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an interesting concept what do you want to do with the techniques, I suggest adding new skills with similar spatial concepts


sorry author, but I don't think flash can possibly touch Gojo... because no matter how fast he is, as long as Gojo doesn't want him to reach 1 he will continue to be at number 2, that's limitless ability, so limitless ability isn't as simple as slowing down movement.

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Rikugan and Rokujintsu: The Secret of Gojo Satoru’s Six Eyes and Buddhism RIKU = six GAN = eye In Jujutsu Kaisen, RIKUGAN is special eyes that can see through the structure of Jujutsu spells and techniques and techniques, which makes Gojo Satoru the most powerful sorcerer. Only the member of the Gojo family can obtain RIKGAN, mysterious blue six eyes, but the incidence rate is extremely low. Gojo Satoru is the first holder in the past hundreds of years. I think the word RIKUGAN comes from the Buddhism term ROKUJINTSU and GOGAN. Many names of Cursed Techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen are derived from Buddhism. What’re the Six Divine Powers in Buddhism? ROKU = six JIN = god, divine TSU = pass, know in detail ROKUJINTSU means “six divine powers” in Buddhism. It’s said that Buddha and other Buddhism saints had these six powers and made miracles. These are the six divine powers. JINSOKU TSU (Divine foot power) The power that allows moving freely whenever you want to go and transform your appearance into everything you want. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo shows his teleportation technique and it may be like JINSOKU TSU. TENNI TSU (Divine ear power) The power that allows hearing all the sounds on the earth. TASHIN TSU (Divine mind reading power) Very powerful mind reading power that can see through the mind of others. SHUKUMYO TSU (Devine fate telling power) The power to know all the future and past of people. Powerful predictive ability. TENGEN TSU (Devine eye power) To know the truth of life and death, including reincarnation. TENGEN shows up in Jujutsu Kaisen too, but their Kanji combinations are different. The TENGEN in JJK uses the combination for “heaven origin.” ROJIN TSU (Devine enlightenment power) To reach the end of reincarnation and be released from its cycle. That means you will reach and proceed to the upper layer of the world. What’re the Five Eyes in Buddhism? GO = five GAN = eye GOGAN means “five eyes” in Japanese. It indicates the five senses needed to reach the truth of the world. NIKUGEN (Flesh eyes) Eyes that see colors and shapes in real life. Normal human eyes are regarded as NIKUGEN. TENGEN (Heaven eyes) Eyes that see all four points of the compass. You can look over all the heaven and the earth with these eyes. HOUGEN (Law eyes) Eyes that know the wisdom to save people. BUTSUGEN (Buddha eyes) Eyes of Buddha. The ultimate eyes that have all these four powers and see through everything. The Meaning of the Number Six The number six holds a special meaning in Buddhism. For example, it has a concept called RIKUDO which means the six worlds/six planes/six realms of existence.


man know about infinity first then say that flash could touch him ( highschool fail author ) how can anything touch infinity gojo has infinite distance between himself and the attacker or an object so there is no way flash could touch infinity not even if he could use godspeed because it's about crossing distance and not about reaching infinity ( becz u can't reach it )


Void Manipulation is the ability to create, manipulate, and control nothingness or non-existence. It is a very powerful ability, as it allows the user to erase anything from existence, including people, objects, and even concepts. Void Manipulation can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a user of this ability could use it to create a void that sucks in everything around it, or to erase their enemies from existence. They could also use it to create a portal to another dimension, or to travel through time. Void Manipulation is a very dangerous ability, as it can be used to destroy anything. However, it can also be used for good, such as to protect people from harm or to defeat evil. Here are some examples of how Void Manipulation could be used: * A user of Void Manipulation could create a void around themselves to protect themselves from harm. * A user of Void Manipulation could erase a virus from a computer system. * A user of Void Manipulation could erase a tumor from a patient's body. * A user of Void Manipulation could erase a memory from someone's mind. * A user of Void Manipulation could erase a concept, such as death or pain. Void Manipulation is a very powerful ability, and it can be used in a variety of ways. However, it is important to use this ability responsibly, as it can be very dangerous.


An FTL attack would be trash to Mugen, Mugen makes the enemy infinitely more slow so the only way to an DC character can pass Mugen is if they have Infinite speed or beyond or if they also can control the space


A chinese protagonist would have accepted the reality just after waking up.


Theoretically speaking, if u think about gojo limitless/spatial manipulation, logically speaking it has huge amount of potential specifically in the dc comics, but Gege only limited gojo ability by limiting repulsive and attractive forces. Red/blue. Pull and Push, while spatial manipulation is much more then that, logically thinking if Gojo is really creative he can do come awesome techniques and tricks with his ability. To be honest bro Gojo limitless/space manipulation have huge potential with u think about it theoretically

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Amazing chapter .Out of all the badly written fanfics that pop up and gain popularity just because of their idea and equally bad readers, this is a cut above the rest.I was quite surprised with the great writing and the reaction and minute details, I like it. Yet again you raise the standard for fanfics. Let's see where this goes, hopefully sucess follow you


I know others have spoken, but I believe I can speak in a shorter form: Light-based attacks or the vast majority of flash versions can't pass the Mugen, as that would require a speed above infinity. (since, mathematically, infinite-infinity=infinite / Even with infinite speed, it is impossible to travel an infinite space, you need to go beyond)


Blue is a void in space, and consequently reality itself repairs or fills that void, making the effect of attraction, red simply changes the effect to repel and purple is not as impressive as many say, it is only capable of disintegrate matter, so it would be nice if it had an increase. Infinity in the DC series and movies is quite op, but in the comics it is easily broken, Flash could touch it but it depends on the version, if he has infinite speed of course he can, but if for example it is only higher than the speed of the light, well, it can't.


Infinity doesn’t actually slow something down until it stops, that was just the visual appearance. It “increases” the distance bewtween something specific and the caster, though it is actually only dividing the space left and no matter how many times you divide a number by 2 it will never reach 0. As such nothing normal can actually hit him should he not want it to since the automatic version is actually a very advanced technique. But things like pure speed will not overcome infinity unless they distort space itself.


i love how cold and cruel he is


gojo? in DC? well. .. careful not to get separated into two... 🤣


Nice chapter


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