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ty for chapter!

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I just need more, its good but the slow updtading is killing me. thank you for the chapter, keep it up

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😀 👍 👍 Thanks for the Work

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thx for the chapter m8


First of all, he vanished for 6 years (earth time)and only just returned. He didnt do any job or stuff that will bring him trouble. So if the gets a call, why not pick the call and know what reason the person is calling him for? There just wasnt any reason to cut the call as his fight wasn't as urgent as he makes it to be. Also, why joining an organization you dont like? He had issues accepting them for their character but decided to join them like it's the only hope. He wants to avoid spotlight but decided to join where he would become one. A better alternative would have been to request Mr. Lee's help while he had the chance when getting his ID. He would definitely place him in a guild or team where the task isn't dangerous. Hence, not being under spotlight. He only needs money right? so, it doesn't matter what organization he joins, they all have their rules and restriction. What he needed was not this show.