1065 Everyone has a great time and Alan fucks his mom!

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Alan kept his eyes trained on Suzanne and Amy as the cum he'd sprayed on them was devoured or smeared away. He watched as their lovemaking grew in intensity.

From time to time, he looked around to see how Susan and Katherine were doing.

Susan was as horny and happy as ever. How fitting. How perfect! Mother and daughter are bonded together by his sweet cum! The ideal "glue." I love how they're rubbing their cummy titties together!

She continued to fondle and frig herself while waiting for Alan to give a sign that his penis had recovered enough for more stimulation. In fact, she was trying to will him to give her a sign, as if she had telepathic powers.

Tiger, I'm your cock tender. Isn't Mommy your very favorite cocksucker? She needs to do soooo... veeeery... much... cock tending. Big juicy cock... You KNOW you want it! Let me do it for you. Fill me with your spunk. Your seed. Your sperm. Baby juice. Oh yeah, give it to me! Anywhere and everywhere! Spray me! PLEASE, let me milk your cock like you milk my heavy tits!

Her mental efforts didn't have any effect on Alan, but they were working her into a lather of lust even without his direct involvement.

Meanwhile, Katherine was on a whole other planet. She seemed conflicted. On the one hand, she looked and was highly aroused, especially since Amy and Suzanne seemed to get even more intense with each other after they had Alan's cum to play around in. But on the other hand, she also looked sad.

Alan thought, I can guess why Sis is frowning. She looks at Suzanne and Amy together and wonders why that can't be her in Amy's place. Why do Amy and Suzanne get a big ceremony together and she and Suzanne never did for their first time? Never mind that Sis and Suzanne have had lots of great lovemaking over the last month and that their first time was under markedly different conditions. That's easy to forget. I can relate to her mood.

Then she's probably worrying about my date with Christine. Even though nothing really happened.

But to make it worse, she probably looks over here at Mom and me and feels even more left out. Unfortunately, Mom is feeling so possessive on her special day of the week that I can't really do anything about it. I should probably just tell Mom I'm not feeling up for any more help from her, and that'll at least help to not rub it in for Sis so much.

But I really need to do more than that. After this little show is over, I've gotta deal with Sis. Big time. I think it may be time to spring my surprise on her.

Alan guessed the gist of Katherine's thoughts almost exactly. He only underestimated the depth of her jealousy and frustration. In some situations where one man was shared by many women, there can develop great rivalry and animosity between the women as they try to push each other down to bring themselves up. However, that hadn't happened in the Plummer family yet, mostly because there was such great love and friendship between everyone, as well as Alan's skilled diplomacy.

Katherine was the one most affected by these negative feelings so far. But since she couldn't vent her frustration on anyone in the room and feel good about it, she used Christine and others like Heather as safe punching bags. She felt guilty as she reviewed what she'd done about Alan's dinner with Christine earlier in the evening.

Amy and Suzanne were building up towards another lovemaking frenzy. They still took it slow for the most part, but while their bodies didn't fly about acrobatically, their feelings and passions were nonetheless boiling over. They frequently kissed and simply looked each other in the eyes.

Suzanne continually looked to be on the verge of joyful tears.

When they came down from their erotic highs, Suzanne gently pushed Amy's hands away from where they rested on Suzanne's bush. "Sorry, Honey Pie, but I'm feeling really sensitive there right now. You really know how to get me going down there, but I can only take so much. Let's take a short break, okay?"

"M'kay." Amy moved into a cuddle mode. She closed her eyes and nuzzled her nose into Suzanne's neck. She was happy to stay there while Suzanne stroked her hair.

After a while, Amy raised her head and spoke to Alan. "I'm having a great time, but I also feel bad about something. I mean, Kat's been sitting alone the whole time."

Amy turned her head a few inches and looked Suzanne in the eye. "Mother, you and I have been bonding pretty well, but don't you think it's important that we bond with Kat, too? We should mark that she's just as much your daughter as I am. You and Sis and Susan have had tons of fun together, but she, you, and I never have. What do you say?"

Suzanne nodded in agreement. She knew that while her daughter's words made sense, Amy was making the point mainly because she felt bad that Katherine was sitting all alone. She thought, That's so like my sweet Honey Pie. As much as she wants special time alone with me, it's more important to her that Angel isn't forgotten. I wish I'd thought about that. Once again, my extreme lust prevents me from thinking straight.

Suzanne said out loud, "I think that's an excellent idea. Don't you agree, you guys?" She looked at Alan and Susan as she directed this question at them.

Susan and Alan nodded in agreement. While both felt it wasn't their place to interrupt Suzanne and Amy by asking Katherine to join, they were extremely glad Amy did so.

Katherine tentatively stood up and walked forward. Suzanne and Amy had been bonding in such a loving fashion that she felt a bit awkward joining in.

However, Amy took care of that by aggressively but playfully tackling Katherine and dragging her down to the bed. "Come on, Sister! I gotcha!"

Suzanne sat up and joined in the melee, making sure to tickle Katherine under her arms and on her sides.

Katherine couldn't resist laughing, and as she did, she felt most of her frustrated feelings wash away. She began tickling and grabbing back.

Then Amy grabbed a pillow and began hitting the others with it, and soon pillows and sofa cushions were flying everywhere.

After the wild tickle and pillow fight went on for a while, Suzanne accidentally fell backwards and toppled back to the bed.

Katherine took advantage of that accident and slammed her body down onto Suzanne's momentarily, knocking the wind out of the sexy mother. She turned to Amy and said, "This is our chance! It's time for the younger generation to take over! Let's get her!"

"M'kay! Woo!" Amy slammed down onto Suzanne too.

Suzanne groaned, and then laughed, "No fair! It's a conspiracy! Susan, help!"

The tickling continued, but Katherine also aggressively plowed her fingers into Suzanne's pussy, in imitation of the highly successful technique Amy had used earlier.

But while Suzanne was incapable of getting away with the weight of both Katherine and Amy pinning her down, she didn't give up the fight, either. She thrashed about and tickled and fondled as best she could. However, that seemed to only provoke the two girls into further efforts to subdue the sexy redhead.

Meanwhile, Susan was keeping an eye on Alan while also watching the fun struggle on the bed. Her son's cock had been fully erect for a couple of minutes now, a fact that she could hardly ignore given his long erection was practically waving in her face. She sat up higher on her heels so her face rose up above his stomach, and looked up into his eyes.

She whispered quietly, "Tiger, you weren't too sensitive before, were you? You were just trying to be considerate to your sister. That's so nice. But we don't have to hold back now, do we?"

Alan leaned down a bit and whispered back, "Actually, I was sensitive, but I would have rested in any case, for her. But you're right. Let's have some fun while we watch the show."

"Oh goody!" Susan said in a louder voice, no longer needing to be quiet. "Mommy's here to make you feel good. Good mommies make sure their sons' balls are kept drained at all times."

But to Alan's surprise, rather than getting back in position between his knees, he saw Susan stand up right in front of him.

She looked around as if in confusion, then stared at the orgy in front of her and said, "Ooh, look at this interesting spectacle! I think I'll sit down and watch." She backed up and slowly lowered herself down onto his lap.

He gladly lined up his erection and waited for her pussy to come down right onto it. Her bare ass looked so good that he couldn't wait to feel her up.

But Susan took an exceedingly long time to come down. It was like she was moving in slow motion.

Frustrated, he finally grabbed her and pulled her the rest of the way down. As his thick boner impaled her, he playfully criticized, "Cock tease!"

At first, she just grunted and groaned as he filled her up. Then she laughed mirthfully. "Who? Me? Is that any way to talk to your mommy? ... Okay, guilty as charged!" That caused her to laugh even more, and Alan joined in.

Meanwhile, back on the bed the other three were having a great and jolly time. The mood was completely different than when it had just been Suzanne and Amy, and Suzanne had always seemed to be on the edge of crying due to being so emotionally overwhelmed. Now, Suzanne was laughing so hard that it hurt.

Katherine and Amy were still ganging up on her, and the two of them were tickling her so much that she was practically delirious. Furthermore, the two sexy sisters were also tag teaming on Suzanne's pussy. Neither could use their mouths there, as they both had to keep their bodies over Suzanne's upper body to keep her from slipping away, but each usually kept one hand down on Suzanne's crotch. Often, one was busy with her pussy while the other went at her clit, but sometimes fingers from both girls were in her pussy at the same time.

Suzanne kept cumming, which further weakened her will to resist. She knew that soon the fight would go out of her, but she wasn't one to give up easily. I can't let them win; that'll just encourage them to do it again!

Drawing on her remaining energy reserves, she made a desperate move to rise up and shake the two vixens off of her. She did manage to sit up somewhat, but Amy and Katherine quickly recovered and pushed her back down to the bed.

However, it happened that Suzanne was facing the sofa where Alan and Susan were sitting, and she caught a glimpse of Susan in Alan's lap. She yelled between laughs and gasps for air, "Oh my God! Look what Susan's doing to him! How does she do that?"

Katherine and Amy took the bait and turned around to see what was happening on the sofa. They were a bit surprised not to see Susan at her usual submissive position between her son's knees, so they paused to take a closer look.

That gave Suzanne the opportunity she needed. She shook the two girls away, and rolled clear of them.

Katherine and Amy looked back at Suzanne. They could have chased after her as she scooted her way back across the very large bed, but they both independently decided they'd given her enough of a hard time. They also were nearly out of breath themselves.

Instead, Amy merely asked in a playful voice, "Conceding defeat, Mother?"

"Ha! Never! I'm just getting warmed up!" She'd put on a good front, and the other two were impressed with her stamina. But in fact she was sweating profusely from all the activity and she barely had any strength left at all. She yelled over them, "Hey! Susan! What kind of friend are you, abandoning me to these hellions? Us old broads have to stick up for each other!"

Susan was happily rising up and down Alan's pole. She answered, "Um, sorry, but I got a little, uh, stuck." She added with a gleeful squeal, "I've been impaled on a cock-stick!"

Katherine laughed, adding, "Yep, we can see you've been held up. And down... And up, and down, and up, and down..." She burst into giggles.

Then she turned to Amy. A new fire was lit between the two sisters. Their lips locked and they pulled each other back down to the bed.

Suzanne breathed a sigh of relief. Good. Let them blow off some of that boundless teenager energy on each other while I recover. Damn, I thought the morning exercises Susan and I do would keep me in shape, not to mention the Kegel exercises I do all the time, but I'm not getting any younger. All this great sex is EXHAUSTING!

Suzanne was content to watch the pairs of Amy and Katherine, and Susan and Alan, for five minutes or more.

Her tiredness rapidly gave way to renewed arousal. Then she stood up and walked to the stereo. There hadn't been any music playing since she'd started with Amy, and she resolved to fix that. She put on an album by The Jam. Even though the others weren't familiar with it, it brought back good memories from when she was a teenager. The only rock music she liked was some of the stuff she'd known from that era.

As the song "Happy Together" burst through the speakers, she left the room briefly and came back with a shiny, small silver dildo. She thought, We've had so much fun without any toys tonight; it's almost scary to think what might happen with a strap-on or two. But this should suffice for this weary lot.

Suzanne got back on the bed.

Amy and Katherine were so entwined French kissing and rubbing their bodies all over each other, that they hardly even noticed her.

Katherine was on top, so Suzanne began poking the dildo around the entrance to Katherine's pussy. She said with a pout, "You two, I'm gonna get you back for teaming up on me like that. Didn't you ever hear that women are supposed to be tender with each other? You two practically raped me!"

Katherine disengaged her lips from Amy's long enough to say, "Hee-hee. Sorry, but it's just that we were having so much fun! We knew you were a slave to your cunt, but Jesus, we didn't know just how much!" Then she went back to her kissing.

Suzanne grumbled, "Impetuous youth. I'll show you a thing or two!" She climbed up Katherine's legs and gave her new daughter a kiss on the lips. She wanted to target Katherine for revenge, since she was feeling too good towards Amy at the moment, and made sure that she got on top of her.

But Amy threw a wrench in Suzanne's plans by getting behind her and began playing with her anus and pussy.

Suzanne was practically fearful now about how well Amy could stimulate her most sensitive spot. For the moment, she merely luxuriated in the good feelings that flowed through her body in waves.

Still, the revenge wasn't forgotten. After a few minutes, Amy began kissing Katherine, so Suzanne got into a new position. She climbed back down Katherine and began licking Katherine's ass. She used the silver dildo, which had been forgotten in her hand for a few minutes, and plunged it in and out of Katherine's pussy with vigor.

Now it was Katherine's turn to be double-teamed, since she was caught in a Pestridge sandwich between Amy lying over her top half and Suzanne lying over her lower half.

Suzanne cried out, "A-ha! I've got you, you evil feline strumpet! Turnabout is fair play. How does it feel to be the victim?"

Katherine considered her situation, and replied honestly, "Actually, it feels pretty good!" Then a climax hit her and her body visibly shook.

The other two laughed as they saw and heard how "terrible" Suzanne's revenge had been.

Susan, meanwhile, was lowering herself down onto her son's prick, as he now lay on the sofa rather than sitting on it. She twisted and turned on the way up and down for good measure. She muttered more to herself than to him, "Good mommies are squishy, spermy mommies. They squish- UGH! Oh yeeaaaahhh... Mmmm... So yummy, all that fertile spermy goodness..."

Alan absolutely loved what she was doing. It felt even better than the vaginal clenching she'd been doing a few minutes before. He also loved the position of her sitting in his lap, because it allowed him to freely grope her huge breasts while feeling her silky smooth back rise and fall along his chest.

He'd heard her mutterings, and gave her exactly what she wanted to hear. "Mommy, you're SUCH a great cum receptacle. I wanna keep your hot box full of my wriggly sperm. Isn't that what good sons do - they keep their mommies drenched in frothy fuck juice?"

"TIGER! Oh dear God! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, YES!" She would have climaxed just from his words alone; the pounding in her pussy was just extra gravy. She turned around on his erection and pushed him down until he was lying flat on the sofa. Then she straddled his hips in one of her favorite positions that allowed his cock to get deep penetration.

Encouraged, he continued to talk as much as his breathing allowed while the two of them kept their eyes on the threesome before them. He whispered into her ear comments like, "Just look at all those big tits. Sister tits. Mommy tits. Your tits. And who owns them all? That's right, your son. How did you raise such a big, nasty, tit-owning motherfucker?"

This kind of talk so aroused her that she was barely capable of stringing together more than a few words in reply. Instead, she tried to show her approval by fucking him even better than before. She slammed up and down while he mostly just lay there, clenching his PC muscle for dear life.

But unfortunately, as the minutes passed and the two of them were working their way to a great mutual climax while watching the other three fuck, the phone began ringing. The answering machine wasn't set, so it kept ringing and ringing.

Susan felt obliged to answer it, fearing it might be some kind of emergency. She pulled herself off her son with the greatest of reluctance.

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