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Evviieeee. If they don't get together in the end I'll curse the author 😂🤣😂

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I kinda enjoyed this ending for this little escapade, thanks for the chapter as always

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No, no, Ren and Evie are going at their pace just fine! Plus, he needx just a little more emotional growth to be able to snag a girlfriend!

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Yup it's too early romance. I prefer this interaction rather than straight romance.


The story will be quite short and comfortable if the author reduces the PoV stories of side characters. And here are some things I hate about this novel : 1. Ren should have hit Leonel on the head from the start to wake up from his naivety. 2. Ren should have secretly recorded Lira and Rox's incident and uploaded it on the internet anonymously so that Rox would be saved from trouble from the start instead of waiting for the idiot Leonel to solve the problem. 3. Ren should have taken the Skill/Spell Book from the Crystal Chest that Leonel got from the Hidden Boss Ice Troll. Ren said that the gift of one Crystal Chest can get a player into the Top Leaderboard then why did you let go of the gift and let the idiot Leonel give the gift to Scar who is your own enemy?!! HE CAN GOT STRONGER IDIOT. I know you have Plot Armor, still you should minimize threat from your own enemy. (ʘ言ʘ╬) 4. Ren should have thought about the Timeline difference to Evie being told to go to the Illusion Forest. Evie was supposed to go when she was strong but Ren told her to go when she was weak. At least when Evie left, Ren should have accompanied her from the start so that Rakusha's Hidden Boss was not Kill Steal by Michael Group. 5. The author should stop giving a lot of annoying side characters who are spoiled, beautiful/handsome, and rich people. I know that the author wants to focus on getting a lot of coins (More coins from readers, more money earned) from WebNovel by multiplying chapters with annoying side character PoVs. But at least the author should focus on the main story and make a faster development on the side characters whose development is very slow (Which they are still very stupid). We as readers should be given more the main story according to the description of the novel that the author made. We are not a bot who does not care about the quality of the novel.

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*Chef's Kiss*

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awwww so cute

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I liked the ending of this arc, the fireworks at the end made me kind of think of the ending of Ren's old life and the beginning of his new life.

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Tooo early for romance bro!!!!! No.... It will kill my. Mood to read.... I need more action face slapping and more the we talk about romance aigoooooo


baby step for romance, i hope Ren release his heart for Evie and do better next times

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Thanks for the chapter 😁 👍


See this! I just gifted the story: Ice cola


this book would be better with out romance its bring it down