Comments of chapter undefined of I reincarnated in a cultivation world as a omnipotent villain

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This arc is quite rushed tbh. and it does lack the face slapping scene..i swear im expecting quite a lot of less brutal face slapping considering how tian shen said he is a peng clan young master that is more arrogant than the heavenly emperor..and the protagonist fella who build up the strongest sect seems bleak. I thought ur gonna have him wear green hat and tian shen steal his beloved girl disciple 😂. Also i think we might gonna need some screentime for the other fellow chat group traverser. Maybe their reaction or especially Elsana's

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If that's fine with me, I also noticed that the MC almost didn't even appear hahahaha, thanks for the double chapter, you should find the balance and not forget that he is the MC and well, I hope for a grilled dragon in the next chapter