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This makes me believe that there will be more then one major arc after this.[img=update][img=update][img=update]


I hope there’s 1500+ chapters I want to she her go to other worlds and grow stronger or like where that child came from. I want to see if there are realms after the immoral realm. You don’t have to milk it as long you enjoy it. If you end the novel with an open ending or one where she goes to other worlds and it’s just finishes I’ll be disappointed. I want at least a few hundred chapters in a stronger world.as long as the story flows naturally and there’s progress and it’s not boring and no plot holes you could write up to 2000+ chapters like birth of a demonic sword. The other chapters could be in higher realm or much bigger and stronger world like where the girl came from you could base an arc or 2 or 3 on that 👏

ARGAS:Hoping to end it at around 1000 chapters, max 1200. However, it can be less or more than that. All I rly care is ending it naturally, i dont want it to be rushed or to milk it and do like 2-3k chapters

Thanks for the chapter

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