Comments of chapter undefined of Marvel Universe: Transmigration


Basically for those who gave up reading this chapter, gravity stuff, gamer body, gamer mind, hp and mp regeneration, and teleportation Overall, I feel like you could of just said gravity manipulation and a low quality gamer system, but thanks for the chappy.


What's the point of the chakra of its only for healing, teleporting, and deva path? Its pointless to write about chakra, one of the most versatile abilities in fiction, then lock it for 3 moves?


What a waste.. you already nerfed your mc before even story'... even if it's movie version of Marvel they're pretty strong and broken character.. even at best in Naruto verse.. strongest character is from moon to planetry level well except Thanos who wipes half of the universe.. Hope he gets other powers otherwise he is just one of the character who will just struggle to survive instead of enjoying his life and be dependent on others.. let's see how he deals with baldy


It seems that most fanfic writers don't know how to start an adventure :v I was satisfied only with the first ability :( I thought, maybe, I will interfere with the canon and look for opportunities to be more powerful or for sure experiment things with his body to power up or other things, but no, the author decided to give him more powers.


I think it would have been funner if you had the MC steal Graviton's(Franklin Hall/Glen Talbot) powers when the accident happened instead of a R.O.B. giving him a bunch of powers. Let him have the healing power and mental barrier from the R.O.B. and then have the MC plan to steal the powers where he gets the mental stability from the barrier and the teleporting from better fusion with the gravity powers due to the healing factor


I feel the first three abilities are all that’s needed chakra I feel doesn’t even count as a power and is just a pointless nerf honestly, and the teleportation is not really that good, especially when he becomes fast enough through his body and using the push or pull for movement would’ve been more creative and I believe entertaining.


It's character is well balanced even if it's not even close to the most powerful characters in the MCU, the problem is that his skills are very boring, chakra for three skills, I don't like MC Op but when I see his repertoire of skills I just don't feel like it to read are very boring would prefer him to have telekinesis or a better control of gravity or even the powers of the magnet that I have never seen so far an MC with magnetism powers in the MCU, the MC does not need to be the most powerful something around the level of the Thor or Hela and that being his maximum it would be fun to be able to diversify his skills like learning magic and improving his body with extremis virus to have a good regeneration it would be cool I don't know if it's because I hate chakra from the Narutoverse in the MCU, I always thought chakra was very silly in the MCU.


The Deva path never had limitations on uses/charging time, this only occurs with Nagato because the Rinnegan wasn't his and it was using his vitality to function, the Rinnegan in Madara's body could send spam. It also doesn't make sense to have a 10 meter teleport, even the nightcrawler can teleport further than that. Also the "immortal body" is not so immortal if it doesn't work when he has no chakra, what will he do? To die? Even if he has chakra that can reach the kyuubi level he could very well learn mystical arts and wouldn't need to worry about the 10 meter teleportation limitation. This author is certainly a layman and is just writing what he THINKS about the abilities, because it's even worse to say that he won't need the Rinnegan to use the power of gravity, since it was the Rinnegan itself that caused Nagato to have limitations due to to him not being an Uchiha


I think being able to only have 9tails worth of chakra is the only down side. If he starts using ninjutsu like fire release I'd be disappointed.


you lost me with these skills


thx for the chap


With chakra, he can use techniques like shunshin and create seals so he can teleport further away.


I’m not gonna lie he’s pretty balanced