6 Times a Day

6 Times a Day (6TaD) is a story centers around a male high school student named Alan Plummer, who starts off as an awkward young man. Unbeknownst to him, his mother's best friend and neighbor lusts after him and concocts a phony medical diagnosis that requires him to have six orgasms a day, in order to seduce him. Things don't go quite as she plans and a chain of events and circumstances results in an increasing number of gorgeous women finding themselves 'helping' him with his "medical treatments." **Not my Own Novel, but found on SPACER X Website which is down nowadays.. thus i am re-editing and re-posting this novel which i have greatly enjoyed..If the Original Author wants to take down this publication, pls pm me at chufeng.a@gmail.com** Otherwise Have Fun Reading this Novel you Bit$$es. Since i am editing this you expect a good update speed.. Image is from Deviant Art. ------------ TAGS: HAREM, INCEST, TEACHER, NURSE, SEDUCTION, NTR (somecases but consensual by female),SlowBurn Note: Here the NTR tag is Alan SEDUCING Female Lead & other rare cases, which you can definitely skip. ------------ Edit: Small amount of netorare has been mentioned by the readers, which the team is looking into, we haven't crossed that threshold,IF THERE IS NETORARE, THEN Read at your own risk, as it mostly woman seducing her son[ Acording to the readers, and i am not pushing myself to read ahead as it time consuming and not worth it] . If you are not into this categories, THIS IS A FREE NOVEL I AM PUBLISHING DURING MY FREE TIME, NOBODY IS FUCKIN FORCING YOU TO READ THIS NOVEL, SO STOP FUCKING GIVING 1 STAR REVIEWS WHEN I HAVE CLEARLY MENTIONED THE TAGS AND STORYLINE YOU FUCKIN IDIOTS.. P.S Thanks for all the Loyal Readers who have followed this novel from the beginning........Much Love...!! **/////////////////////////////** Please consider Donating however much you can to support me to keep this novel going. Every Little Donation counts. ----------------------------- patreon.com/SnakeEmpress paypal.me/SnakeEmpress buymeacoffee.com/snakeempress [Consider becoming a Patreon and enjoy a minimum of 5 chapters ahead.] Please also Support my other Novel which is a Fan-Fic. Harry Potter and the Gift of Kali **/////////////////////////////**

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It's going to be like this for YEARS to come!

Alan wound up taking an extra long shower. He didn't need it to get clean, but he enjoyed simply turning on his mind and escaping the world for a while. He certainly didn't have any complaints about his newly supercharged sex life, but so much emotionally intense activity wore him down. It was good for him to be alone for a while and think about nothing at all.

Susan's call to Brenda wasn't a short one, and she went to her bedroom to freshen up and change into new clothes afterwards. But still, due to Alan's long shower, she came downstairs before he did.

Katherine and Suzanne were focused at first on appearing normal so Susan wouldn't suspect anything. They wore semi-bored expressions in an attempt to look like they'd been watching TV the whole time, even though they couldn't completely hide their glee.

But then, once Susan walked to a nearby sofa and sat down on it, they noticed something odd about her. Katherine exclaimed, "Mom, what's with you? You looked like you've just been run over by a truck!"

"I do?" Outwardly, Susan seemed fresh as a daisy, with her hair combed, her face washed, new dabs of perfume subtly applied, and so on. She was surprised they'd caught on.

Suzanne nodded. "You do. Oh, wait! I know what it is: the spanking!"

Katherine slapped her forehead. "Oh yeah. Duh!"

Susan clutched at her chest, and asked with surprise, "You know about that already?! Both of you?!"

Katherine smiled and explained, "Remember how I peeked in? When I came back downstairs, I told Aunt Suzy what I saw. You don't mind, do you? I figure you're going to tell her all about it in far greater detail anyway."

Susan recovered from her initial shock. "That's true. And I don't mind the part about you telling her. But I do mind you just waltzing in without even knocking when Tiger and I were having a very private moment!"

Katherine replied, "Sorry. But come on. If he'd been spanking me, and you overheard it, wouldn't your curiosity have gotten to you?"

Susan admitted, "I suppose so."

Suzanne chuckled. "You know so. But never mind about that. Let's hear about the spanking!"

Susan smiled widely as she reveled in what had happened upstairs. But she asked, "Wait. What's this about me looking like I've been run over by a truck?"

Suzanne said, "Maybe that wasn't the best way to put it. Let's say instead that you look well fucked. If I didn't know better, thanks to Angel's peeking, I'd say you have that freshly fucked look. And not just any fuck either. You look like you've been royally fucked right out of your gourd!"

Susan replied, "Language please. If we're not trying to arouse my son, there's no need for vulgar words." But she was beaming. "That said, you're right! Tiger really put me in my place! I've never felt so owned and used! He proved to me over and over with his manly strength that he's the man of the house and I'm one of his busty sex pets. It was absolutely glorious!"

Suzanne was extremely pleased. Excellent! Sweetie meets and even exceeds my expectations yet again. I knew he had it in him! She asked, "That sounds great. Just how many times did he spank you?"

Susan looked away in embarrassment. "Um... Just two."

Katherine was so astounded by that, she stood up. "Just two?! TWO?! Mom, did you say 'two?!'"

Susan still couldn't make eye contact as her cheeks turned red. "I did, but you have to understand. It wasn't the number of whacks that mattered, it was the whole experience. By the mere fact that he spanked me at all, he proved that he's in total control, and my role is to serve and obey, and to suck and stroke. Gaawwwd! It was SO HOT! You wouldn't believe it! He had me hot as an oven even before we started, and then he just... fondled me all over! It would have gone on a lot longer, but I started cumming and then I couldn't stop! I came and came and came until I practically passed out!"

Suzanne glanced to the stairs and saw Alan walking into view, wearing his typical T-shirt and shorts combo. "Hey! Speak of the devil, look who's here. It's our spanking hero. Sweetie, I think you need to give each of us a great big kiss!"

He smiled as he reached the bottom of the stairs. "I can do that." Katherine came to him first, so he gave her a nice French kiss. Then it was Suzanne's turn. Finally, it was Susan's turn. Since he'd overheard them talking about the spanking as he came down the stairs, he gave the side of her ass a playful swat as they necked. That sent her into overdrive, and really wowed him with her passion.

But his penis had gone flaccid, and he was keen to hear what they'd been saying about the spanking, so he kept all the kisses relatively short. He found a spot on one of the sofas and sat down. "So... what's up?"

Katherine grinned impishly. "Well, Mr. Two Smacks, Mom was just telling us how you whacked her ass a grand total of TWO times! You really went all out, didn't you?" She giggled.

Even Suzanne got in on the teasing. "Susan, you must have done something truly awful to deserve that much punishment all at once!"

After the laughter died down, Susan said defensively, "Joke all you want. But like I was just saying a minute ago, the number doesn't matter. The point is, he got the job done. I'm going to have to redouble my efforts to please him with my mouth and in fact my entire body, after that!"

Katherine eagerly asked, "How does your ass feel? Is it glowing a nice red?"

"Unfortunately, no. I just checked in the mirror before I came downstairs, and you can't really see or feel anything at all. But that's okay; it'll give me something extra special to look forward to next time." She turned to her son and gave him a sultry look.

He thought, Whoa! Mom actually wants a red ass after a spanking?! That's pretty wild. But hey, if that's what she wants, that's what she's gonna get!

He felt overwhelmed by the entire spanking experience. He didn't want to discuss it anymore, because his mind was already blown, several times over, and he couldn't handle any more sexy surprises. So he changed the subject by asking Suzanne and Katherine about what they'd been watching.

The two of them were relieved that he didn't pursue the matter, and especially that they didn't have to fill the other two in on any TV plots, because although the television had been on, the volume had been completely muted and they hadn't paid any attention to the screen. The smell of sex filled the room, but that too wasn't very unusual anymore, so it didn't arouse any suspicion.

The four of them simply talked about non-sexual things for a while. Each of them had had their own intense sexual experience, so they all were glad to take a break.

After about ten minutes, Alan went to the stereo and put on Queen's greatest hits. He figured they'd be hanging out and talking for a while, and he simply liked the songs.

Suzanne had had so much time to dress that she'd put back on all of the fancy clothes she'd arrived in, including her jacket. But eventually she decided that she'd overdone it in her zeal to hide what she and Katherine had been doing. While the others were still making small talk, and without saying a word, she pulled her dress up past her hips and then opened up her top so her big globes came falling out.

Susan was perturbed, because Suzanne was pushing into new territory with this move. Everyone knew that there would be teasing and flashing of skin once Alan had some time to recover, but it was obvious from his attitude and the way he was sitting fully clothed that his penis wasn't hard and wasn't likely to get that way anytime soon. In turn, that implied that Suzanne was just getting naked because she wanted to.

Susan protested, "Suzanne, I love you dearly, but what on God's green Earth do you think you're doing? If you're trying to help with some visual stimulation, I appreciate that, but, well, I gave him a nice blowjob upstairs for a good half an hour, as a prelude to the spanking. We need to take our cues from him. We don't want to push him too hard. Tiger, correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no point in getting like that right now."

He just shrugged. He wanted to see how this would play out between the two MILFs and what their expectations would be.

Suzanne blithely replied, "I know. Not everything has to be about getting Sweetie hard, you know. I'm just getting more comfortable. Between the three of us women, we're naked more often than not in this house. Don't you agree? And it feels good, doesn't it? So why pretend? Why can't we just get as naked as we want to, wherever we want to?"

Suzanne deliberately kept her dress over her stomach to highlight the shocking white skin of her twin tit wonders. The dress also pushed her tits up, making them look even larger than usual.

"But it's... well, kind of embarrassing." Susan complained. "Especially with Tiger here!"

Suzanne responded, "So? All's the better, even if you did just suck him dry. We need to be more proactive so he can get hard and stay hard more often. Even when he's completely flaccid, we can still set a sexy atmosphere. That means we have to expose ourselves to him nearly constantly, and more when he's not around to stay in practice."

Susan was going to protest some more, but Alan spoke up first. "Mom, what's the problem? Aunt Suzy's right. She's just helping me out with visual stimulation. But even if she wasn't, then so what? Why should we have any rules about clothing at all?"

Katherine added, "And Mom, if exposing yourself like this in front of Alan makes you embarrassed, isn't that a good thing? After all, doesn't that remind you, and the rest of us, just who you belong to? Your body belongs to him all the time, not just whenever he might be close to getting erect."

Susan protested to the whole group, "I know, but if we listen to Suzanne, that means it would never stop. The three of us would spend nearly every waking moment trying to arouse Tiger here, then stroking and sucking him, and then draining him of his precious seed. Then it would start all over again in a never-ending vicious circle. There would be no down time whatsoever! Why, there'd be nothing but cocksucking, handjobs, and titfucks all day long!"

Suzanne smiled. "That's right. And you see this as some kind of problem?" She glanced at Alan and winked.

Susan gasped. The enormity of Suzanne's vision hit her and she found herself pleased beyond words. OH. MY. GOD! That's how it's going to be, isn't it?! I belong to my son now! I knew that already, and he just proved it all over again with the spanking he gave me upstairs. But that's not all! We're far beyond just helping him with his medical problem. Serving his cock, that's what I do! I'm no longer a homemaker; I'm a full time sex pet! And not just for a week or a month or even a year... It's going to be like this for YEARS to come!

Good Lord! Her pulse raced and her pussy got wet in a flash.

She momentarily envisioned other women busy at the office chained to their nine-to-five grind while she stayed at home getting her chest and face bathed by load after load of her son's sweet cum. She felt giddy and weak in the knees. Wow! I feel so sorry for all those women. The Lord has truly blessed me. I'm financially secure, so I don't need to sweat and slave like most people do. Instead of being enslaved by the rat race, I'm basically enslaved by my son's big, fat, thick, and continually stiff and throbbing COCK! Like I said, I'm blessed!

She found the idea of basically being enslaved to her son's desires to be particularly appealing. She knew that she was supposed to think of the word "enslaved" as a negative, but in this context it was nothing but thrilling and arousing.

After thinking all that, she finally managed to mutter, "Uh, no problem." Her eyes were still opened very wide as she continued to ponder that epiphany.

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