1100 Fun with Glory


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After Simone and Heather left, Alan and Glory sat in silence for some long moments.

Alan seemed to be melting into his chair. The tension was draining out of him, now that he'd successfully resisted giving in to temptation while Heather and Glory were in the same room. He was still very aroused, but that was okay if only Glory was there.

Glory was still tensed up, yet she had slumped back into her teacher's desk from sheer emotional exhaustion. She seemed ready to pass out. After all, she had just watched two people examine Heather's asshole, and her mind still reeled at that fact. She was proud that she had managed to control herself, but the "what might have been" still frightened her. She knew that she had been right on the edge of completely losing herself to lust. What would have happened next with Heather there she didn't know, but the point was it could have been anything, because she would have lost all control.

But she was also frightened of the future, because she knew she wasn't out of the woods yet, as long as Alan was in the room. Normally that would have been fine, but she couldn't forget that there was only ten minutes left in the lunch break. Trying to calm things down, she said, "Well. That was something else! Who would ever believe that could have happened right here, right in my classroom?"

Alan exhaled, "I know! Friggin' weird. I really am so very sorry to put you through that. When it all started, I thought it would be good for you to see some of the worst of my sex life. I was thinking honesty is good. Lay all my cards on the table and all that jazz. I know you're going through some issues now with how you feel about me. But I didn't know all of THAT was going to happen. Now, I think I've blown it. You're probably scared shitless of even being around me."

Tellingly, she didn't reply.

He pressed on, "But let me make something perfectly clear. The Heather situation is totally unique. The way I behave with her is extreme and totally unlike how I behave with anyone else. Anyone. Really! I'm only like that with her because it works, not because I necessarily enjoy it or because I have an emotional attachment to her."

Glory said sarcastically, "Hmmm. yeah, I can definitely see you suffering if you have to have sex with the school's busty blonde head cheerleader. My heart bleeds for your selfless acts of charity."

Alan shot her a peeved look at first, but upon reflection empathized with how she could be angry with him. It did sound ridiculous. He slumped down in dejection and said, "I can't even begin to explain my relationship with Heather to myself, so it's probably useless to try with you. I can see how you'd think what you're thinking. It looks pretty bad, I know. Now you've seen my worst, and that was stupid of me. If I was going to show a glimpse of me with another girl, I should have shown you a tender moment I've shared with Amy or something like that. I'm so sorry. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" He sighed and exhaled again.

Glory paused, then replied, "It's okay. It's not that bad. I already know that you have your tender side and your animal side. What do you call them? The 'Good Alan' and the 'Bad Alan.'"

He sat up a bit and looked at her. "I know you know that and you've experienced some of my wild streak before, but the thing is, Heather is a complete freakazoid. She's all tough and bitchy on the outside, but on the inside she has this seriously submissive streak. I'm not even sure if submissive is the right word, because she still thinks she's the one in control even as she luxuriates in the fact that she's not. She loves to be insulted and called 'bitchslut' and all that, which to me is just beyond bizarre, but you have to go with what works, you know? I'm just giving her what she wants and, well, what she craves."

His arousal was fading as he pondered these issues, although his erection was as stiff as ever. He continued more pleadingly, "But you Glory, you're totally different! You're for real. You're tough and independent and a modern woman in every sense of the word. That's one thing that makes me love you so much. What happens with Heather when I'm with her would never ever happen to you. Never! There's no way I would even THINK about treating you like that! It makes me happy to give you what you want, which is obviously nothing like what Heather wants. Please! Talk to Amy. Get a different view. I'm really not some kind of all-powerful sex guy. I'm just a scared kid who is in way over his head."

Glory's arousal was going down too, but so was her anger with him. She answered, "I don't need to talk to Amy. Don't you remember? You and I broke up on Monday. The decision's been made, young man. True, I'm still grappling with it, but it's done. True, too, there's the possibility that I might lose control sometimes. In fact, I almost did lose control today. But if I ever do, that'll just be a temporary thing. The overall direction is that we have to stay apart. And it's not because of what I saw today. In fact, I really enjoyed your animal side. I'm honest enough to admit it. But I like the 'scared kid' sensitive side, too. In fact, I like him more. Still, we can't be together because of all the other stuff, the things we've talked into the ground, like the fact that I'm your teacher. In fact, when it comes to the way you treated Heather, I could hardly say I minded. The truth is, if you ever want to give her a really good public spanking and humiliation and you're selling tickets to it, be sure to save me a ringside seat."

He was honestly surprised at that. "Really?"

"Sure! God, does that girl need to get her comeuppance or what? I can see why you vent your 'Bad Alan' urges on her. Anyone who's spent more than five minutes with her would probably love to slap her silly, and that's just based on her smarmy and superior facial expression. I'm not even talking about what happens when she opens her mouth. So actually, yeah. I was pretty entertained today. I don't respect you any less."

"Are you serious? OH GOD!"


"Sorry, that 'Oh God' kind of slipped out involuntarily. It's just that I'm still so horny and I had this flash of intense arousal out of the blue. I was, like, riiiiiight on the edge for a while there, the edge of doing something crazy. But you were so calm, sitting there behind your desk, and that inspired me to keep my urges in check. And then when I thought you were mad at me just now that cooled me down a bit, but now that I know you're not, whammo! I'm all aroused again. It's actually been building up for hours and now it feels like I'm going to burst. To be honest, I think my body is addicted to cumming. If I don't get my orgasmic fix at least a couple of times a day... Man! Talk about a case of blue balls!"

She chuckled. "Young man, if you only knew. I may have looked calm from across the room, but I was right on the edge of losing it, too!" Unable to stop herself, she sheepishly added, "In fact, I still am."

He looked at her more intently. He noticed that her hands were clutching tightly to the edge of her desk again, betraying the relatively calm look on her face. "So both you and I are absolutely dying for a good fuck right now. Wow." He grinned wolfishly. "What on Earth could we do to fix that situation?"

She laughed, but there was a sadness in her voice. "Now, now. Don't make this any harder on me than it has to be. We're out of time, with lunch coming to an end soon. Besides, I'm really serious about what we decided on Monday. Please don't tempt me. I'm trusting you as a gentleman. Prove to me that 'Good Alan' has control over 'Bad Alan.'"

"Damn! Why'd you have to put it that way? ... Okay. Damn, though. Double damn. I don't want you to think of me that way. Your opinion is so important to me. On the other hand, I seriously do need some kind of relief, though. I'm totally dying here." He glanced at the clock. "There's six minutes left before the end of lunch. If I hurry to the bathroom, I just might have time to, you know."

She salaciously winked at him. "I do know. And the sooner you get out of here, the more time I'll have to do a little bit of some 'you know', myself. You're an incredible, incredible boy. No, make that 'man.' I mean, just look at the self-control you used to stop that situation from spiraling out of control. So impressive, so wise. You get me so aroused, but you're also driving me crazy, and I don't mean that in the good way. I mean you're literally driving me into an insane asylum. I really need some space from you for a while, at the very least. And it's not because I don't care for you. I need some distance because I care for you so much."

He stood up and shifted his boner, trying to hide it better. "Thank you, Glory. You're the best. That was so weird, how Simone and Heather just barged in here and then everything that followed, but you handled it so well. Thanks to you and the way you kept your cool, I'm pretty certain that we'll be able to get to the bottom of whatever she's doing. I have a sneaking suspicion that her plans have you in her sights, too. She thinks she's going to have me all to herself, so naturally she wants to bump off her rivals one by one, and I think you're her natural first candidate. For all of her submissive posing, she can be dangerous."

She was struggling to keep her eyes on his face and not on his still visible erection. Christ Almighty. Does that boy's hard-on EVER go down? I'm so tempted. A quick deep throating would satisfy us both.

But she pushed those feelings away, and said, "Interesting, but please! Get out of here. Here's a hall pass. Take your time and think of me, okay?" She got out a hall pass from her desk drawer and signed it. "Now, shoo! Five minutes left for both of us to get some relief." She chuckled as she rued, "Knowing you, in five minutes you'll just be warming up. So this'll help you stay out of trouble. Shoo!"

He grabbed the pass. He stepped forward to plant a thankful kiss on her cheek, but remembered her no touching policy and stepped back. He left with a big smile on his face.

The second he turned his back, and even before he'd left the room, Glory was reaching for her purse down by her feet. It contained a couple of the sex toys she'd bought the day before. She grabbed an ordinary vibrator and brought it to her pussy with a feverish urgency. She thanked her lucky stars that she wasn't wearing panties because that meant she didn't have to wait a few more seconds to get them out of the way.

The vibrator wasn't very big. In fact, it was almost as small as a lipstick container, but its vibrations did the trick. As soon as she touched herself with it, she felt extreme relief like drinking a cool glass of water after eating an incredibly spicy meal. Within seconds, she was able to bring herself off to a great climax, and that resulted in an even more satisfying feeling. But just as a cool glass of water usually just temporarily relieves the spicy burning in one's mouth, the vibrator driven climax yielded nothing more than a couple of minutes of relief. Her pussy needed more. It itched and burned for greater attention.

As she sat, recovering, she thought, Just what the hell happened today? True, I had enough self-control to spare myself from the worst consequences, but I was still flying too close to the sun, and for no good reason! What am I thinking? Like that last comment of mine to him: "Take your time and think of me, okay?" Good Lord! Does that sound like a woman who's over him? I've been generally able to save myself from complete foolishness, but my body has a whole different agenda. In fact, it's screaming at me. It's screaming, "Get back together with Alan already!"

Oh my gosh! I just realized, since I told him to think of me, that means that he's probably in the men's room down the hall at this very instant, cumming while thinking of fucking me! In fact, it takes so much to get him to cum that he probably IS shooting off this very moment, if he can even manage to cum at all before lunch ends. I swear, his stamina is so outrageous these days that I wonder if he can even cum at all using just his own hands. He probably needs one totally gorgeous woman at the least to help him out. Actually, knowing him, the lucky fucker, he probably HAS one totally gorgeous woman helping him out, right there in the bathroom! At this very instant, he must be filling some hot chick's mouth with his tasty cum, and it could have been me! Who gives a better deep throat blowjob than I do? Nobody!

She was getting so excited by these thoughts that she began playing with her clit. But that wasn't enough. The itch in her pussy was growing in intensity with each passing moment. Dropping her vibrator back into her purse, she reached in and pulled out a pair of Ben Wa balls instead. They were stainless steel spheres and half-filled with mercury, but the salesgirl had been so effusive about their "effectiveness" that she'd bought a couple pairs in different sizes just to see what the big deal was. She knew next to nothing about them except that they were to be inserted into her vagina, so that's what she did. At this point she was ready for anything to get relief and hoped this new toy would do something special for her.

Meanwhile, she continued to think, I really need to stop this. I don't know how many times a day I fantasize about deep throating this oversexed kid, but it's too many! I'm the only one who can please him with my tongue, my teeth, my lips, and the back of my throat all at once. But no; he doesn't care about that! My mouth is the only mouth that can literally leave him panting on his knees, sobbing with joy, but right now, he's off getting help with some talentless big-titted floozy!

The more I think about it, the more sure I am that he's getting help with his relief. I can bet who, too. No doubt Simone and Heather stuck around outside the door, just waiting for him to come out just so they can fall all over him. He's got those two completely wrapped around his finger. They're probably taking turns blowing him in a bathroom stall this very moment! I can just picture it: the school's hottest blonde lapping up one side of his thickness and the school's hottest black girl slurping down the other. I'll bet he's suffering ... not! I wonder how many tongues are on that thing in the course of one day. I'll bet it's an absurdly huge number.

She sighed. But somehow, when he looks at me he makes me feel like I'm the only one that matters to him. Hell, even when he looked at me with his fingers in Heather's ass, I felt like he loved only me. Am I crazy?

He has far too many gorgeous women worshipping his cock like it's some kind of new religion. Hell, who DOESN'T he have wrapped around his finger? He's even doing his own sister and mother! More craziness. Who am I to resist?! Like they say on Star Trek, "Resistance is futile!" But I have to resist! I have to!

Just then, she realized that there was very loud knocking on the door. In fact, in all probability, some students had been knocking on her door for a couple of minutes and she'd been so out of it that she'd missed it. I have to get a grip. I've passed the big test and now I have a four day vacation to recover and get over the rest of my "Alan withdrawal." I just need to make it through the rest of the day without making a fool of myself. Come on, Glory, get your ass up. Pretend like you're a teacher, for once.

She stood up to answer the door. So far, she hadn't noticed much effect from the Ben Wa balls and had been getting off mostly by continuing to frig her clit. But as soon as she stood up, that all changed. Whoa! Oh. My. God!

She tentatively walked a few steps towards the door. The Ben Wa balls rolled around inside her in the most unpredictable ways, massaging the inside of her pussy and causing her knees to buckle with delight. She grabbed the side of her desk and held on to it for dear life. Oh no! There's no way I can teach with these things in me!

Now she understood what the salesgirl had been trying to tell her yesterday. Because the balls were only half-filled with the very heavy liquid mercury, any movement at all would set the mercury sloshing around inside the balls. And because mercury was so heavy, sloshing it around like that would make the balls rock and move, seemingly of their own volition, and keep them moving in extremely unpredictable ways. It was as if each of the balls had a mind of its own, since they weren't in perfect sync with each other when they moved around inside her lubricated pussy as she walked.

The salesgirl had said that they were "the ultimate" in female sex toys for public situations, since they didn't require batteries and the woman had control (kind of, but not really) over what they'd be doing to her and how strongly, all with no one being the wiser (unless you couldn't mask your orgasms all that well, which was a growing worry for Glory). The salesgirl had said that playing with them, internally, in public, was a fun game. Glory had had her doubts at the time, but she was a believer now.

The knocking on the door was growing louder, which wasn't surprising since it was almost time for class to start.

Glory looked back to her purse on the floor next to her chair, then looked to the door. She continued toward the door, walking slowly and uncertainly as the inside of her pussy was massaged deliciously. She was so overcome by pleasure and so close to cumming really hard that she thought she'd pass out. She attributed all the pleasure the Ben Wa balls were giving her to Alan, as if he were actually controlling them, so he also got all of the blame.

She cursed, Alan Plummer! Young man, this is all your doing! You're slowly turning me into some kind of exhibitionist slut! I would never have these inside me if it weren't for you. Can I turn back to normal? How can I? But how can I go forward?

The question was more than metaphorical, but somehow she did go forward and managed to get to the door. She turned the handle and stepped back as her students poured in. She overheard one of the students say, "What's that funny smell?" and belatedly realized that her classroom probably smelled like a whorehouse after three leaking women had been all over it. But it was too late to do anything about that now.

She thought, There's no way I'll be able to make it back to the desk without someone noticing! These Ben Wa balls are too much! Maybe I can just teach my class standing here by the door? She felt the urge to break out in maniacal laughter, but just managed to suppress it.

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