1 Day 01

DAY 001

In the Saint Philips school in the district of City A, the class was buzzing with various noises. Most of them were on their phones. Some were sitting around gossiping with each other, some were just trying to sleep. This was the tenth-grade section B, otherwise called the devil's room. They had gone through 3 homeroom teachers in the past year. The class was said to be able to drive anyone insane with their antics. Their results were not abysmal, but they all lacked passion, something which their teachers failed to instill in them.

"Hey Julia, I heard there is gonna be a new homeroom teacher here today. Did your father tell you anything?"

Julia was the principal's daughter. She was amongst the high achievers often clinching 2nd position in the overall school, yet she always insisted on remaining in the section B.

"Yeah. His name is Ethan Grey, he goes by Dr. Grey. He was a doctor, but recently quit. Going by this he might be quite old. Hey wanna bet on how long he lasts."

The other two girls looked interested.

"I bet he stays for less than a month." Agnes said imagining an old retired doctor.

"I give him less than a week" Julia chipped in her piece.

"What do you think Shina?", Agnes asked the girl with headphones on.

"Sorry. What are you talking about?" the third girl said taking off her headphones. She still had a somber look on her face.

"We were talking about our new homeroom teach, we were betting on how long he would last. Chip in."

"I say fifty days. He is gonna last for fifty days." She said almost without thinking, throwing out a random number.

Tung Tung Tung Tung.

The bell rung and class started settling down. Though they were still talking. The door to the class room opened and a young man entered wearing a dark blue shirt with black chino pants. His hair neatly tucked back. He was tall, slim and wearing rimmed glasses. The class continued with their own stuff. Some were curious about the new guy. He came up to the desk and looked over the class room. His eyes stopping on Shina for a bit but continued taking in his surroundings.

Thuk. Thuk. Thuk.

He tapped the desk getting their attention,

"As much as I love having you guys so active in the morning. Perhaps it would be best if settled down." His voice strong and unyielding.

Most of the class had now quieted down. They were looking at him, mostly with curiosity. They were not expecting someone so young to be their new homeroom teacher. They were expecting an old man with white hair and cane to walk with a hunched back. Not someone so young.

"My name is Ethan Grey. I was a doctor, but had to quit due to some private reasons. Your principal knew me from before, and was generous enough to offer me a job. I will also be teaching you biology. You can all call me Mr. Grey or whatever you deem appropriate. Any questions." He asked, his voice quite sweet and tender though still carrying authority and confidence.

"Can we call you Mr. Handsome then," asked someone from the back. The class threw a fit. Though most girls finding the question appropriate.

"Though the title is flattering. I wouldn't want to be the target of jealousy of the other teachers. It would perhaps be best if you could use something more common." His answer showing his tolerance for such humor in the class.

"Why did you quit being a doctor. Isn't It like super hard to become one and I think it pays more than being a teacher does," A boy from the front asked, probably a question that plagued many a mind?

"Hmm. The reason is a something for later discussion and well money isn't everything in a job just as I was about to continue. Most of your class has a good result but most of you are said to be unfocused and undevoted. The school considers it a bad thing. It goes to show that you are not sheep, mindlessly following the societies set rules and expectations. That is why instead of going for a normal introduction. I want each of you to take the day and think of your dream, of what you want from your future life. Whether you want money, property, adventure, action, fame, remembrance or even love. Now, let us get the roll call out of the way and we can start the day." He said taking out the register, not noticing the prevailing silence in the classroom.

Later that evening in Principal Goldstein's home. The family of three was having dinner. Principal Goldstein was a tall, well built man, he had been the principal of the Saint Philip's for 7 years now.

He looked at his daughter Julia, who was playing with her food and appeared to be in deep thought.

"Is everything alright Julia. You seem to be distracted. How was school today. How was Grey?" his voice carrying a hint of curiosity.

She looked up at him and spoke," when you said he was a doctor I was expecting someone old and strict, not a twenty something doctor. And how do you even know him. He mentioned knowing you in class?"

"He is someone who has been donating to the school for the past 5 years. We met through public clinic when one of our students got injured. He helps treat the uninsured kids. Your mother and I have known him since then. We often invite him to dine with us but he usually refuses." He told her telling her about his history as well.

Her mother spoke from the table as well, "He is a very good child. I have also met him quite a few times. He is a very hardworking person. You don't make too much trouble for him in class. Well, he was a brilliant doctor, but do tell how is he as a teacher?"

Julia had a thoughtful expression and spoke after a few minutes, "He is unique. He doesn't teach us the subject he also makes us think about our future. He asked us to introduce us with our dreams tomorrow. He says it is useless to study if you don't even know what you are studying for. Most of the class likes him but it is still the first day."

Principal Goldstein was happy hearing such words from his daughter's perhaps he could turn around the section B. Most of the students in that class were smart but they were all unique some perhaps more so than the others. Regular and orthodox methods of study had failed them. Perhaps what they needed was this new gust of freshness.

Yet he was still perplexed about his reasons for teaching. He had said that this was to repay a debt. To whom he had left out. There were some rumors that he was looking for someone over the years. He was an orphan who had basically studied quite hard and made his way through everything on scholarships and working to pay for himself. Someone self-made like him doesn't just give up their dreams for nothing. He hoped that he would find out in the future.

In a well-built home in the city, the lights of one room were on for the whole night. A girl was sitting on the king-sized bed, with various knick knacks around her, holding her knees and sobbing painfully. Shina did not like her homeroom teacher. He was a good teacher. His lessons interesting and his explanations easy and crisp. He was also quite approachable and humorous. Yet she hated him for he had made her remember, for he had made her think of a future, of hope, of a tomorrow that she just did not have.

She hated him for making her envious of all those around her. For making her face her fears, her insecurities. She hated him for making her yearn for hope, for a future for something she probably couldn't have.

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