Comments of chapter undefined of My Blood Legacy: Reincarnated as a Vampire

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I'm sorry but that entire time I was waiting for Dante to reveal himself especially after his woman/mom said if you want to be the strongest be bold. I was just waiting for him to walk to the center of the stage as his flames burned the dark hair away revealing his red hair and then kiss his mom and Morgana infront of everyone before suppressing all the students with his aura. Then as he looks at them from the stage in disdain he declares that anyone who wants to attack/kill him raise their hands, and then say they should remember that he isn't some prey but instead is the predator and will be the one hunting them. It feels like this hiding his identity thing is being forced especially with a character like his mother known as the Destroyer, playing subtle and hiding or holding back isn't their style. I feel like she would be disappointed in watching him act like some beta male when he is meant to stand at the top. I thought about that all last night for some reason because I stopped reading after it didn't happen as I was completely baffled by that scene as it had the potential to be a truly epic scene but instead was frustrating. These are just my thoughts author what do you think? Please don't take this bad as I am not trying to hate on you or the story, infact I like the subtle shout outs about other novels I enjoy as well like Victor Alucard, Nux Leander etc.

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I really like the novel author, but the length of the chapters disappointed me so much, some are long and some are short, I hope you fix this later. but good novels regardless I am enjoying reading it.

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ohh this is getting exciting.

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thx for chap