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What is 31 Days (BL)

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Is 31 days enough to fall for someone? Dr. Terrance Tyson, an OS third year resident, felt bad for taking out his anger on the intern, Chance Lopez during his rotation at Orthopedics. Feeling guilty, Dr. Tyson approached Chance to sort things out, but Chance was the one to hold a grudge so he brought forward a deal. "You made me suffer for 31 days, it's only fair I get to torture you for 31 days" Chance smirked.  "Really, and what is it that you want me to do? Cover your shift?" Dr. Tyson rolled his eyes. "Nah, I can relax this month." Chance shook his head, "But what about… "he lowered his voice dangerously, "Sleeping with me for 31 days straight".  "Deal" Dr. Tyson smirked. Chance, who was half kidding when he proposed this idea, gawked at his senior. "Just so you know I don't mind Sleeping with guys," Dr. Tyson smirked.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This will be a super short story with 32 chapters and most probably 5 extras (or more If I get good response) Feel free to check this one out for a light reading. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And thanks to Light_Ray for finding me the perfect cover

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