1 My Goddess

Opening my eyes, I was looking up into a blue sky, and I could feel the grass under me, but I wasn't sure how I got there. My head was fuzzy, and I couldn't remember anything, almost like my mind had been wiped clean.

"Hello again, Galio. It seems you have returned to us once again, but you had your life cut short this time," A beautiful voice called, and I turned my head to the sound.

The moment I locked eyes with the Goddess, some of my memories snapped into place. Tallia, a goddess from Yaggisdral, The Living Realm of the Gods, sat beside my naked body.

I had been here many times to these grassy plains. I repeatedly talked with this sensual Goddess that had promised me her hand.

"What number is this, Tallia? And what do you mean, cut short? I have no memories of that time," I explained, and Tallia nodded to me with a sad smile.

"It was not a good end, but you completed your task. This marks your four hundred and ninety-ninth death, meaning that this will be life number five hundred. Since this will be your final test, the Nine have convened and have decided on a special world," Tallia explained, and I lifted an eyebrow as I sat up.

I looked into Tallia's multi-colored eyes and placed a hand on her cheek, and she placed one over it. The two of us slowly moved together to kiss, and I lavished in the taste of my beautiful Goddess's lips.

"Tell me what you can about this special world, and what type of system will I be running with this time?" I asked after we pulled apart, and she nodded.

"Well, I guess I can tell you, but your mind will be getting mostly wiped, and as always, you will have no outside help or contact. The world you are going into is only inhabited by women and has never known men. They do not ever understand the context of what a man is, so you will be out of place there," Tallia explained, but my eyes went big.

"What?! What is the point of sending me to a place like this?!" I asked, not that I genuinely minded, and I knew my Goddess didn't mind.

I had many relationships, according to my fragmented memories, but they were needed to move forward with the missions. I needed to live each of my lives to the fullest; that was what Tallia told me after the first time I died.

"Think of this as your final chance to get out and have fun! Not that I am going to bore you in Yaggisdral, but this is something that all Men picked by Goddesses had to experience. Still, this world is going to be very challenging for you. The system you will be given will allow you to grow, but most of the growth will be from targeted missions," Tallia explained, and I thumbed my chin.

"Fine, so I have to do quests to strengthen; nothing wrong. Last question, what is the mission?" I asked since there was always something to deal with in these worlds, but Tallia only shrugged.

"There really isn't anything wrong with this world. Call it an experiment of sorts. Really, you should be excited about this. It is a once-in-a-million lifetimes chance that you would get to tread these new waters in a world where men don't exist!" Tallia exclaimed, and I sighed.

"True, this should be interesting, but I feel like I will get into a lot of trouble. What age will I start at?" I asked.

"Twenty years old, but your system won't activate right away. There is no point in telling you how it will happen since you won't remember. Another thing is that you will not know about all your lifetimes, but you will retain the skills and knowledge from them. These will be hidden but will come to you in times of need. Now, as much as I would love to keep you here all to myself, you have one more life left to live. Are you ready?" Tallia asked me, but I kissed her again, pushing her down into the grass.

I pressed my lips into a bed of moss and then frowned at what I was doing. I was lying on a forest floor, which was truly disappointing.

This was no time for a nap!

I looked around and thought about how I got here, but I had no idea. I didn't even know what forest I was in!

Had I hit my head? Was this one of the amnesia things?

I gripped my head in frustration and sighed. Freaking out wouldn't do me any good, so I started to look around.

I had been lying in the mossy place, and the sun-dappled down through the leaves. Big twisting trees surrounded me, and the place looked beautiful and untouched.

"You there! What are you doing?" a woman asked me from behind, and I turned around to look at her.

Our eyes connected, but then the woman looked my body over. I was wearing grey traveling pants and a long-sleeved shirt, but the looks I was getting said something was off.

"Sorry, I seem to have hit my head, and I have no memory of past a minute ago. My name is… Well, isn't that something? I can't even remember that" I sighed, feeling lost.

The woman had brown hair and a beautiful face with purple eyes. She also had a body in excellent shape, and her white shirt and short brown shorts outlined very nicely.

"Really? You can't remember anything? My name is Renna, and I must take you to the village and let the council see you. You look different than most, but mostly in your face and flat chest," The woman said, coming closer to look me over more thoroughly.

My flat chest and my face? What was this woman talking about?

"What do you mean flat chest?" I asked as I looked down at my chiseled chest through my shirt.

"Your chest is smaller the most, and looks hard, which is strange because they seem smooth? Can I touch them? I am interested in them. I have never seen breasts like that, and since we are strangers, I will let you feel mine as fair trade," Renna asked, and I blinked at her.

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