29 Cute + Bastard = Custard

I was dreaming. Dreaming of a far off land. There were houses and huts. People walking along side animals. I saw a man with a huge green snake around his neck, a woman riding on the back of a bear, a little girl with a monkey, a middle aged man with a hawk on his shoulder, a bald man with a mountain lion - there's too much for me to tell.

In my dream I was walking. And as I did, I felt a presence beside me. A shadow of some sort. It was very small like a puppy. When I glanced down I saw the little brown wolf looking at me and barked. I blinked in confusion.

Why is the little wolf here in my dreams?

Suddenly I noticed that all the villagers stopped and turned in my direction. When they saw me, they started to make a clear pathway for me and made a bow.

What's happening here?


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