1 Confident Gay Couple tries Sexual Assistance Number, 119!

"what's up, johfam?! it's your boy johnny and i'm here with my best bitch, ten~!" johnny says and ten pops up from behind him. "why'd you beg for me to be here, babe?" the ever so confident gay asked, making john chuckle. "glad you asked cuz we're here to try out the trend that took the world by storm!"

renjun just sat there in the university cafeteria, all alone as he donned earphones and his eyes were glued to his ipad's screen. the young chinese boy was busy watching a john seo video and right now, he's a mix of happy and salty.

renjun was happy because he loved watching ten and johnny but seeing how much of a fun, confident and dynamic gay couple they were made him salty. he's never had a significant other and he was sure as fucking hell that he won't date a girl. yeah, he's gay but no one really knows considering how he was.

let's have a bit of a backstory, shall we?

huang renjun was born and raised in china, specifically in jilin. considering the location of his hometown, he grew up speaking both chinese and korean so moving to korea wasn't that big of a struggle for him.

he decided to take up fine arts in a school in south korea because... why the fuck not? renjun wanted a drastic change in environment so here he was, alone in a cafeteria watching a fun gay couple on youtube.

"basically, long story short, 119 is an eMeRgENcY number that suddenly popped up!" ten says, putting a mocking emphasis on the term emergency. "and 119 is— hold the fuck up, are you for real?!" johnny laughs as he read up on the facts. "i-it's like 911 but for sexual and romantic frustrations!"

renjun sighed and rolled his eyes while mumbling about the false existence of forever. "okay so let's start!" ten and johnny cheered, making renjun smile curiously.

"119, what are your sexual frustrations?" "oh my god, you guys are legit?!" "as legit as my dick can be, sir. i'm yoonoh and i'll be your assisting agent today." "ok so uh— you're on youtube. we wanted to see if y'all are legit." ten explains, followed by a hum from yoonoh. "i'm fine with that." the agent answers, making the couple smile.

"okay so... 119 is a sexual and romantic advice hotline. we cater to anybody; we're limitless as fuck." yoonoh starts off, making ten giggle. "do y'all cater to furries?" "ten.. why?" "as i said, sir; we're limitless. anyone who has any issue at all can dial 119 on any phone and get into contact with our agents. there's currently 18 of us, divided into different sectors. there are 8 agents that will cater to anything romance and another 10 agents who can cater to anything that's a no-no for the first 8." "wait why can't the 8 agents cater to sex—" "they're still too young based on taeil's standards."

renjun was suddenly having some sort of plan in his head but shrugged it off when time came for him to proceed to his next class. "this better be fucking worth it." renjun mumbles as he finally ran across the halls.

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