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Hallelujah and Amen Folks. Took long enough to all come out but finally it’s done and that’s a good thing. I’m glad to be here to see it.


Thank you everyone for going on this journey with me. The ending wasn't as perfect as I would have preferred it but at least it has ended. Much apologies and thank you.


Whoops, I completely forgot that there would be another chapter! Well, this was a happy surprise for sure. Chen Ge finally got to propose to Zhang Ya! And he was able to adopt some of the children! For those who don't remember, Fan Yu is the boy from Mu Yang High School and his alter ego is the Painter. Ying Tong is one of the nine children who were robbed by the Ghost Fetus. His door was the world of blindness. Unfortunately, it looks like Chen Ge wasn't able to adopt Jiang Ling. She was the girl from Coffin Village, and her sister was a spider-like Red Specter.


This has been the awesomest read! The chilling start (I recommended to a friend, but she had to abandon it cos it was too scary) to a warm ending. The backstory to the spirits he saved, the hilarious trials for the Haunted House visitors. It has been a very gripping journey with Chen Ge often times past midnight. One trial that stuck with me was the one where he had to lose his senses. Running away from danger blind. And we lost White-y at some point! The memorable characters, Xu Yin, Ol 'Zhou and gang. Even Dr. Gao. Lovely Zhang Ya. I'd re-read the whole story, it's that good! Though a glossary of characters would be helpful 😅 If not for Teractys, I'd be lost some times.


I have been recommending this novel constantly to all the readers I know, now it has finally come to an end. Truly another part of my life has ended with this, what a great novel.


The ending feels a bit rushed, but the detail still able to provide closing for many loopholes. This series have been with me for years now and has been my number one favorite horor' novels here in Qidian. Thank you so much I fix air conditioner for writing this wonderful series. Thank you for your hard work all this time Lonelytree and millie! And the other readers too, its been a good time for me!


Cheers, and as per usual the emptiness after end a novel is soon to come xD


It has been a pleasure, everyone. Really, MHOH has been my rock since the start of my webnovel dumpster-diving career, alongside you all. Thank you for creating a positive fanbase that I will treasure with MHOH for years to come. Boss Chen, Lady Ya, it was a honor to adventure alongside you. I wish for your happiness forever. My favorite but completely underrated ghost, Xu Yin- you will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you, to everyone that brought this wonderful story to life. I don't necessarily believe in luck all the time, but discovering My House of Horrors is one of the luckiest things to happen to me. Brothers, and Sisters, I'll see you around sometime- you can bet on it.


ohhh!! It's the best ending of this novel. I am gonna miss Chen ge very much also Zang ya and other specters🥺🥺. This is the best horror novel I have ever read.


Thank you for this wonderful end. But somehow I feel like it's kinda rush you know? I would like to have more interactions between Chen Ge and the ghost employees, especially Xu Yin, who I don't remember what happened to him. Sigh, still thank you.


Just realized this is the first and only novel I've seen where the MC's cheat/system/gold finger is technically literally just from himself. No ancient bloodline, no grandpa or jade-skinned lady to be his teacher, no random book from nowhere and etc.


I'm going to miss this book and all the characters


Years of reading this novel finally came to an end! It was an amazing journey 😭and I’m sad to see it go. Thank you again translators and author for your hard work!


Thank you very much for all these chapters. I’m both happy & sad this ended after being w MHOH for so long. gonna re-read the whole novel as i’m still not ready to let CG & this world go yet 😊


Wahhh thank you for this great story. I will miss the Boss Chen and his team of ghost friends terribly. It's so sad that it ended already. 😭


Thank you soooooo much Lonelytree 🥰❤️ I can’t believe how long I’ve been following this book, thanks for translating it for us till the end, I’ll keep following your other great translations!


Kinda dissapointed that we didn't get to see the "fun" experience visitors will get from visiting the Cursed Hospital. Overall, it was a great read.


See this! I just gifted the story: Luxury car


This has been such a fantastic journey The detailed story of every ghosts, the very awesome character, some of the memorable ones like ol' Zhou, Xu yin, one of my personal fav headless woman etc, and of course the best zhang ya the horror throughout the story coupled with some fun moments like the movie making and his "abduction of ghosts" etc, and ending the perfect end totally one of the best stories I've read and most probably will read thanks a lot


End of a journey, this is honestly one of the best novels I have experienced so far