1120 Fun time with Aunt Suzy**


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After two hours of the most academic productivity Alan had had in weeks, if not months, he found his concentration waning. He stood up and stretched, then walked across the hall to the bathroom to pee and splash cold water on his face.

He was only gone for a short time, but even so, when he opened the door to return to his room, he saw Suzanne lying on his bed.

She was sitting up on all fours on his bed, wearing little more than high heels. "Good afternoon, Sweetie, or should I say good evening?" It was seven o'clock already. "Looks like you've been working hard." The tank top she'd apparently been wearing at one point was bunched up above her pendulous breasts. The only other item she wore was a pair of red satin panties.

Alan felt a vague stirring in his loins, but his penis didn't spring to life as it normally did when presented with such a sight. Hmmm. What's wrong with me? Am I becoming jaded already to even the likes of Suzanne? Look at her! Her hips are so wide. Her breasts are simply massive! And that face! She's doing her "come hither and fuck me" look even more so than usual. She could be on the cover of any magazine. She's so smart, and that's sexy too. So what's the problem with me?!

Playing for time while waiting for his penis to revive, he answered, "Yeah. You could say that again. Very hard."

 "I assume you mean that in more ways than one," she replied as she crawled across his bed towards him.

"What about finishing my Berkeley application?" he asked.

"That is VERY important, of course. But we voted. We all agreed that after a good hour plus of work, you needed a break." She rolled her eyes as she added, "Mom was particularly concerned that you might suffer from the dreaded blue balls."

He teased, "Hmmm. A break sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll play video games for a while."

"Very funny," she replied, not amused. "I can see the lust in your eyes - although not in your groin just yet - so you're not fooling me." She sat up and idly scratched her cleavage, as if there was some kind of insect bite there. In fact, it was just a clever way to further drive Alan's attention her way. "By the way, how many girls did my big stud son fuck in school today?"

He walked to his bed and sat on the edge since she was taking up the usual spot where he lay. "You know, Mother, it's not that easy to fuck girls in school. The lack of time factor alone is such a drag."

He cupped the undersides of her big boobs with both hands. Thinking of Simone before school and Heather during sixth period, he answered, "I guess you could technically say I only fucked two, though I did get intimate with a few more." He smiled, belatedly realizing how incredible that would sound to any of his classmates, 99% of whom would never commit any kind of sex act on any school grounds in their entire lives.

She shot him an eager and sultry smile. "Hmmm. Only two? Are you sure that's all?"

He grinned. "Well, I did get basically blown, titfucked, and fondled by the entire cheerleading squad when they were warming me up to buttfuck the head cheerleader, now that you mention it. Does that count for something?" He still held her tits, so played with them awhile.

She cocked an eyebrow. She thought, I have to admit, that's pretty impressive even by his usual standards. I'm becoming more and more Susan-like in the way that hearing about his sexual exploits turns me on. She could feel her breath quickening.

She exclaimed, "Wow! You're not too tired now? I mean, you've had quite a full day already."

He thought about that, and then replied, "No. I'm good, energy-wise. It actually hasn't been that tiring. Think about earlier - I was just sitting there, while you and Mom did all the work." He brought his hands up to her nipples and started playing with them.

Now that she had the green light, she was ready to rock. She surprised herself by saying, "I'm very proud of you, Son. But I'll bet all that and everything you've done since you got back home just isn't enough, is it? My son's stiff pussy tamer is looking for some tight mommy holes to fill, isn't it? It's been about two hours now since any female touched your cock." She sighed theatrically, "That's an absolute tragedy! Now you're all bursting with a huge cum load that you just have to pump in thick squirts into some sexy babe, don't you? I wonder... What could we possibly do about that?" She winked in an incredibly sexy and endearing manner. She was the ultimate expert in seduction, and every move of her body was planned for maximum arousal.

Alan's flaccid penis twitched a bit, but he still didn't feel an erection growing. He was disturbed that Suzanne, who could just about give a marble statue a woody, apparently wasn't having an effect on him.

Stalling to give his penis more of a chance to respond, he commented, "You sound just like Mom."

She frowned. "I know. The scary thing is, I pretty much mean it. It's pretty addictive to think that way. Life's so simple, just living for sex, thinking about sex."

"Tell me about it!" he replied, still playing with her nipples. "Speaking of Mom, what happened to her? I kind of assumed she'd come by to drop off a snack or something, like she usually does when I'm studying."

Suzanne replied airily, "Oh, that was in the old days. Nowadays, I imagine she'd walk in carrying a snack with all the best intentions in the world to behave herself, take one look at your crotch, drop to her knees, throw off whatever top she's wearing - assuming she's wearing one, which is a big assumption, mind you - crawl between your legs, and start sucking like her life depended on it. And once she gets her head or tits near your crotch, we all know how hard it is to pry her away. Needless to say, that could be a bit distracting for your work. Do you remember the whole stealth stroking idea, where one of us would slowly jack you off or blow you for hours and hours as you worked?"

"Of course. You make it sound like ancient history, but that was just last week." He laughed as he said, "I heartily approve of that idea, by the way!"

"I do too. And I think we'd all like to go back to that very, very soon. We girls would probably have to make a sign-up sheet so we wouldn't fight over who gets to do it when. But I've put a hold on that for now. Look what happened when Katherine came in here a couple of hours ago. Not good. First, we've got to see at least a couple days of solid progress with your work. So, for today at least, your mom and the others are banned from coming into your room unless I say so." She smiled and added, "I've nominated myself as the only one with the self-control to come in here today."

"Ah," he said simply, as he twisted her nipples like radio dials.

Suzanne was a bit put off by his reaction. "What? I have willpower. I haven't even touched Alan Junior yet."

He noted, "That's only because it's still flaccid."

She opened her eyes wide with pretend surprise. "It IS?! Sweetie! Are my senses deceiving me or what? Where's my erection?!"

"Is it really so surprising? Most guys can only get it up a couple of times a day."

"I know, but you're not most guys. Usually after a nap you wake up with a nice- hey!" Suzanne gave him a near angry look. "Don't tell me you were waiting for Susan and you're disappointed in me?"

"No! Nothing like that. My mind is willing, and I even have the energy, but I think my dick is just worn out. I'd totally be into having fun with you right now, but I dunno... It's just kind of hanging there. It's not even half hard. I mean, if there's a limit to how much stimulation a dick can handle, I've probably reached it, and then some. Today has just been too much."

"Hmmm. Sounds like it could be serious. Let's have a look at the problem."

As his second mother closed in on his crotch, he thought, This is odd. Who would ever have thought that Suzanne, especially dressed like that, or I should say undressed like that, wouldn't give me the hugest boner humanly possible? Am I maxed out on sex? And with the poke-her party happening tonight and everything. Talk about lousy timing.

Suzanne looked at his flaccid penis and reached out to stroke it to life, but then she changed her mind and stood up instead. "I'll be back in a second. Don't move. That's an order!"

As she rushed out of the room, she thought, He can say what he wants, but I'm sure that, even as oversexed as he is, he'd still get hard if Susan was here. And damned if I'm gonna be outdone by her! It'll be a cold day in Hell before I fail to get him hard!

He sat up in his bed and waited for her to come back. He didn't have to wait long.

 Suzanne sauntered into view through the open door. She paused, as if she hadn't been expecting him, and looked in his direction. "Oh! Howdy, partner." She was trying to look casual, but she couldn't hide her excitement.

He gasped with genuine surprise. "I'd been expecting something sexy, but not THAT! Daisy! It's been too long!"

She smiled widely and walked into the room. She was wearing extremely short jean shorts and a thin yellow shirt that covered her boobs, or at least valiantly tried to, and little else. She'd quickly dampened her top in the bathroom across the hall and now it clung to her like a second skin. The wetness also rendered the shirt nearly transparent. She was a woman on a mission. "Oh? You know little ol' me? That's funny, 'cos I don't reckon I know you."

"You don't? Daisy, I've fucked you on two different occasions a month or more ago." He could feel his dick rising.

She shimmied her way closer, which set her unfettered breasts bouncing hypnotically before her son's lustful eyes. Since he was sitting up naked in his bed, she could watch his dick engorging. A-ha! I knew this would work!

All he could think was, Hot damn! That outfit is my Achilles' heel!

As she swayed her hips dramatically, she also pulled down her shorts until the top of her bush came into view. "Hmmm. Fucked me twice? I get fucked so many times a day, a mere couple of fucks ain't gonna leave much of an impression." Her eyes went wide as she got nearer and stared at his crotch. "Good Lord Almighty! Why, it's even bigger than Pappy's!"

His cock was now standing straight up. "Jesus, Daisy, look! I seem to have sprung up as quickly as if I'd just chugged a whole bottle of Viagra!"

She licked her lips. "Jesus? Hmmm. That guy with a beard, in a robe? I reckon I fucked him once or twice too."

Alan guffawed at that.

She pretended to slowly recognize him as she stared at his crotch. "Wait. Wait one cotton pickin' minute. I DO reckon that cock is familiar. I ain't no good with names or faces, but I never forget a cock!"

She wasted no time. She pushed him backwards, causing him to fall from a sitting position to lying back on his bed, although his feet were still on the floor. She turned, made an athletic hop up on the bed so her knees were on either side of his, and then sank herself down onto his stiff pole. The whole process took five seconds at the most. "MmmmmMMMMMmmmmm!"

He groaned, but he sounded exasperated. Then he groaned again as his mother went to work, grinding and churning on his cock. He had to admit that her vaginal talents were second to none. Her inner walls squeezed in the most delightful and unpredictable ways, even as her hips performed all kinds of tricks of their own.

 She joked as she continued to slowly grind her way down onto her son, "What? I'm a Duke. I can't hardly be expected to sit down if I ain't got some kind of dick for me to center myself on."

He suddenly had a vision of the Duke family as they got together for dinner in a ramshackle Southern mansion. All of the many womenfolk pushed aside uselessly short skirts and plunged themselves onto wooden phalluses built into the middle of their chairs. Or at least, most of them did. Some simply sat naked in the laps of their fathers, brothers, or sons. The imagined scene was too arousing for him to take. He found himself groaning even louder and gripping Suzanne's midsection for dear life as his erection throbbed and twitched inside of her.

She broke out of character briefly as she moaned, "Holy shit. Dear God, this is SO. DAMN. GOOOOD!" But she quickly returned to her drawl, and said in a perky though raspy voice, "This is how us Duke girls say 'Howdy!' to strangers don'tcha know." Alan's cock had completely filled her up, and she liked it that way. Rather than bounce up and down, she wiggled and writhed her hips back and forth on him, doing all the work. At the same time, she squeezed his boner with her pussy muscles with still more expert movements, heightening the pleasure for both of them.

Most any man on Earth would have cum on the spot. But luckily he had grown used to such a high level of stimulation, and he could take it. The pleasure though, for both of them, was simply indescribable. He didn't understand how she could work her churning hips while squeezing her pussy at the same time, but somehow she did.

He was content to just lay there and let Suzanne do all the work. Partly, he was feeling lazy, but mostly he knew that if he got his hips pumping on top of all that she was doing, he would cum too soon.

There wasn't much need for talking though, since both of them were about as aroused as humanly possible. But they remained in character nonetheless, with Suzanne occasionally making wry comments like, "Here's another 'Howdy' for ya!" or "Just bein' neighborly!"

This went on for quite a while, with their mutual pleasure slowly rising and rising to great heights. Finally, he yelled, "Daisy! I'm too close!"

However, his words seemed to have no effect. The way Suzanne continued to relentlessly grind down on top of him, he knew he couldn't last for long. She seemed determined to get him to fill her up with cum, and right away.

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