In just a short while, the peripheral area of the Four-Continents Hotel was surrounded by police; the lobby was controlled by the authorities too. Outsiders were no longer allowed to enter the hotel, and guests weren't allowed to step outside as well. The hotel was in complete lockdown.

Zhang Heng looked into the hotel and gave up his plan of entering the safe passage through the lobby. He observed the crowds of passersby standing on the side of the road, and before long, spotted a man with a wide-brimmed hat, holding a camera.

So, Zhang Heng walked to the man and spoke to him for a while. He then shook hands with him and walked around to the hotel's back door in his police uniform. This entrance was not meant for guests, and the staff usually used it to move goods. Still, there was someone keeping an eye on it now. Fortunately, there weren't many people keeping an eye on the back entrance compared to the front. 


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