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Está bien como está es mejor escribir que piensa athanea y los demás dioses de ellos y demás ????

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I don't have a problem with the "nerf." However, it was suddenly and the development doesn't feel smooth. That is my problem. It would have been better if he discovered the limit on former chapters by having a sense of fullness instead of a sudden breakdown from nowhere.

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You see, the limitations aren't the problem, haha, but it was a lot of unnecessary drama, he could have simply not been able to summon a new shadow, because he was already "full".

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author, regarding monsters, I don't think you should include monsters from other mythologies yet.The first point is that the Greek gods would never allow monsters from other pantheons to walk through their territory. the second point is that in the future you can make the MC go to the territory of other mythologies, then yes you could use these monsters Now as for D&D, I really liked it, it was a good idea on your part

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Can he achieve Ashborn's black heart power?(so he can get unlimited mana) and Can you give him some of the following skills when he grows up?


I don't mind the nerf so much as the timing. It seems like Lucian is the only one getting thrown around, stabbed and beaten up sometimes. His almost sudden death came too soon after the last mishap, and at the same time it was resolved far too quickly. Otherwise, keep up the good work, I'm really enjoying the story!

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why nerf, just slow down development, he is a million% weaker than god


It would have been better if there was a sign beforehand, as if he felt the tension of his powers with each added shadow, this whole drama happened out of nowhere and felt a little poorly executed. I also have a question, do you plan on doing a time jump? Honestly, I think the number of monsters is a bit exaggerated, they literally appear every 5 meters they walk, at this rate it should take around 50 chapters just for them to reach the camp.


Tbh I was expecting the shadow nerf as Medea did mention it was a dangerous ability and told him to be careful while using it but with this nerf comes my worry is Thalia gonna be turned into a tree just to keep cannon or the Mc will be able to save her

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On the contrary I think this could pave the way to create a dynamic where he goes full Sun wukong and tries to aquire strength and immortality. Like finding a magical way to hide from gods senses then using the resources of his pantheon. Like bathing in dragon blood and eating its heart, bathing in River Styx water and devouring as many golden apples from the garden of Hesperidis. That is not leaving simple rituals he'll learn from Hecate.


I don’t like the nerf. I think he should be able to keep as many as he wants, but he should only be able to materialize so many at a time.



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The “nerf” is reasonable, ill support this ff no matter what, i trust the author.


Let's face it, a Nerf is fine AS LONG AS IT'S STILL MUCH STRONGER THAN THE OTHER DEMI-GODS, what do I mean by this? that the MC is a reincarnated with the legacy of the sun, son of Hades and the witch of betrayal, who since before he was a year old taught him everything he knows now, trained since before the others could say a word, do you understand where I'm going? it doesn't make sense for them to be "Even" since the MC has to be stronger for everything he did and trained.


Que incongruencia de capítulo, todo fue demasiado repentino de un capitulo para otro, por lo menos deberías haber mencionado o ir dejando pistas en cada capitulo que has hecho debido a su uso excesivo de su poderes estos le estaban haciendo daño, no simplemente colapsar sin aviso alguno y decir "no puedo soportar sus poderes" es francamente estúpido.


Will we have a timeskip or something like MC is it still half-green (very young)?


You should have slowly brought in the nerf. Making it less abrupt I’m still going to read though



Honestly, it’s not that bad of a Nerf lol, and I think this will help him start focusing on the quality of the shadows. He takes rather than just the quantity. Which shadows would work well together, shadows, that could be useful for multiple situations, and keeping some room for some extra strong shadows.


And here he is again, an author with a potato brain who decided to nerf his character for idiotic reasons in order to eventually make him OP again, every second webnovel author is like this, they do OP character to start nerfing him to make everything even worse than it was, I’m not even talking about the fact that they spent a whole month getting to Luke’s house riding griffins, even if they were attacked in the process I don't know that it took them a long time to get there