe.

"Sure you can. And like I said before, call us by our first names already." Susan was very pro-breast, so she was particularly happy to watch Kim's infatuation with Brenda.


Kim walked forward and put her hand on one of Brenda's prominently jutting boobs. "Oh. My. God. Brenda, I'm sorry, I should have asked. You don't mind?"

Brenda laughed. "Do I mind? I'm flattered. Fondle away. Frankly, I'd love it if you'd feel me up. My body exists now for the Plummer family and their friends. These breasts are here to be fondled; that's what they're for. That is, if it's alright with you, Master Alan?"

He nodded.

With her other hand, Kim reached up and fondled Brenda's new collar appreciatively.

Brenda was amazed at how much that turned her on. It was as if her collar had become a brand new erogenous zone for her. She cooed with happiness.

Alan was paying attention to Brenda and Kim, but he was also watching Katherine, who sat on another sofa in the room. He was very cognizant of the way Katherine was idly rubbing the front of her own neck. It was a very unusual gesture for her to make, and he could only conclude that she was looking at Brenda's new collar and acutely feeling the lack of any collar of her own. She didn't look outright jealous, but on the other hand she was the only one frowning in the room. He redoubled his resolve to get more gifts in time for the big Thanksgiving meal.

He looked at Brenda and said with a dismissive hand wave. "Kim, Brenda is your slave for the evening too. She must obey your every command."

This got both Brenda and Kim extremely excited. Brenda exclaimed, "Oh Master! You're the best!"

Kim began kneading Brenda's gargantuan globes with both hands. Her tiny fingers seemed lost amidst all of Brenda's sensitive tit-flesh.

Alan actually saw both Brenda's and Kim's eyes light up as he finished saying that. He could still feel the sense of power surging through him, and this kind of thing was only making that feeling stronger. It was so exciting that he actually felt the need to calm himself. He knew that if he didn't, he would soon be acting like a cruel asshole, ordering Brenda here and there just because he could.

So he said to Brenda, "Please, just call me Alan for now. While I've been sitting here, I've been thinking that I need to take steps to keep my ego in check. Hearing 'master' all the time can't be good for my mental health right now. Did anyone tell you yet about the speech Suzanne gave earlier today where she lectured us on how we can't let the 'Bad Alan' side win?"

"Yes," Brenda admitted as she turned and stared at him hungrily, "I heard a bit about that from talking to Mistress Susan earlier." She slumped visibly from her busty up thrust stance and said dejectedly, "Okay, I'll try not to say that, but I'll probably mess up more often than not. I'm sorry if I'm an unworthy slave." She suddenly gasped with great distress. "Does that mean you won't call me 'tit slave', either?!"

He chuckled. "I guess I can call you that from time to time, if it floats your boat so much. Kim, what are you waiting for? Your tit slave waits to serve your every desire." He hoped to keep Brenda occupied with Kim for a while.

Kim had let go of Brenda while she waited to find out what Alan would say, but she latched back onto Brenda's exposed breasts with both hands. "YES!" she screamed with a feral intensity. "These are the most amazingly huge tits in the universe!" Funnily enough, she felt more than a little disloyal to Susan and her breasts, especially since Susan was in the room, but she was too caught up in the excitement of the moment to think much about it.

Susan felt a bit miffed, since she still had jealousy issues about Brenda's larger rack, but she was so happy by the overall course of the evening that her negative feelings were but a small blip.

Suzanne laughed at the excited teen and noted wryly, "Looks like you've got a new number one fan, Brenda. Hey Sweetie, how's Alan Junior doing?"

Alan had been sporting an erection off and on ever since the Christine phone call, and right now it was as stiff as can be. He was also happy for the break in the action, but things all around him were far too arousing for him to stay out of it much longer. He grumbled, "I don't know. I think he's on the verge of needing life support."

"Oh dear," Suzanne said with mock seriousness. She could see from the lump in his shorts that he was just joshing, so she said, "With a serious medical problem like that, it sounds like we could use a nurse." She put a hand on her chin. "Hmmm... What should we do? What SHOULD we DO? If only we had a real, professional nurse with us..."

Akami laughed at Suzanne's over the top melodrama. "Okay, I surrender. What do you need me to do?"

Susan, joining in the fun, said, "Why, you'll have to check on Alan Junior's health. I think he may need CPR. That stands for Cum-Pumping Resuscitation, as I'm sure you're aware. But you look overdressed for the occasion, especially since the rest of us have had a chance to shed more of our clothes while you've been sitting out the game." She giggled uproariously, in part because getting drunk made her giddy.

"Very well," Akami said with a mock sigh. "Has anyone ever told you lot that you have far too much fun? If you keep this up, I may have to pick up one of those harem application forms Xania was talking about." While she talked, she was slithering out of her underwear.

Kim blurted out, "Ohmigod! I totally want one of those forms! And, unlike you two, I'm completely serious!"

She was, too, though she also knew the odds of being allowed to join the harem were between slim and none. Kim was a very attractive girl, but as Susan had pointed out earlier in the evening, the women in Alan's harem were in a completely different league of perfect-ten beauty. In fact, Kim had purposely done poorly in the poke-her game because she felt too shy to expose her body in front of the others. However, she was filled with a new resolve to do anything necessary to improve her body and herself if it could help her stay close to this elite group.

Akami got on her knees in front of a standing Alan. She wore nothing but her high heels and a fine necklace. "Okay, what do we have here? I'm used to mouth to mouth CPR so I'm not sure what to do with Alan Junior. Hmmm. I guess I'll just have to swallow the whole thing..." She promptly began a very vigorous cocksucking session.


The other seven women stood or sat around and watched Akami's head bob up and down.

Suzanne realized that it wasn't really fair to put Akami in such a high-pressure situation where all of her other guests were doing nothing but watching her cocksucking and mentally comparing Akami's efforts with their own usually very practiced and talented efforts.

So she said to Akami, "What's the diagnosis, Nurse Fubuki? Do you think he's in good enough shape for us to reveal what's behind curtain number one?" She pointed to the one tarp that reached all the way to the ceiling.

Alan could guess that the other tarps in the room covered up an extremely large bed that was going to fit into one of the corners of the room. But he couldn't imagine what this other tarp was covering. And its prominent location, nearly in the middle of the room, only increased his curiosity.

Since Akami showed no inclination to remove her lips from his dick long enough to answer, Alan joked, "Well, I'm thinking that the good nurse will probably take about twenty minutes to reach her verdict. But in the meantime, sure, let's see what you're hiding."

"Oh goody," Suzanne replied. "Katherine, why don't you go first? I don't think Sweetie has a clue just how talented his first sister is at... Well, I can't spoil the surprise, so let's just say I've seen you do your thing and I think you're perfect to go first."

Katherine clapped her hands, but then looked down at her lack of clothes. "The only thing is, I've gotta be wearing at least some clothes to get out of for a striptease. Aims, please put on some music while I just pop over to the underwear cabinet for a moment. I won't be but a minute. I promise!" She ran out of the living room as fast as she could go.

While Katherine was changing, Amy came into the room holding a lab coat and a stethoscope. She tapped Akami on the shoulder. "Um, I hate to bug you, but could I get you to try this on? I know it's a bit silly, but I've heard so many stories about the amazing adventures of Nurse Akami, and I've never seen you in action in the whole nursey garb thing. Not really. Could you please?"

Akami pulled her mouth off Alan's dick, and laughed. "Sure. Just for you, Amy, since you're such a cutie. 'Amazing adventures?' I wish! Where'd you get the outfit, though?"

Amy whispered something right in Akami's ear while the nurse stood up to put on the lab coat.

Akami laughed some more, then turned back to Alan, eager to have more sexy fun with him. She said, "I've just been told that I'm going to need a good seat with a view in a minute, so I'm going to claim the best seat in the house." She gently pushed Alan down into a chair a few feet behind him, because her plan was to sit down on his lap.

However, Amy prodded, "Wait! You've got to put him in the mood first! Do something sexy and nursey. I've never seen that before."

Akami was puzzled as to what she could do, but Amy acted so earnest and fun-loving that her request couldn't be denied. So Akami stood tall in front of Alan while wearing just the wide-open lab coat. She didn't have an ultra-curvy body like Brenda's, but she was deservedly proud of her firm, feminine shape. She wasn't too shy or in awe of the others like Kim was. Stalling for time while she thought of something, she mumbled, "As if he has to be put in the mood now." But then, fingering the stethoscope, she said gravely to help keep a straight face, "Alan, I'm afraid I have bad news for you. You've been diagnosed with an acute case of hyperstudlicockus."

Alan, happily playing along, deadpanned, "Sounds serious. Is that related to streptococcus?"


"Distantly." Akami replied gravely, even as she was finding it increasingly hard not to burst into laughter. She added in a clinical voice, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to perform a few tests. I may even have to take quite a few semen samples in the process. And we may have to measure the tumescence of your penis with a very special procedure involving your nurse practitioner. If I'm getting too technical for you, I'm afraid we're going to have to repeatedly test how well your penis fits in my mouth."

"How will that help my illness?"

"It probably won't, but it sure sounds like fun." She winked. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation of playing out these silly ideas.

Alan, still playing the straight man, asked, "What are the symptoms?"

Akami looked around the room, looking for inspiration until she thought of something. She joked, "Well, as you can see, it causes insanely gorgeous women to flock to you and take their tops off. The only cure is to have your penis sheathed in a tight, warm pussy. Preferably one of a trained nursing professional, so she can uh, gauge reactions very professionally." She was grinning from ear to ear.

"Quick," he joked, "you'd better sit down on me before the bra makers go out of business."

Akami shucked off her stethoscope and coat and sat down on his lap. She let out a long groan as she impaled herself on his erection. She laughed yet again, but this was from the pure joy of starting a great fuck. She joked, "Warning: do not try this at home. Leave this treatment to the medical professionals!" She began to slide herself up and down. She realized with great pleasure that she was living out the fantasy she'd had earlier in the evening of him "taking and taming" her in full view of all the other women.

The remaining women took seats as well, all facing the mysterious central tarp. They all stared at Akami, making her increasingly aroused the more she looked around and saw people staring.

However, one woman was extremely uneasy: Suzanne. The joking about a fake medical diagnosis just to have lots of sex struck a little too close to home, resembling as it did her actual six-times-a-day scheme. She silently cursed Akami for the careless joking. She at least consoled herself that everyone was so busy looking at Alan and Akami that no one was looking in her direction. Had she known about what Alan had asked about his six-times-a-day diagnosis during his earlier talk with Akami, she might have freaked out completely.

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