1 The wedding

"I, Dexter Chiro, take you, Kaili Goh, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death does us part; according to God's holy law, and this is my sincere promise of faith. "

 "I, Kaili Goh, take you, Dexter Chiro, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death does us part; according to God's holy law, and this is my sincere promise of faith."

 A wedding promise was made.

 Marriage is a holy bond, everyone will yearn for it, even though "marriage" may not be the purpose of one's life, but it must be included in the list of one's wishes in life. What was most desirable about marriage was not how someone will get married, but how the married life will be lived like the sacred promise that has been made.

Not a few women dream about a wedding, about a beautiful dress that rises to sweep the floor, crowned with love and tied with rings that were said to be considered "proof of love" because they had no angles or elbows.

 But what was most expected of that was the partner who became the friend that made a marriage vow. It was said that "how happy it would be if you were allowed to marry someone you care about".

 They were not just words without meaning, because in fact, it was not uncommon for marriages to occur because of "force" for example from a situation.

 However, unlike Kaili, at this time she was standing at the altar and pronouncing wedding vows with her beloved man, but this was not a dream marriage. Even though her heart was filled with Dexter, she never wanted to marry this man.

 'He deserves the best, and not me', She muttered to herself.

 Moreover, the marriage between them was not as common as it was, it was even more burdensome for Kaili to undergo this marriage.

 "What is this? Why did the groom change? "

 "What kind of scandal is going on?"

 "That man is too stupid, marrying such a bad woman!"

"No wonder he wants to marry that woman, he is just a surgeon doctor, not having any power!"

 "Didn't the bridegroom leave because the bride had an indecent scandal, so he was replaced by this man, who came from everywhere nobody knows?"

 Thus the people sneered at the holy wedding that had just taken place, making Kaili even more unwilling if those insulting words were hurled at Dexter.

 Kaili looked at the man who had just married with a sad gaze, as if to say, "go, don't make your life in vain by marrying a woman like me, it will make your days bad". But the words only sank into her throat.

 "Stop this marriage! Brother Dexter, why did you marry her? I am your fiancé. We already discussed marriage, right? We've been arranged since childhood. "

 As if the chaos at the wedding was not allowed to be resolved, now there was another problem. A woman's scream came from the entrance of the wedding hall.

 "Silvia?" Dexter turned his head, Kaili also joined.

Even though there was a troublemaker, Kaili was not surprised, she knew the woman who was now being stopped by the security officers. Instead, she looked pityingly at the man who was now her husband and the woman who was in the doorway. Because of her actions, lovers who love each other, and have been destined to be together even in the womb, must be separated.

 "Hey! Who are you! Guards ... Drag her out!" Richard Goh snapped.

 "Eh ... Papa, don't." Kaili tried to prevent her father but was ignored.

 "Dexter, do you want me to be dragged like this trash? This is an insult!" Silvia exclaimed.

 "Don't touch her!" Dexter opened his voice, making all the guests who were there turn to him in surprise. Dexter left Kaili in front of the altar just as the wedding ceremony was over.

 Kaili fell silent. This was her fault. Naturally, to receive such despicable treatment, but why should it be on her wedding day? Can't it just postpone the happy day for one day?

 Everything that happened made Kaili unable to hold back tears. The clear granules came out, wetting her red cheeks.

"What are you doing? Why did you go your wife there?" Richard Goh shrieked. He didn't accept Dexter's actions. It smudged his face too much, the honor of the Goh family collapsed.

 Richard Goh was a modern parent who put 'good name and family honor' above all else. Wealth, power, property, throne were the goals of his life. Whatever made this thing which can tarnish its purpose ended up like dust on its hands.

 Even so, he loved Kaili the most, it's just that his short mind says that having power, wealth, fame will make his only daughter happy.

 Dexter didn't bother paying attention to Richard's scolding, he kept walking toward the door, to meet Silvia. And because of his actions, swearing after swearing from the guests was getting worse. If they had only been whispering, they were now loudly voicing contempt for this ridiculous marriage. Some of them did not hesitate to express their regret for spending their time attending events like this.

 "Silvia, what brought you here?" Dexter asked as soon as he neared Silvia.

 "Dexter ... What are you doing? Why did you marry her? Come on, now we have to go home, we go back to Russia!"

Dexter pulled Silvia into an alley, "Why did you come here?" Dexter asked coldly.

 "Why? What is the question? Is that question again? I don't want you to marry her! Until the pulse stops, I will not be willing! "

 "Silvia Zen! Now I have become her husband. Also, it's not I always tell you, I just think of you as my little sister, that won't change. Please understand!"

 "Not!" Silvia let go of Dexter's hand. "I will tell uncle that you have married another woman! I will also complain to my papa! "

 "Silvia Zen… Don't ever tell anyone about my marriage! Especially if it reaches daddy's ears- "

 Before Dexter finished speaking, Silvia had already interrupted. "Why? You are afraid of being forced to divorce, right? Didn't you realized that you hurt my heart! Without saying anything even agreed to marry the woman whose groom left behind! What am I lacking for you? What didn't I do to pursue your love? Leaving my luxurious life, far from my family, leaving my dreams, even I am willing to work and try my best to stand on my own feet! But you broke the promise we made! You're cruel, Dexter!!! " Silvia pounded Dexter on the chest. Tears now filled her beautiful cheeks.

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