3 Kazekage

When someone transmigrates, they usually start out weak and then become strong, this is not the case with Tetsu, he transmigrated into the body of the third Kazekage who was killed by Sasori, Now he must command Sunagakure

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Although the third war has not yet started, small conflicts have already started.

Sunagakure and Iwagakure fought a few times, Sasori participated in these battles and earned the nickname Sasori of the Red Sand

But it was a battle of only two villages, the real war would only start after the 3 kazekage disappeared

Tetsu obviously has no interest in killing himself, so he needs to create some event that will totally start the war.

In the third war, Sunagakure and Konoha were allies, Tetsu wants to keep that, but he also wants to increase the damage Konoha takes and decrease Sunagakure's damage.

"Baki, call the main ninjas in the village, this afternoon there will be a meeting"

"Yes Kazekage sama"

Before long, all the high-level ninjas in the village gathered together.

"I called you here to announce something, the third war is inevitable, preparations must begin" Tetsu

"Hmm, that was expected" Rasa

Rasa spoke with little education, he didn't like Tetsu and wanted the Kazekage's place

Tetsu decided a long time ago to pay attention to Rasa, the Kazekage's work is considered cursed

1 Kazekage murdered, 2 Kazekage murdered, 3 Kazekage murdered, 4 Kazekage murdered and 5 Kazekage murdered by Akatsuki

Of course, before Tetsu transmigrated, now he wants to change that, he doesn't intend to die before he's 80 years old and with 15 grandchildren

"Now I'm going to announce a few things, from now on the ninja academy will accept students who have talent in any art, even if they don't know Ninjutso or Genjutsu, if they are good at Taijutsu they will accept."

"This is nonsense!!!" Rasa screams

In the original story, Rasa created a law prohibiting anyone bad in Ninjutsu and genjutsu from entering the academy.

Tetsu ignored Rasa, he has something planned for Rasa

"Ebizo, you must start the big training, all young people will spend the day at the ninja academy, it is not allowed to leave the village, just training and effort"

"Pakura, now you will be promoted to Councilor, you will be with Chiyo to help me in the government"

"Yes kazekage sama" Pakura is happy, she is young and joining the council is a big promotion

"Chiyo, start producing as much poison as possible, also try to create an explosion device with poison."

"All ninjas are prohibited from accepting quests, send a message and call everyone to the village"

Tetsu kept giving orders, he didn't mind the ninjas' reactions, and ignored Rasa's taunts.

"Rasa, you have a secret mission, I have information from Kirigakure spies in our country, you must go and kill them all, don't leave any"

"Yes kazekage, I like this mission" Rasa, he was happy he could make a name and be famous

Tetsu laughed seeing Rasa's reaction, in the original story it was Pakura who did this, in the end she was sacrificed in exchange for peace with Kirigakure

"By now Rasa should be able to impregnate his wife and have Gaara, after that I can sacrifice him in exchange for peace with Kirigakure" thought Tetsu

Chiyo was quiet, she accepted the mission, but she was worried about her missing grandson

Then everyone left to carry out the orders, only Tetsu and Baki stayed

"Baki, did you send the message to Onoki?"

"Yes Kazekage sama, the message was sent by the fastest hawk we have" Baki

"Great, now I want you to send a message to Konoha, this is an alliance letter to face Iwa together"

Tetsu's plan is to provide information to Iwa, in the end Konoha will accept the alliance, Danzou will likely want to use Sunagakure as a shield and so will support the alliance

Tetsu doesn't care if it's used as a shield, he cares about the alliance, Tetsu's real target is Kirigakure, due to geographic issues, Konoha will serve as a natural shield against Kirgakure

"Kirigakure, you have a lot of kekkei genkai clans, I hope you don't mind me picking up some kids hahahaha"

"Also Baki, send a secret ambu squad to the grass country, look for a red-haired woman with the ability to heal, I want you to bring her to Sunagakure"

Karin's mother must be in grassland by now, Tetsu will love having the Uzumaki bloodline in her village