Less than five minutes after Zhang Heng and Feng Zi left the Singularity Bar, a shuttle stopped outside the bar. A teenager took off his baseball cap, and walked into the bar while chewing gum.

He then walked past the hardcore Pandaren fans who were watching the football match. Not saying hello to anyone, he directly walked towards a corner on the west side, where a person was sleeping on the deck.

The noisy environment in the bar did not seem to affect his sleep at all. Even though there were many people around him, he still managed to sleep soundly, and he even covered his head with clothes.

The boy in the baseball cap stretched out two fingers, clamped the collar with it, and removed the clothes from the person that was sleeping, revealing Red's body underneath the clothes. The latter's eyes were open, and an angry look of disbelief was permanently plastered on her face.


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