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Ugh, I hope she can come around, soon. They need to make this decision, and the ones thereafter, together.

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This entire situation is terrible. I understand both sides. Etan just loosing both his parents by the hand of hers. War is ugly and he is right in asking ghis of her but dang it’s a low blow. With everything happening so fast I understand Ayleth’s feelings of loyalty and love for her parents but I don’t know if she won’t except the evil truth about them because she is looking through the eyes of a child to her parents. She needs to understand that by choosing to marry Etan she needs to take his side in this war. Unless she wants to break her vows. That would leave him with dead parents because he chose her. I hope she realizes that and soon. Does she not feel the sting of guilt about her parents having a major roll in the death of Etans parents!? Her pride and rose colored vision of the world needs to change. I love Ayleth and I hope she understands and sees the light very quickly.

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This is so rough and just tragic!

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The things Ayleth was just told about her parents she is struggling to believe and understand. What they have done is evil and her mother is worse than her father, but neither are good. Even if they cared for her it was for their own gain. It's all so very sad 😔. If she truly wants the kingdoms to come together, this is the only way. If she doesn't want to stand by her husband, she shouldn't have married him.

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I know this is terrible place to be but Ayleth is Etan’s wife her place is to be by her husband side and support him. I know it’s very ,very hard but isn’t very for Etan to to lose his parents that’s heartless in her to even think about that.She’s being a # 1 Brat that don’t think about no one but herself, I can’t believe I’m saying this about her !

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Your husband needs you now Ayleth


Aw, poor Ayleth. She truly loves him. she just needs some time to accommodate the truth. there's been a LOT of change. and she'd given up a lot to be there

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When she said her vows i don’t think Ayleth ever imagined this would happen. I’m pretty sure she thiugbt mommy and daddy would be angry at first and then they would hug her and magically everything would be ok. All forgiven. She never encisio ed her mother would threaten Etan and say she would kill her daughter if he took her away. And daddy was never consulted so who knows what he was thinking. The queen is the person that told him about their marriage, if she told him they married. Who knows what he knows. Now Ayleth needs to be a big girl and help fix this. She can and she will. She is her own woman and she is going to do what she was born to do! Let’s go team Ayleth and Etan!!!♥️

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This is a horrible situation to be in .I hope Etan and Ayleth have the strength to come out of this.


She will never be a good lone ruler, at least not without decades of humbling