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now this is sooo much better. we finally get to see the fruits of his labor. still curious about what records he got from Felix and the other peak 4th Orders tho. not to mention he killed a Higher Existence. plus he's supposed to get another Ex rank skill before but was unable cuz his level was too low. so i wonder if he got it now. but anyways, i'm stoked to see what happens next.


I just replied to his/her last message. I think you may get your answer there

swcowboy:I think he is referring to where is said in chapter 1166 it said: [Your level is too low, which restricts your soul power]. [You cannot hold two EX grade skills at the same time.] and in chapter 1167 where it said: [The power of your 'Dimensional Shadow Monarch' subclass is too high and breaks the limits of any other subclass. The Dimensional Shadow Monarch's power will be released as your level increases along with your Soul Power because your soul may be permanently damaged due to its current limitations]. Since his level went up 100 levels and his stats went up a lot, he is probably wanting to know if these increases will allow him to hold another EX grade skill or if he will gain additional power or skills related to the Dimensional Shadow Monarch subclass.

I wonder if he is soul record’s creator’s reincarnation. Bai luck in getting all high level complementary skills that somehow all fit perfectly together. The flames all existing in person, a perfect peak evolution as though no mistakes and wrong turns made at any step is setting for making Bai something greater than Sirius, like a primordial being that is practically on the level above soul record. It might be an insane theory but I am letting my imagination run wild

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if in future soul record sends BZ back in time to fight and kill the Barbarian King before 2nd great war like a quest , so that he can save Lilith's world from BK , that would be a butterfly effect and make this story more interesting , he will also come across a new power ( will ) , imagine how many mysteries it can explain that the previous bz Lilith met was actually future zemin which would make his first love the same person , the reason behind this theory is that , since Lilith is a fox race in her world there's no alternative BZ , BX , Yujin or any other main characters.


Just want to see fan value, great book tho. Haven’t really read the comments or authors notes but Ik the releases stoped for a bit. Hope everything’s alright with the author, and best wishes.


Thank you for the chapter!!!