Comments of chapter undefined of Sword God in a World of Magic


Yeah... Shang's not even trying anymore. Risk =! minor inconvenience. He could have killed her if he made a slipup in slinking off. He didn't even bother to try though, and that difference is the world. Since he decided his goal is more important than anything, he has effectively stated that HE is more important than everything. Which is just... I mean it's already getting bland since there is no moral considerations anymore. Before, Shang was on the edge of his own morality, and being there made each choice interesting. Now it feels like his character arc is over even though his story isn't. He chose power over his own freedom, even if he completes his goal to overpower the god, it will always be a shallow victory. There are no more important decisions to be made because the choice to sacrifice everything was the only choice that will ever really matter again. The writing quality is still great, but I'm skeptical if this can really pull me back in since the story itself has intentionally gone perpendicular to what attracted me initially.


I feel like he is not learning from his mistakes. When we went brutal on those weaker kids parents got involve and he lost his eye. So killing a random weak peron in a cave when he doesnt know the area or her background feels stupid for all he knows her high mage dad is waiting a few miles away and his actions lead to his death. This chapter feels like a way to show how brutal he has become but to me he feels like a kid that refuses to learn from his mistakes. He keeps feeling bad when he kills people for no real reason and hasnt looked back and relized most of the times he does leads him to trouble.

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I thought she was lucky that she was only koed then she got eaten. XD


Thank you for the chapter!!!


i don't mind killing when it's due but i despise needless killing ... there was no need to kill here he could have easily left an adept wouldn't have even noticed him with his speed and stealth. just saying ..


I'm done, it's clear this author is only doing this out of spite towards some commentw or something cause otherwise he's just plain stupid.