Comments of chapter undefined of I Hate Systems


keep in mind i just woke up so this comment is going to be no where as long as my others however that does not mean i do not have some concerns and compliments. my main concern is on the main character and the queen it almost feels like their dialogue is mounted on rail tracks whatever she says he picks up and instantly absorbs with the queen then complimenting him rinse repeat but other than that and him starting to lean into being omnipotent the plot is indeed intriuging the introduction of "darble" not only has clear advantages and disadvantages to the mc only if he becomes powerful enough to take on the system holder by doing basic exercises i will be etremely dissapointed although i doubt that will happen still 4/5


i cant help feeling this part is meh, its boring training without the montage but the thing that bothers me is he is putting effort into learning this power while after this world no point to it as he loses the power. i mean sure its training to defeat the guy and get a fragment but Idk it just feel like there will b no real progress- fantasy simulator does a sim thing but it shows a clear way and makes the trainings he does worth it as he can take certain things he got through luck for clear growth


Montage continues whether you want it or not, need variety in the training should be more than jumprope. Maybe some actual weapons training before you use this dimension’s version of lightsabers.