Maybe,New Friends?

Sound of the rain pouring covers the sound of a guy who's sniffing and struggling to keep his emotion inside his chest. His eyes pour out tears as he started laughing in pain. He lost his strength and falls to his knee. Footsteps can be heard approaching him and the figure start to help him. Without any strength to refuse the figure, he let them try their best to help and comfort him.

He looked at the person with a weak smile. He wiped his tears and moved his eyes to look at his watch. The person moved their head to look at the watch too as they show a smile on their face.

"You did it."

"This is it. Days 365, is done."


"Oh, Mr. 'I am smart than you'! Hello! Oh wait, your name is Leon."

Woking up from a short nap at the school garden, Leon started to open his eyes and can't wait to deal with this short, black hair male that he would love to throw. "What do you want? I'm not in the mood to fight. Go study." The short guy glare at the tall male and try to punch him but someone decided to take some fresh air and walk past them. "Oi, take this short stack away from me, will you? You two are friends right?" Leon saw a confused face on the guy's face. The short guy points at the unknown guy.

"He's not my friend!"

"Aren't you two classmates?"

The question makes them quiet for a while but eventually, the short guy turns around and with a pout. Without answering, those two left with the short guy in the lead. Leon remembered class time is about to start and he immediately collected the book next to him and dash to his class. A figure can be seen sitting down next to his seat. Perhaps it was a new student or he's just forgetful about the existence of people in the class. Everyone starts to keep their voice down when the teacher entered the class. The teacher points toward the person who's sitting next to Leon. Footsteps can be heard walking to the front.

"Hello! My name is Sylvia! Nice to meet you guys!"

One after another starts to clap and welcome the girl. Feeling bored with the normal stuff, he blocked their voices and look outside the window. Winds start to blow and his eyes stare at a girl who's now playing basketball with few guys. Her hair flow as she shoots the ball. Leon stared at the girl and starts to smile a bit. Realizing his lips smiling, he looks away and focuses on class.

At lunchtime, his only thought is to study while eating in peace but of course, peace wasn't an option and he felt regret going to the rooftop. He looked at the short guy who's stopping his hand in front of his wide-open mouth. He looks at Leon in disgust and he growls. "Go away! I got here first!" Before he could utter any word, someone swung the door open and felt the regret Leon had. They stand there for a minute without talking until the shortie decides to talk.

"Oh my god. You know what? Just sit down but not near me!" The random guy and Leon take a seat far from the short guy.

Silence fills the rooftop and no one complained about it. Finish his food, Leon started reading his book and study for exams that will be held in two months. The short guy realized he always makes fun of those two but only knows Leon's name.

"Hey, smart guy. You know his name?"

"No. Like I said just now, aren't you two classmates?"

"Oh really? I'm Mark. What's your name?"

Blinking his eyes, Mark looked at the guy who's eating silently without talking. "U-um...Me? P-president of T-Taekwondo Club...From C-class C..I'm Ryan." They knew immediately not to mess with Ryan ever again. Leon packs his stuff and leave the rooftop. "Man, Leon such a bookworm." Ryan heard the name and realize he knew the name somewhere. He quickly packs his stuff and leaves which confused poor Mark who's now continues eating.

"Hello! I'm Sylvia. You remember me right?"

Keeping his mouth shut, Leon continues looking out the window outside of their class. Thought of the possibility Sylvia would walk away soon if he keeps ignoring her. But of course, the girl didn't give up and starts poking his shoulder. "What is it?" Leon finally gave in and look at the girl. Happy with the outcome, Sylvia pulls out her hand to shake hands with Leon. "Nice to meet you. Let's be friends!" Being rude and uninterested he is, Leon slapped away her hand and leave. Unknown to him, the girl glare at him while rubbing her hand.

Before he could go further, a hand pulled his arm and he turns around. "Don't bother me!" His eyes saw Ryan's figure instead of Sylvia's which makes him relaxed a bit. Folding his arm, he raised his brow and shows a questioning face to Ryan. "What is it?" A book was shoved against Leon's chest and Ryan left the boy alone. Intending to throw the book away, Leon walks towards the trash can but the teacher calls for him and he decided to bring it along.

Walking around the school grounds, Mark saw the Taekwondo Club flyer. He immediately remembers about Ryan and shiver. "So...I messed with the wrong guy. Time to climb the window and jump." A girl stops next to him and starts reading the flyer next to him. "This is interesting! Don't you think so?" Blinking his eyes in confusion, he just flashes a smile at the girl. "Yeah. But I'm not an active person. Good luck if you're joining." He takes his leave from the place and Sylvia flashed a smile back at the guy who didn't even glance or look back at her.

After school, screaming can be heard by Leon at the school entrance. He peeked from his book and saw Mark running away from Ryan. "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?! I SWEAR I DIDN'T THINK YOU'RE LOSER BEFORE!" A confused face appears on Leon's face when those two run past him. Acting strange after giving him a book is definitely weird but chasing Mark? This is a whole new level of weirdness to him. Leaving school is what he would want to do after watching those scenes.

"I'm home."

Walking past his living room, he reaches his bedroom and sat down with the book in his hands. Flipping through the first page already makes his tiredness gone as he wide his eyes and he throws the book away which caused his big mirror to break.