1087 Alan X Christine X Heather

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Alan had to take a test in his next class, but it wasn't tough and he managed to finish with fifteen minutes before the end of the period. He thought, Perfect. A massive chunk of uninterrupted daydream time. Ah, yes, now what was I doing with Christine before I was so rudely interrupted? Although, to be honest, that break was a very healthy thing. It's always good to talk to Sean and unload what's on my mind. And the fact that he's another guy, a regular guy, somehow that's very important. The fact is, I got carried away with that Christine daydream.

Heather put me in such a "Bad Alan" mood that I totally forgot that Christine is a real human being and not just a sexual object for my amusement. Heh, that's kind of ironic given what Heather said to me earlier. But in any case, Christine is a very unique, wonderful, and extremely talented person. That's what really matters in life, the complex emotions like love and caring. Not just the base sexual urges. I should do what's right for Christine, and that means leaving her out of my sordid little sex world.

That said, there's nothing wrong with a little fantasizing. In fact, if I can satisfy my sexual fantasies with her just within my head, then I won't feel the urge to do so in real life. I know that the main thing I'm feeling is just this "you want most what you can't get" feeling. What is it with human nature, and especially male nature? Why is it that when a guy has five women in a harem, the thing that obsesses him the most is getting a sixth?

Well, I'm not going to be like that. That's the true path to madness, because with that attitude I'll never be satisfied. Instead, I'm going to treat Christine like the lady that she is in real life, and only treat her like a fuck toy in my dreams.

Speaking of which, that last one was pretty sweet, imagining titfucking her in front of class. I almost shot a load right there in class! What was it that the older version of Heather said? Oh yeah: "Let's see a show of hands. Who would like to see Alan titfuck her lovely orbs before he breaks her hymen?" And then everyone in class raised their hands. And then Heather, or I should say Ms. Morgan, said...

"There you have it. You know what to do now, Alan, don't you?"

Alan looked at Ms. Morgan with an evil grin. "No, actually I don't. Why don't you show me?"

The older Heather smiled back just as evilly. "Fine. Christine, first off, if we're going to do this the slow way, I think it's time you show the class some pussy."

Several of the students, especially some of the male ones, let out a loud whoop.

Christine's tears had stopped flowing, but she still blushed all the way down to her chest. She got up from where she was bent over the teacher's desk, but kept her back to the class and tried to protect her ass. Somehow that just made the view that much more attractive. She stood as she'd been sitting, with her legs together.

But Ms. Morgan barked, "Christine, what am I always telling the girls in this class? How does a proper Alan bitch stand for inspection?"

Christine muttered, "Damn you all!" But she reluctantly put her hands above her head.

The teacher barked, "Wider! Wider!"

So she slowly spread her legs one foot apart, then two, then even a bit more. Some wisps of her pussy hair could be seen by Alan and the rest of the class through the large space between her legs. Her breasts were so big that everyone could see a bit of those on each side, even though she still had her back to the class. The only items she still had on were her shoes and socks.

Ms. Morgan whistled in appreciation while she continued to absentmindedly stroke Alan's slick and slippery erection with her other hand. The class hooted and hollered at Christine even more.

"Let's get this show on the road!" the older Heather complained. "We can't have every class be an hour-long Alan fuck-fest. I do have to teach you all something at some point, you know."

But her protests seemed to have no effect on anyone, as everyone knew that an hour-long Alan fuck-fest was exactly what was going to happen.

The teacher bitched, "Now, girl, before we all grow old and die, turn around and take your shoes and socks off already!"

Christine turned her head and looked at Ms. Morgan uncertainly. "Turn around?"

Alan was surprised to see that her face was still completely splattered with cum. It looked like four or five big cum loads slowly dripping down, if not more. But then he remembered what he had done and how much more there had been before she'd wiped so much off and licked it into her mouth. Long strands dangled off her chin, her cheeks, ears, hair - everywhere.

"You heard me."

At first, the class was dead silent and the only sound that could be heard was the teacher's hands sloshing all over Alan's well-lubricated pole.

But then Christine began to turn around. A great cheer and even more clapping rose up from the excited class.

Christine modestly kept one arm crossed over her tits and a hand over her bush. As she turned, she looked down bashfully, and that caused a seeming river of cum to pour off of her face and onto her chest.

But Ms. Morgan was impatient. She commanded, "Don't make me get the ruler!" Normally she would have gotten the ruler and slapped it down on the desk just because she loved to do that, but this time she hoped she wouldn't have to let go of Alan's warm hard-on to do so.

Christine quickly dropped her arms. Suddenly all of her frontal charms were on full display.

Alan took a good long look at her from head to toe, while his teacher continued to accentuate his enjoyment with her handjob as she stood next to him. Ms. Morgan had turned to the side, so she could keep Christine, Alan, and the class all in view at the same time.

Alan's eyes were torn between looking at Christine's pussy or her tits, but the urge to see her pussy won out. It was easy to see everything down there because she'd remembered to keep her legs apart after turning around. He noticed a lot of glistening moisture there, though she wasn't copiously flowing like most of the women he knew. He found her bush interesting. It was a bit wild and untrimmed. Somehow he found that fitting, as if it was something she'd never expected to show anyone, ever.

Christine's tits were fantastic. She had them cradled in one of her arms, which caused them to push together and out.

Ms. Morgan asked, "So, tell me great virgin, how do you feel right now?"

Christine was incredulous. "How do I feel?! You want to know how I feel?! I feel ashamed. Embarrassed! Utterly humiliated! What else do you expect?! Being naked in front of my classmates is horrible enough, but it's all this cum running down my face and chest that's really getting to me! UGH!"

The teacher pressed, "Is that all? Is that all you feel? What about the cum flowing down your thighs? Don't tell me that's from Alan too."

"Dammit, I'm only human! How can I not get aroused by his God damned horse cock and all this yummy cum?! But that doesn't make this right. You shouldn't treat me like this!"

"I'll bet you want to taste it, taste more of it. I know how it is. Once you have some, you can't get enough. Well, go right ahead."

"No! No. Well, I suppose, er, I, uh, need to get cleaned up anyway..." There was a puddle of cum that formed at the top of her cleavage even as more cum ran down into the dark depths between her busty mounds. She looked at the puddle and brought her free hand to it, as if to wipe herself clean. But instead, she dipped her fingers into the puddle and brought the fresh cum to her lips.

As she stared at Alan in lust and shame, she licked her fingers dry.

The teacher asked her, "Where are your manners?"

Christine blushed as she whispered, "Thank you for the cum, Alan."

Both hands were actually fairly drenched in cum from when she'd wiped her face off before, and she continued to lick each finger and then the palm of her hand. She mumbled to herself, "It's still warm! I can't believe it's so warm!"

Rather than reply to her, Alan simply reached out and hoist up both of Christine's breasts with his two hands, as if he owned them. He was so close to her that he didn't need to step forward at all.

Ms. Morgan smiled as she watched him play with Christine's large orbs. She had two hands on Alan's thickness, but neither hand stood any chance of reaching all the way around it. She longed to see Alan cover Christine with another massive load, so her fists fairly flew into a blur as she stroked him with abandon.

The class continued to cheer as Alan mauled Christine's bouncy fun bags within sight of everyone. There were many lewd catcalls, surprisingly, more from the girls than the few boys there.

Alan thought he heard his sister's voice say, "Don't just play with 'em, fuck 'em already!"

Christine closed her eyes in shame again and gave the entire class the finger.

Alan thought, So at least she hadn't lost all of her feistiness. But it's kind of funny: her protests seem so ineffectual when her face is bathed in semen like that.

Christine looked up into Alan's eyes while he played with her tits. She moaned as she stared through narrow eyes with a intense lusty gaze. She didn't say anything, but the way she licked her lips and stared at his stiff erection made her intentions clear enough, even if she was too proud to admit it.

Ms. Morgan barked, "Christine, what did I say about taking your shoes off already?"

Christine immediately bent forward and down, forcing Alan to let go of her nipples, which he'd only just begun to pull on. This caused another torrent of cum to drip off her face and land all over her, from the tips of her jutting breasts down to her legs. Her hair very nearly scraped the floor when she remained bent over, untying her shoes.

But then Ms. Morgan said, "No, bring your feet up instead of hiding your best bits. We're not done inspecting you."

Christine's whole body trembled as she obeyed the teacher. While she hated the public humiliation, it also seemed to turn her on more than she could even comprehend. She brought one foot to her crotch and reached down a bit to get to the laces, which caused her big tits to sag and wobble delightfully. Luckily she'd fallen back to sit on the edge of the desk or she would have had great trouble keeping her balance.

While she did that, she took the opportunity to complain to the teacher and the class, "You know, this is so unfair! I do not understand why everyone acts like Alan owns the school. So his cum tastes fantastic and his penis down your throat tastes even better. It feels great to suck on it too. Okay. Fine. I can see that now. I finally get why all the sexy teachers and girls take turns sucking on him all day long!"

She tried to regain her indignant stance. "But does that give him the right to fuck every female in sight completely bareback, from the principal to half the teachers, to most of the student body? He's got over two dozen girls pregnant at this school alone already, including both of his sisters. Heck, even the principal is carrying one of his babies, and why? Just because he doesn't like to wear a condom? I think you're all mad!"

Ms. Morgan replied, "That's what I said too, once. But don't worry. You'll understand as soon as he's done fucking you and has filled your virgin pussy with cum. You'll be wishing he's hit another home run and knocked you up too!"

"This is ridiculous! I will not!" Christine griped. But nonetheless, as soon as she finished untying her second shoe, her eyes locked on Alan's swaying stiff pole and she hungered at the sight.

Ms. Morgan looked at Christine's old sneakers, now tossed on the floor, and said, "Now that you're one of Alan's bitches, you have certain standards to uphold. I expect to see you in five-inch heels from now on, is that clear?"

Christine dropped her head and nodded sullenly.

Heather stood proudly before the class in her naked glory. She'd immediately latched back onto his cock. With her back to Alan now, she pretended to pay attention to the class while slowly bringing his boner toward her asshole. As anally fixated as ever, she hoped to slide it up her butt and into her asshole before Alan could get started with Christine.

Alan jumped forward, then turned his head around and scolded, "Naughty, naughty, Ms. Morgan. You and your ass fixation. I think you need to go sit with the students for a while to remind you of your place around here."

She blanched. "But... naked? Whenever you do that to me, they get all grabby! I always end up having to suck off a cock or two, and you know how I detest that when it's not yours!"

He looked at her sternly. "Not my problem. I don't want to have to tell you twice."

She dropped her head and walked to the seat Christine had vacated. So many hands, mostly female, grabbed her all over that she was barely able to make it to the chair. She seemed truly disappointed and kept her attention focused on Alan.

With the teacher gone, Christine took advantage. Her hands flew to Alan's erection like they were magnetically attracted to it. It seemed like she was incapable of letting go long enough to hoist her big tits up and keep them up so he could slide his prick between them.

Alan was trying not to increase Christine's humiliation, but the gap between her words and her actions was so great that he couldn't help but ask, "I thought you didn't want to be a part of this?"

"Fuck you!" She growled. "Your cock is just too fucking tasty and amazing, you God damned fucker!" Still blushing deeply, she started cocksucking the tip and that seemed to give her enough pleasure to reposition herself for titfucking.

He looked out over the class as he climbed up on the table. Chairs had generally been pulled together and almost everyone had their hands in the laps of someone next to them. But with the exception of a few girls who had their faces in the lap of a boy, plus the one boy who now stood in front of Ms. Morgan with his cock down her throat, all eyes were aimed at the front of the class. He suspected that on other days the classes would erupt into full-blown orgies, but today interest was high to see Christine get fucked so people limited themselves sufficiently so they could still pay attention.

Alan settled himself onto Christine's stomach. His almost comically long erection grazed her lips. "So. You're finally ready to be one of my bitches, then?"

"Please don't make me answer that? Can't I just suck it some more? My God, I'm drowning in your cum, but I want more! More!" She leaned forward a bit, taking in much of his cockhead while licking it frantically.

"Sorry, I'm tired of your hypocrisy. It's time for you to admit how you really feel. I'll ask you again: do you want to be one of my bitches?"

"Dammit! YES!" As she answered, she continued to flick her tongue around his cockhead. "I'll admit it: I've been ready for ages! Why do you think I'm still a virgin? I've been waiting for YOU! I'd been expecting that you'd just take me against my will and deflower me just like you've done for so many others. I'm so frustrated that I finally had to do it this way."

She went on, "When it comes to you, when a woman says 'no', it means 'yes'. 'Yes', 'no', 'maybe', it all means 'yes'! Look at your success with women. There is no 'no'! Take who you want, when you want, wherever you want. Above all, take me! Take me into your inner harem, please! Fuck my tits and face already! I can't wait until you cover me in sperm and knock me up, just like all the rest!"

Alan looked over at Ms. Morgan. He hadn't noticed any protrusion in her belly.

But she had heard Christine mention "knock me up" and could somehow sense that Alan was looking at her. She pushed the boy who was face-fucking her away momentarily, and smiled endearingly at Alan. She rubbed her tummy and winked at him. All the while, hands from about four girls sitting nearby continued to roam all over her.

Alan was blown away by that, yet somehow he knew with complete certainly that he'd impregnated her. Then he looked out into the crowd again and noticed about five or six girls looking back at him, all of whom were ostentatiously rubbing their bellies too. Katherine and Amy had the biggest bellies of anyone, and both his sisters winked at him. Apparently, in this dream world, incest was not a problem.

Holy fuck! Is this right? The answer came to him quickly. Obviously! Clearly I have the most superior sperm here, so naturally I'm the only one allowed to get a woman pregnant in this school. That's how nature works with alpha males!

He looked back at Christine, who already had her hands on her boobs, pressing them in to make a nice fuck tunnel. It was a good thing her boobs were so big, because one needed a lot of flesh to make a tunnel for such a huge shaft. They were so soaked with his cum that lubrication certainly wouldn't be a problem either.

She nibbled and licked his cockhead, though she didn't dare to try to swallow it all again.

"Okay, Christine. You want my baby? Fine! But first I'm going to re-coat your face with a fresh new load!"

"Do it! I love it!"

He began to aggressively plow through her tit tunnel, but he took short strokes so she could keep most of his cockhead inside her lips at the same time. He noticed that she didn't just hold her mammaries in place so he could slide through, but she actively slid them back and forth to create even more pleasurable friction. Because her tits were so massive, it felt like he was fucking a twelve-inch deep vagina, except there was an actively cocksucking mouth at the other end of it.

God, she's good! Really good! I guess good things do come to those who wait. I think I'll make this a Christine day and do her in fourth period and sixth period, too! After all, she is going to be naked and dripping with cum all day. I'm going to dump load after load on her and in her, and order the others not to grope her too much between classes. She's my cum-covered bitch and she loves it!

 Suddenly, Christine pulled back her mouth back and screamed, "Alan, I just came! Again! Fuck me forever! Forever!"

Then she dropped her head back down and somehow managed to cram all of his fat knob in her mouth.

The class cheered that difficult feat.

Just then, back in the real world, the bell rang. Alan was startled out of his fantasy.

He sat there for some long moments and tried to recapture where the daydream had left off. Oh, maaaaan! I was just really getting into the titfuck. Dang! And I wasn't even close to breaking her hymen. Rrrrgh!

He picked up his test and dropped it off at the teacher's desk, then walked out of the classroom. He held a book over his crotch so his erection and the wet spot it had caused through a slow leaking of pre-cum wouldn't show.

Well, as fantasies go, that was an odd one. I've never been into the whole pregnancy fetish before, so where the heck did that come from? I hope that doesn't mean anything in real life! Oh, I know. Simone and her stupid joking. But what if it isn't joking and I really did put a bun in her oven today? I would be totally fucked. Man, I've been so lucky lately. I've got to start wearing condoms, even at home. Shucks.

I've never dreamed of having a bigger dick, either. I'm perfectly fine with my oft-complimented real equipment, so what was that all about? They don't even have ones that big in porn flicks.

Alan didn't make the connection, but his penis in the dream was influenced by the eleven-inch black dildo he saw Simone put into Heather's ass before school.

And that may have looked like Christine, but she didn't act like the true Christine at all. This was like a blow up sex doll version without any of the spunk or fire that I like so much. And it was weird what Christine was saying to me. It was almost like my subconscious was speaking to me directly, through her. "There is no 'no'. Take who you want, when you want, wherever you want. Above all, take me!" ... Damn, she was hot! How could I possibly turn her down in real life?!

Hmmm. That's definitely my id talking. My greedy side. Where's the other side? Where's the responsible superego? Where has that been today? I think I need to empty a cum load into someone. Whenever I finish cumming, I tend to see things more sensibly. Right now, I've got a major problem because I'm on major boner sexual overdrive and I don't have any way to relieve myself. In fact, now I get to go sit through Glory's class while I still have all these bizarre teacher fantasies running through my head.

Heather as a teacher? Ugh! Let's hope, for the sake of innocent children everywhere, that that never happens. Or Heather as a mother. That's so disturbing that I'm not even going to go there!

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