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Alan turned back to Brenda. Looking at her voluptuous body, he thought, Here's a woman I haven't fucked nearly enough. Hell, I practically haven't fucked her at all. That needs to change in a big way! She's definitely worthy of joining the inner harem, and that's about the highest praise I can think of.

He chuckled inwardly as he thought, If Sean knew there was a woman who looked like this and knew she loved Dune and Orwell, he might even forget all about Heather. Then he imperiously pointed at the table and loudly yelled in his most authoritative voice, "SLAVE! ASSUME THE POSITION!"

"Y--y-yes, M--m-m-ma-master!" Brenda stuttered, almost fainting in delight. She had frequently fantasized hearing him say those exact words, and she was deliriously giddy to have her fantasy occur in real life. She pressed her massive mammaries onto the table top, getting in position for a royal fucking, doggy style.

That position suited Alan just fine. He lined his cock up and slid all the way into her steaming depths in a single stroke. "Oh God, yes!" he groaned to himself as he felt her tight tunnel sheathing his needy dick. "How do you like that, my sex slave?" he asked in a nasty voice.


"Ooo-ooh! Wo- ond- der- ful!" Brenda began to cum as soon as he entered her. After somehow eking out that answer to his question, she lost control of her voice and the rest of her body. She let out a high pitched wail, like a police car siren. At the same time, her body shook so hard that even the heavy mahogany table she was gripping onto for dear life shook a little bit. She was as excited to hear him call her his "sex slave" in a domineering tone of voice as she was to feel the incredible fullness of his powerful cock penetrating deep inside her.

Alan's possessive mood was broken a bit because he found himself laughing. He found it funny the way that she came so much, so hard, and so vocally. It was like a histrionic over-exaggeration of a climax. And the amount of cum flowing out of her seemed to defy belief. He'd barely put her on the table, and already there was a sizable puddle under her pussy.

He noticed she was so excited from her climax that she could barely breathe, so he decided to just rest with his erection inside her for a while. It would give him a chance to recover some too. Actually, it was a very near thing that he didn't shoot off when she came, especially given the way her pussy walls convulsed and squeezed his shaft so delightfully.

As he calmed down a bit, a thought occurred to him. This is a special occasion, and I need to mark it with a special gift. What did Amy say? This is like a marriage but even more intense, but I don't have anything. Wait, that's not true, I have some gifts I was going to give tomorrow, but I can give one of them early. Talk about a lucky break!

He called Katherine over and whispered in her ear. She immediately ran off.

Alan had to stall for time with Brenda at least until Katherine came back. He waited another minute or two until Brenda's breathing was more or less under control. The first question to pop into his head was, "Why the Beach Boys?"

"Oh, that?" Brenda asked as she panted into the table. "That's my absolute favorite song of all time, Master, and they're my favorite group, too. Well, them and the Eagles. There's so much more to both groups than just the greatest hits everybody knows. Take a song like 'Surf's Up' - that shows their real talent. I picked all the songs on this mix with such care and each song has a special meaning to me. For instance, 'Bernadette' and 'Reach Out, I'll Be There,' both by the Four Tops, illustrate the passion of my feelings for you. Or 'Whammy Kiss' by the B-52's - there's a story there about my first kiss way back when. And 'I Feel Good' by James Brown, well, that's because you make me feel so good all the time!"

She giggled, but then asked seriously, "Does it displease you by setting the wrong mood? Do I deserve a spanking?" She churned her hips around his impaling cock invitingly as she said the word "spanking," hoping to encourage him in that direction.

He laughed again, as he was reminded of her great love of being spanked. He suspected she'd figured out a way to drop that mention in to make sure he wouldn't forget to do it to her. He also found it funny to be discussing music in such an outrageously sexual circumstance. He was well aware that he was on display with a crowd of horny women watching his every move. He spanked her hard, and then said, suggestively, "You deserve a spanking for being such a GOOD slave." He slapped her just as hard on the other butt cheek, and then pushed his dick a couple of inches deeper into her.

"OH GOD! That's good! MASTER!" Brenda squealed. Her small feet instinctively hooked around his calves, both to hold him in place and force him forward, deeper into her drenched and throbbing pussy.

Realizing it was premature to get started again, he withdrew his erection a bit and said, "I'm sorry, but one more question. Why Amy? I can see why you wanted Susan and Aunt Suzy to 'give me away' so to speak, but why did you make her the announcer?"

"Oh, that's easy! She's my Anal Pal!" Brenda replied as she wiggled her ass to invite him to get more active with his dick. She'd hardly recovered from her last orgasm, but she was more than eager for more.

Alan laughed heartily again. He roared with unconstrained glee, "'Anal Pal'. What the FUCK does that mean?! Someone's going to have to explain that to me one of these days."

Amy replied brightly from across the room, "It's like pen pals, but with asses."

Alan looked over at her to see if she was joking and discovered from her boisterous giggling that she was. He chided, "I'm going to get you for that." He wanted to tickle her, but he was too involved with Brenda at the moment, so he made tickling gestures in the air with his hands, in her general direction. "My life is so friggin' bizarre!"

Amy rushed behind Xania. "Oh no! Save me from the tickle monster!"

Still stalling for time, he prodded, "But seriously Aims, what do Anal Pals do for each other?"

Amy was clearly trying to think up an answer on the spot. "Well... when times are tough, we come through for each other. Anally. Like right now. Maybe you're tired and need some inspiration to really give it to Brenda. So... voilà!" She turned around so everyone could see her backside, and then spread her legs wide. Her ass seemed incredibly inviting.


Remarkably, Alan did find within himself a new resolve to keep going, in part because of Amy's sexy display. He muttered, "Hmmm. Not bad. Not bad at all." Then he said louder, "I get it now. It's kind of like that show about superheroes on the cartoon channel, 'Superfriends'. You're like Superfriends helping each other out-"

"Except with asses!" Amy gleefully interrupted. Then she burst into laughter.

He grinned and rolled his eyes at all the incongruous silliness taking place while his cock was still sheathed inside his new "slave."

Brenda, meanwhile, couldn't stand to wait. She had about four inches of leeway between Alan and the table edge. She started increasing her pushing back on his dick until she was essentially fucking him with her hips while he stood still. She was raring to go. Each small thrust of her hips made her massive breasts, which kept her both cushioned and elevated on the table, roll and wobble with the effort.

Just then, Katherine came rushing back with the gift Alan had already picked out for Brenda - a black choker. There had been no time to wrap it, but that didn't matter.

Alan took the collar from Katherine and said, "Brenda, my lovely tit slut, I have something here to symbolize your new status." He briefly held the choker in her field of view, then placed it around her neck and, with a loud click, clasped it into place.

If Brenda was happy before, she was positively delirious now. "Oh! Master! You're the best master ever! Good God! I LOVE IT! OH! Oh my gosh, I'm going to wear it forever! I'm never going to take it off!" Since she was lying on the table with his hard erection deep inside her, there was no way for her to kiss or hug him in appreciation. Instead, she began squeezing her pussy walls around him with all her might while rhythmically writhing her hips.

Despite the relative pause in the action, Brenda had been leaking like a faucet the whole time. Incredibly, one rivulet of pussy juice made it all the way to the tip of her left high heel before dripping onto the floor. Yet, no matter how wet she got, her pussy seemed to remain as tight as ever. She truly was a physical marvel.

Alan was a bit surprised to find himself fully fucking her again so soon. But in fact he really had no say in the matter since she was the one fucking him so vigorously with everything she had. Her whole body was sliding back and forth over the table while he remained relatively stationary.

At the same time that she began gasping with intense pleasure, she was still thinking about the collar enough to ask, "But Master! How did you know to get me a gift? I thought this was a total surprise."

"It was. But you don't think I didn't already have plans to make you my complete and utter slave now, did you, my tit slut?" It was bullshit, but inspired bullshit.

Brenda let out a great orgasmic cry of joy, celebrating that her master was thinking of her and independently planning to further tame her. It reinforced her belief that she was doing the right thing in making such a huge commitment to him.

"Tit slut" - I really like that, he thought. He was thrusting in earnest now while she was simply taking it as best she could and holding onto the table for support. He wished that he'd also been able to bind her hands behind her back, but to his surprise, right as he thought that, she was putting both of her hands there, just as if she'd been handcuffed. Sweet! It's like she can read my mind. She's imagining being bound, and I guess that's nearly as good as the real thing for her.

Brenda, being Brenda, was soon writhing and moaning as if in her final death throes. His vigorous thrusts soon propelled her forward down the table until her toes could no longer touch the floor. She loved the feeling of helplessness that created, knowing that her whole body was, in a very literal sense, under the direction of her master's cock now. Between desperate gasps, she cried, "'Tit slut'? Dear god, I love it! ... And my collar! And... Oh, Master Alan! I love you! ... Oh, but can you, can you, call me your ... tit slave? ... That would be ... so fan- fan- fanfuckingtastic!"

He answered in his best authoritative "master" voice, "Of course, my tit slave." He thought, I like the sound of that even better! "Tit slave." How many kids in my high school have an outrageously curvy "tit slave'" to round out their harem? Ha! The very idea is so preposterous none of my friends would ever believe it! Heh! Dang, life is good!

Brenda felt so slutty, so aroused, and so totally dominated that her mind was having a mental orgasm of pure joy at the same time her body was beginning a physical climax. The only thing that would have made her any happier was if her own son, Adrian, could have been there to approvingly watch her be dominated by her master while he waited to have his turn with her too. She really wanted them to get along.

"Aaaarrggh! Uh! YES!" She came hard. She was inspired as much from what he was saying as what his cock was doing to her.

However, he still had a ways to go to achieve his complete satisfaction. He continued to drive hard into her. Occasionally he would remember to spank her hard on the ass, just as if he was riding a horse and spurring it to go faster.

After a short while, she managed to grab a hold of the table edge with both hands. That at least helped to keep her in position. She was beyond the ability to speak by this point, but she did manage to gasp out some very sexy loud moans.

As he drilled her hard and deep, he thought, This is so much fun! Her pussy is greatly underrated. It's literally overshadowed by her rack. I tend to think of her as all tits, or at least all tits and ass, but she's got the full package. Her hole is so buttery hot and easy to enter, but still she tightens up real nice. She's got some good moves too, especially when she's at least semi-coherent. Damn! She's surprisingly shallow, though. I'm ramming all the way in with every stroke... Double damn! She really makes it easy to bust a nut. I'm not going to last long but I have to try to hold out just a little more! She needs this to be her best fuck ever!


Knowing that her ass was easily arousable, he plunged a finger into her anus. He knew that would elicit another piercing scream for joy, and he was right.

Brenda's whole body lit up like a firecracker. She was practically vibrating the entire table now. She was delirious with joy.

Using his well-honed self control techniques, he managed to slow his stroking until he came to an almost complete stop. He was reduced to slow strokes of only an inch or two at a time. He needed another strategic break if he wanted to last more than a minute or two of serious thrusting. But happily, his finger in her ass allowed him to keep her peaking sexually as he worked his digit deep within her. His erection was more or less rested, although her pussy occasionally spasmed around it, giving him shocks of pleasure.

While he let his body and cock calm down a bit, he took the time to look around. The lights had been turned back on, but not all the way. Nonetheless, he could look around and get a better view of what everyone was doing. He noticed all the other women were back on their dildo-chairs and were all grinding away.

That got him to wondering. The whole set of eight has been altered, with only one still normal. I assume we're going to remove the suction-cup dildos after tonight's party, but what if we don't? Is everyone going to be writhing and cumming through every meal at this table from now on? Somehow, I wouldn't be terribly surprised, what with the way things are going around here lately!

The image of that turned him on quite a lot. But more arousing still were the looks on the faces of all the women around him. To call each of them transfixed was a gross understatement. Kim, in particular, was absolutely transformed from her usual appearance. She couldn't have been any more obviously aroused if she was glowing in the dark. It gave her a luminous presence and increased her beauty.

Alan reached under Brenda and began fondling the tremendous tits she was pressing against the table. He continued to watch Kim bounce up and down on her dildo like it was a pogo stick as he fondled away, letting his fingers sink deeply into the tit-flesh.

Kim looked so wildly aroused by that that he thought she might pass out altogether.

He thought, I'll bet there's nothing in the world she'd rather do than fondle the boobs I'm mauling right now. Except, probably, to do it while grinding down onto her dildo chair!

There was just too much sexual stimulation everywhere he looked for him to hold out much longer. His discovered that his dick had resumed stroking into Brenda and his conscious mind didn't have much say in the matter. His middle finger poked into her ass in time with his pelvic thrusts. She obviously loved it, judging from the way she pushed her hips back at him with renewed vigor.

But he still wanted to take things even farther to give her a fucking truly worthy of the important occasion. He leaned forward and said quietly, "Brenda, what are you?"

"A slave!"

He could feel her whole body shudder as she said this. Based on the way her pussy was clenching without any rhythm all over his cock, he had no doubt she was cumming again. He thought, Damn, it's just too easy for her. All I have to do is state the obvious, and she freaks out. I guess five orgasms for her is about the same as one orgasm for a normal woman. He prodded, "And who owns you?"

"You do! Master!" she trembled as his hardness continued to plow her depths. She spontaneously blurted out, "And I love it!"

He idly noticed that Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" was playing on the stereo at the moment. He found it odd "fuck your slave" music, but then again he couldn't think of any music that would particularly fit that occasion. He regained his focus and asked, "And why? Why me?"

This question was a bit harder for her to answer. She had to think about it, at least a little. "Because you're the natural! The superior master! The supreme Fuck Lord! Look around. The harem! The harem!"

It was hard for her to even say this much, because she was already huffing and puffing like a steam locomotive. But she said it with tremendous pride in her voice. She made his ego swell as much as she kept his cock hard.

Alan realized again that he was going to cum at any second. To prolong the experience at least a little bit longer, he suddenly stopped and flipped her over. He figured that in the traditional doggy style, it was too easy for him to penetrate her deeply. He hoped that by fucking her lying on her back while he continued to stand, he might be able to last a little bit longer.


However, that plan didn't work. Brenda was just too pleasurably fuckable, no matter what the position. After only another minute or so of vigorous thrusting, he found himself starting to cum. This time, there was nothing like the way Suzanne knew how to squeeze him in the right spot to stop from gushing a tremendous cum load into her.

But still, he wasn't done. As his cum started to spurt out, he sped up, thrusting in even harder than before.

That caused Brenda to start cumming again too, if indeed she'd ever completely stopped, which meant that her pussy suddenly clamped down on his shaft with renewed tightness.

He could tell she was having a particularly prolonged multiple orgasm, because he faced yet more delightful resistance for what seemed like minutes, even as he continued to slam into her for every precious moment his hard-on remained. Somehow, on top of everything else happening, he managed to partially pull her hips off the table and resume spanking her ass while his cumming slowly came to an end. He wanted to give her the maximum pleasure possible. Even though he was having the time of his life, this fuck was mainly for her.

At the same time, it occurred to him that he really was marking her as one of his own. He normally liked to spray his cum on a woman's face or chest to get that feeling of marking, but it seemed that this was taking possession of her in a much more fundamental and intimate way by cumming into her pussy. They were bonding deeply. From now on, she would belong to him even more than she did before. That meant that he would belong to her even more as well, but he welcomed that with open arms.

While he wasn't sure yet if he could love her in the same way that he loved his family four, and he was glad that he had a different formal arrangement with her than The Pact he'd established with the others, he had yet to find anything about her not to love. He knew now that in life he'd come across many exceptionally beautiful and sexual women, but Brenda was all that and a good and kind person as well. He would never have committed to a formal and presumably permanent relationship with her if that wasn't true, no matter how good she looked. While he couldn't really say he fully loved her, mostly because he was still getting to know her, he felt confident that he would come to love her in time.

As his balls continued to churn and his fiery hot cum continued to pump into her body, he felt as if he were slowly falling. It seemed to him like he somehow was falling into Brenda and discovering the soft and welcoming depths at the intimate core of her innermost being, where she passionately received him into herself and gratefully received the liquid offering that sealed their fates together as master and slave.

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