2500AC A New Humanity Book

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2500AC A New Humanity


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The year 2500, Humanity as we know it ended many centuries ago. "All marchents under age of 18 please report to the front" announced the robot. Robots took care of normal things like stores, restraunts, hospitals, buses and any other place where humans used to work. Humans are extinct, I refer to them as humans because that is not what we are. We are called marchants we arrived to this planet several years ago after we made sure Humanity is gone because the seventh marches was collapsing and we didn't have enough time to test the global arena of this planet. We landed not many kids were made merchants reproduce extremely slow. Any child that was born a full merchant on earth was close to a miracle. Something changed when we arrived to this atmosphere. We could do things no merchants could but they say to every gift there is a sacrifice. A power source to keep everything in the Universe even. I, Nova, daughter of Allias and Drain of the seventh marsh am that sacrifice but what they didn't tell me was what was this sacrifice and how was I diffrent?


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