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hello everyone I wanted to make a server for this novel and so here I am this is the first server I've ever made so this will be a community project. we do not know Tom's whereabouts rn and many are assuming him to have died of his condition. thus a few have thought to complete this book in his honor


Unless a talented author decides to pick up this book, it's best to leave it be. Don't ruin the novel by trying to finish it without the necessary skills.


Ive been checking in once every month... its been 9 months... I really hope he is fine. Give this post a like if your still checking in. Id love to see how many people are still stalking this novel like me. 👌


To all of you ungrateful_____! Our beloved author has informed you he is still alive AND still writing. He is composing a symphony of war in the desolation, and took time to release a droplet of suspenseful reading to show you he is still at it. From my understanding he is battling right now against cancer. Much like the desolation this battle is CEASELESSLY FOUGHT! My worry is that he'll expire before he has completed the massive story before him. As we all eagerly await to devour the next chapter, remember it is easy to read about a world and its happenings than it is to create them.


Well it's been a while , considering we had no news , I think the worst happened, may it be covid, heart attack, cancer , or something else, i don't think the author is coming back. Paragon was a great story and it shall be missed, I drink to you Tom have fun on the other side


Guys, lets be real, we were all tortured for 2 weeks expecting a chapter on both sundays just to wonder if the author died. How about we take matters into our own hands? Find this author, torture all the information about the novel out of him, and write it on our own!? Isn't this the most brilliant plan you have ever seen?


So much of this novel is just traveling places instead of doing stuff lol.


Hey author man just want to maKe sure you’re alright because been awhile since we heard from you get well if you’re having health problems and recover well


As much as it hurts us, Tom was fighting the paragon of destruction of the real world all along, in a slow and painfull battle. If he is not alive anymore that means no one could stop the corruption that was spreading inside of him, cancer is harsh... The more I think about the desease and the story, the more similarities I can see, may the author and his protagonist both rest in peace. It was a pleasure to read this book and will aways be kept in my collection for the hopes of a triumphant comeback.


I will wait for you Tom. I hope that you feel better soon. This is truly one of the gems on this website especially with the newest arc. I’m rooting for you and am awaiting your return :)


Everyone needs to calm down. When the author is able to communicate with us they will. The author clearly cares a lot about this novel and has made it clear they aren't dropping it. I understand the frustration with the lack of communication but they are fighting through a debilitating disease. While many may not understand what its like to be completely focused on a single task for long periods of time, it can cause weeks to fly by without you realizing it. i imagine they aren't purposely ignoring the novel but have so much else going on that time has just gone by without them realizing it.


The trade with Baqi is an astoundingly well developed narrative tool. great job


I pray to God that you recover, so that you might continue this wonderful story that I have just binged for 3 days straight.


I have been waiting for half a year now... I'm afraid that the worst thing had happened and the story shall end here. It's really heartbreaking to see such a good novel get dropped...forever. Nevertheless, it was a fun ride. Wish the best for you Tom!


I would like to remind everyone that cancer, even if you survive will have after effects and that some cures heavily effect mental faculties. 2 months are not a lot unfortunately, but should give some info on how it's going any news from patrion?


So Tom has either; ghosted us, died, or is having a vacation.


It's been an Year of wait so far. This story is dearly missed. Got to know the author has been fighting his own battle elsewhere from the comment section. I assume the worst has come to pass and will put this story to rest from my bookmarks and etc. Otherwise it is also painful for me to see a constant reminder that such a bright story snuffed in its prime. Tom Vandyke your imagination is thoroughly missed.


I’m actually thinking about just rereading Paragon of Destruction


Does anyone know the author's condition? he's been having a rough life lately.. hope things get better for him. It'll be a tragedy if such work of literature and it's creator seize to exist. :(


this is the most aventureish novel iv'e read, its all about traveling from here to there, constantly on the move not being able to take a break and constantly having to escape, travel, or inflintrate. And i LOVE IT


This story has apparently been stolen and put on Amazon under the name lord of chaos. It's a straight copy and paste with no attempt to make changes other that the name. Hopefully Tom can get Amazon to pay him for it.


it's not unusual for Tom to miss an update / it's not unusual for Tom to make us wait / but when I see no release after the date / it's not unusual to see me cry / I wanna die.