1 Mission Assigned~ Stage 1

I looked at my alarm clock.

"Shit, I'm late!" I muttered.

It was 7:54am. I stood up and walked in the bathroom. The door opened and I walked out with a blouse, trousers and high heels. I am quite tall with, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. I have been training for MI6 ever since I was a child. My father Alex Upton was an agent for MI6 but was killed in the line of duty, by Alessandro De Luca. Ever since he died I have devoted my life to finding his son Marco De Luca, as Alessandro died of a heart attack a few years ago and he gave his drug cartel to his son. In Italy, his cartel is the biggest the world has ever seen. He must be pure evil I thought, to get kids importing, exporting and taking drugs. I looked around the room panicking, I had misplaced my father's bracelet, it was the only thing he had left behind for me. On the inside it had an engraving, it said let's love one another, my mum had the other which said, even if we aren't sister and brother. My dad use to always say this when I had an arguement with friends. I found it under a letter that I had kept, because it said you have been accepted as an agent, please be at..., ever since that letter had arrived my whole life was different. I was going to countries like Spain and Mexico to find Marco, but I never could. I was hoping to go to his homeland, Italy. I grabbed my handbag and headed out the door. It was rush hour, this meant it would take me almost an hour to get there by bus. I started to run, but the bus was going to leave without me.

"Oh, for god sake!" I shouted after the bus.

Just then a car pulled over, it was Mathew or as I liked to call him...

"Hey! Wheels how are ya?"

This had happened because the first thing he ever said to me was you like my wheels? Ever since that, the name stuck but, I also had a nickname.

"Hey try-hard!"

The training officer had said to me I was trying too hard so this also stuck but everyone else on my team called me captain. When I entered the vehicle the whole team was there including head of MI6, Sir Alexander William Younger. We had to call him sir.

"What's happening, sir?"

"Well you see Upton, there have been spottings of Marco De Luca in Italy with his mother Maria De Luca, this means that we are going tomorrow to get closer to him, but your team needs to be briefed today. I'm going to be your handler for this mission."

"Wait what! Have you really found him! I-I mean, of course you have sir, let's get there quick, sir."

I sat down next to Baddie, her name was actually Callie but Sir had misheard and now everyone calls her Baddie. In front of me was Bull, he got his name because we always saw him drink two cans of red bull in the mornings until, the medical examiner said he wasn't allowed to drink it anymore, as it was damaging his health. So, I was the captain of this group, Baddie was the person to seduce people, to get what we want and also a very skilled martial artist, Bull is a very bulky dude but is actually our medic and Wheel's is our look-out, sniper or overwatch, it depended on the situation. We go undercover in different countries to protect our own. I felt an excitement run through my veins, I was finally going to bring down my number one enemy, who didn't know he was my enemy. Sir had started to speak,

"so when we get there, straight to our headquarters and then to the base, you will have help right here in London while you are in Italy. You will all have aliases, and to be cautious, a weapon at all time! No drinking on the job or negotiating with anyone without my say so! You will be leaving tomorrow at 08:00 hours, then it will all be up to your captain to take control. You better do this properly, you guys weren't our first option but I persuaded them to let you, to honour the Upton name and Alex."

Sir looked at me with a hint of sadness in his eyes. He had been very close with my father but never really showed it, until now. I looked around the car and smiled, finally I was going to have some peace. The car journey was roughly an hour but we made it in time for the briefing. We were never going to be late as Sir was the one debriefing us. We went to headquarters and got ready. The clothes were already laid out for us and a folder with each of our aliases. As captain, I had everyone's folder. Baddie and me were best friends going on holiday, my name was Rebecca Black and hers was Kirsty Link. The boys Bull and Wheels were going to go business class. They were going to be business men looking to network in Italy, Wheel's name was Jack Hawke and Bull's name was Ben Edwards. I headed to the place we like to call the big screen. It was our operation centre, it was where the techies were helping us. We had two techies, their nicknames were Pad and Com. Pad was a short girl , who was very sarcastic at times and Com was a serious dude but also very weird.

"Hey Pad, hey Com!"

I stood by the screen waiting for the others. I was wearing a black dress with black heels, I hated dresses and heels but put up with it just for the mission. First, Bull had walked in wearing a suit, and his shirt was buttoned down a bit. Next, Baddie walked in with a blue blouse, white skirt and blue heels. Baddie was a red head with blue eyes so it matched her eyes very well, she also had an amazing body. Bull was bulky so the shirt clung on to him a bit. Wheels was skinny but it suited him, he had black hair and green eyes. Wheels was wearing a suit with a tie but, he took his blazer off and had it in his hands as he walked in. Sir walked in and smiled, this was everyone's favourite part. I walked towards a cupboard and opened it. There were small weapons, knives, guns, midget gadgets and secret hidden weapons, Sir came and picked up two watches.

"Today boys, you will be wearing my favourite gadget, a watch. Not just any watch, watch this."

He had turned the watch slightly then a small needle had appeared.

"It is filled with a fast reacting poison, you only need a little bit to kill a man."

"Or woman!"

Baddie piped in and smiled. Sir just nodded and gave them their watches. I wondered what we were going to have, as we still had to go pass customs. He gave us a bracelet.

"But it will look weird if I have two bracelets!"

"Then take that one off."

"No! It's the only thing my father left me!"

Me and sir stared at eachother but he just turned around and gave us both a necklace instead. It had the word BFF on it. Me and Baddie looked at each other and smiled. This was our first undercover mission, normally we were gathering intel or trying to get a location on very powerful people who just disappeared.

"What does the necklace do, sir?"

"If you hold it, a sharp needle comes out and it's like the watch, kills a person instantly. All the weapons are to be used cautiously, and in emergencies. When you get to Italy we have a person there to talk you through everything that us going to be happening. The code is do you like peanut butter? And you will answer yes but I am allergic! Did you all hear that correctly!"

"Yes sir!" We all said unanimously. We were the second top team in MI6 but after this mission, I knew for sure we were going to be the number one team after this mission.

"This is our first mission that will make or break our careers so we need to put our brains together for a plan. Now, first we all need to get into Italy without being made! So let's get going!"

"Oh I can't wait to bring this mother-"

"Language Baddie!"

"I was gonna say trucker."

Me and Bull laughed at Baddie and Wheels. They always seem to argue like they were a couple. This was stage one of the mission... this was Mission Assigned~ Stage 1. My first mission that was going to be remembered. Completed.

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