185 Got Caught in School ?

Once Kim got going on cocksucking, she didn't want to stop. But it was a good thing they were too busy sucking and licking to talk because, with only about fifteen minutes left in the lunch period, they all heard the sound of the door to the outer supply room open.

They instantly froze in place. Kim had her hand wrapped around Alan's rod at that very moment, drooling a string of his cum from her lips. Katherine still had her nose in Kim's cunt.

But as quietly as they could, they began to wipe themselves with some moist towelettes Alan had so thoughtfully provided, pulling their clothes back up or down as needed. Covering up only took a few seconds, but the smell of sex was still there and bodily fluids were leaking all over the place.

However, Alan realized the gig was up, because they had left the light on in their little closet.

They all listened as they heard the person in the other room finally begin to move.

Alan realized, It sounds like a person is walking right towards the closet we're in!

He zipped up his shorts and quickly said out loud, "Hello. Someone out there?" and grabbed the first supplies he could lay his eyes on. Even though his dick was still soaked with Kim's saliva, it was wilting in record time due to his fear of getting caught.

Acting preemptively, he opened the door a bit and slid out through the crack. He hoped to deny whoever it was a glimpse inside the closet by getting in the way first. He leaned back against the door and doorknob to further prevent anyone from being able to open it, while looking to see who had discovered them. He was ready to fight to keep the closet door closed, if need be, since it was his sister that was in there.

"Alan?! What are you doing here?" said a very shocked voice. It was Mr. Jackson, Alan's art teacher.

Thank God! thought Alan. He was on good terms with the man, who was near retirement age. "Mr. Jackson! You surprised me!"

"YOU surprised ME! Alan? I said, boy, what are you doing in here?"

"Um, Ms... uh, Rhymer, asked me to get her some supplies. So I was just getting it. Um, them." He held up what was in his hand to show Mr. Jackson, and saw for the first time that he was holding a bottle of Windex. That works, pretty much, he thought. He couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

"Hmmm." said Mr. Jackson. "I was just getting some supplies myself," said the teacher warily. He clearly was very suspicious of Alan's explanation. He stared at Alan's hair, which was more unkempt than usual.

Worse, Mr. Jackson was sniffing. Alan realized that, given the seeming gallons of cum they'd all just released, Mr. Jackson could not fail to smell the potent aroma of sex in the outer storage room (and it was far worse in the inner storage closet). They hadn't intended to use the chemicals he'd brought to cover up the smell until they were leaving. Plus, Alan realized he himself probably looked all flushed and disheveled. Shit. Busted!

Alan looked like he wouldn't let the door open for anything. He figured that since he was already busted, perhaps he could somehow save the other two from getting caught. It was a desperate plan, but he was grasping at straws.

Mr. Jackson looked around the outer supply room, found what he sought, and picked it up. "Here it is," he said. He looked back at Alan. "You sure Ms. Rhymer gave you permission to be here? I thought students weren't allowed in here."

"Of course she did." Alan forced a fake smile.

"Well... I guess I'll be going, then. Aren't you leaving, too?"

"Um, I just spilled something in there when I heard you come in. You surprised me. I'll have to go back and clean it up."

"I'll bet you did," said Mr. Jackson with a smirk. "By the way, Alan, how are things going with the ladies? Do you have a girlfriend these days?"

"Uhhh... They're going very well. Um... Yes I do. Kim. You know, one of the cheerleaders."

"She's very pretty. You're a lucky man. I wish I was your age." Mr. Jackson began to walk back towards the hallway. Just as he reached the outer door, he turned to Alan and said, "If you see her, say hello for me." He gave Alan a wink.

He totally knows I was in there with a woman, and doesn't mind! Alan realized. Thank fucking Jesus he thinks it's just Kim!

After a knowing pause, the teacher continued, "However, in the future, make absolutely sure you have permission before you enter a room like this. You wouldn't want to do anything foolhardy and tarnish your sterling reputation."

"No, sir. Of course not, sir!"

"I suggest you leave immediately. See you later, then." Mr. Jackson closed the door.

Alan immediately went back into the closet where Kim and Katherine were hiding and put a finger over his mouth to indicate they should remain quiet. He was extremely wary now and figured they wouldn't be completely safe until they were all far from the room.

But the two had heard his conversation very clearly and were elated at not getting caught. Silently, they all gave each other high fives.

Finally, Alan whispered to them incredibly quietly, even though he thought it almost impossible to eavesdrop on this room from the hallway when both doors were closed. He was all business. "That was too close! Mr. Jackson figured I was in here with just Kim. He even winked at me! Talk about luck. We have to get out of here, and now! First, let's spray the air to get rid of the smell of sex, which he couldn't miss by the way. Then I'll leave first, and check if the coast is clear. If it is, I'll bump against the door, and then you, Kim, can come out next. He may even be out in the hallway to see who else comes out! If it's all clear still, then Katherine you come out like five minutes later. Stay in here with the lights off until then. Kim and I will linger by the door. We'll thump against the door again to let you know it's okay. Agreed?"

The other two nodded.

He added, "And no way in hell am I using this closet again! Mr. Jackson will probably spread this around as gossip. I can just hear him now saying to the other teachers: 'You wouldn't believe who I saw in the supply closet with a girlfriend. Honor student Alan with a cheerleader!'"

"He wouldn't dare!" gasped Katherine.

"How do we know that?" Alan asked. "I'm not even going to think about what would have happened if I hadn't acted fast and prevented him from opening the door. He would have had a heart attack seeing you in here, Katherine, even with all your clothes on. And word would have gotten to Mom, I'm sure, even if nothing could really be proven. No more closet fun. No way! We have to play it safe. Now, let's get out of here!"

His plan of escape worked like a charm. The second-floor hallway was completely empty, as it almost always was midway through lunch. They all made it out and away with ten minutes to spare, which turned out to be a very good thing.

The elderly Mr. Jackson went to look for Ms. Rhymer, and eventually found her in the corridor, headed towards the teacher's lounge to eat her lunch.

"Ms. Rhymer! You're just the person I'm looking for," he said as he walked up to her.

She spiraled around to face him.

His breath caught in his throat at the sight of such an attractive woman.

She wore an elegant formal outfit that somehow greatly accented her breasts even as it mostly covered them.

He asked, "You didn't happen to ask your student Alan Plummer to get you some Windex from the supply room, did you?"

"No. Whatever are you talking about?"

"I thought not. I was almost sure of it. Did you lend him your key to that room?"

She began to realize that Alan might be in some kind of trouble. It occurred to her that she should try to cover for him. "Yes, I did," she lied.

Mr. Jackson nodded, then said, "I hate to say this - do you promise to keep this under your hat?"

Ms. Rhymer nodded.

"He used your key to sneak into the supply room. I just caught him in the back closet there, while I was getting some supplies. He was there with a girlfriend. I didn't actually see her, but I'm sure of it. And they were having sex! The smell was overwhelming. I let him off the hook, 'cos boys will be boys, and it was Alan, after all. I'm sure he was well-meaning, and we don't want a blemish on his record, which would hurt his chance of getting into a top college. Frankly, I can't tell you how surprised I was about that, to find HIM there, of all people! But we can't allow this to continue and have that turn into a little orgy room back there. I'm sure you agree."

"Of course!" Ms. Rhymer was shocked, but also not too surprised. So he really is turning into some kind of sexual... He's sexually insatiable, that's what he is! Alan, of all people! Apparently even the bombshell Suzanne Pestridge isn't enough for him, and he's got a girl at school helping out with his "problem" too!

She found herself both jealous of the girl, whoever she was, and hot at the possibilities this situation implied. Maybe he and I could make use of that little 'orgy room' one day, she thought wickedly.

To Mr. Jackson, she said indignantly, "I'll take care of it right away, and get the key back." She realized that the only time he'd borrowed the key had been the prior Friday. Did he secretly make a copy? Goody-two-shoes Alan?

Covering for him, she said, "Of course we'll all have to be more careful with this kind of thing in the future. And you did the right thing in not punishing him. Kids at that age are just discovering sex, and they do stupid things. There's no need to ruin his stellar record for ... some overactive hormones."

"That's what I figured," Mr. Jackson said.

By this time they'd reached the teacher's lounge, where she often went to eat lunch. She grabbed her chicken, cheese focaccia, and an orange from the refrigerator and tried to act nonchalant. "Since I know him well, I'll have a talk with him, and strongly hint that he needs to be more careful. And I'll give him an earful about the keys. I hope the girl is careful too. Do you know who it is?"

"He all but admitted to me he was in there with his girlfriend Kim, whom you probably know as one of the varsity cheerleaders. You know, the short, young one."

"Ah, yes." Ms. Rhymer was jealous that Alan was with someone so good looking. Very jealous. Strangely, she was more bothered by finding out he'd been with Kim than even his graphic descriptions of what he'd been doing with Suzanne Pestridge. Kim, eh? Fucking cheerleader slut thinks she can steal him away from me! And Alan? This is the guy I've been risking my job over, the guy I've been masturbating in class about? So he thinks he can go and sleep with some slut right under my nose?! I'll show him!

But to Mr. Jackson she was cool and collected. "Ah well, hopefully by the time I'm done straightening him out, he'll catch my drift and warn Kim to be more careful as well."

The two of them continued to talk about Alan and how he now seemed "all grown up," while Ms. Rhymer ate.

She freed herself from the conversation as soon as she was able and quickly made her way to the supply room. She opened the back closet and, to her disappointment, found it completely empty. Nothing was out of order, except for an unusually strong smell of chemicals.

He's a clever young man, she thought. I'll give him that. And he's lucky that ol' softy Mr. Jackson was the one who found him.

I wonder if he really has developed some kind of compulsion to have orgasms at regular intervals at least six times a day. That would explain this. How many kids dare to have sex at school? Virtually none. If I would have let him masturbate in my classroom today, this never would have happened. But it's not my fault. He needs to control his hormones. Nobody needs to cum THAT bad!


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