It was not the peak season for diving in Yonaguni Island. This could be seen from how well the diving shops were doing. Zhang Heng and Han Lu were only the second group of tourists to dive here in the past week. And as far as Nellie knew, the first group of divers would be flying home at noon.

If she were right, the three of them would be the only divers in this area. It was precisely why Nellie figured that Han Lu was the person that had just passed. A fourth person wasn't present in these waters, so Han Lu was probably only two or three meters away from them. Thus, Nellie had high hopes that Han Lu was fine. And she even subconsciously ignored how the shadow moved earlier.

A human couldn't swim so fast in the sea. However, at this moment, all Nellie cared about was to locate Han Lu. Even if she noticed the figure's unreasonable speed, she tried to convince herself that it was the ocean currents. And because of that, Han Lu needed their help more than ever.