Comments of chapter undefined of Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband

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so I finally checked back after skipping many chapters, only to find that it's all unnecessary drama. just too much drama killing the story. one thing for sure, I won't read another novel from this author


Em, Thankyou for your honest comments, but for my defense, it's not really unnecessary drama. From the start the conflict is not that much after the time skip. I do admit it become like slice of life with parents-kids for some much chapter, but it's not really unnecessary. I want to build the kids characters. Well, i have two adorable twins, it is shame if I don't try to explore their traits, right? And about Sarah meeting Elizabeth, you may think it's unnecessary drama, but she needs a closure, like her decision to divorce Michael because Elizabeth. Oh and if you really think the story is not kind of your cup a tea, just leave and don't read. You don't have to leave some a rude remarks because the story already completed and I can't do anything to please you xD

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Shame author, shame. Atleast give Sarah a close friend or something XD

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Auuu is she going to be meeting Elizabeth? It seems that blond woman did this. Hmmm... 🤔🤔

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Nooooo!!! Don’t bring Arthur back in this, Sarah!!!!