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still waiting


I really hate to say this since you are my favorite author on here but here it goes, you claim that you have this story finished and volume 3 of apocalypse done or close to done, yet you don't post it. It has been a long time since you have posted and I've caught up to all the other novela I'm reading. I know that you are worried about negative reviews and pirating but that is unfortunately something that happens and can be a part of human nature and is unavoidable. And I personally don't want to spend my precious money buying these stories from other sites, it originated here and I would like to see it through. I don't go to those pirate sites since I still have hope that you will post. With all due respect Wiz, my patience it tested. -ya boi

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Just a casual crossover from Reborn: Apocalypse. Nothing to see here, folks. These are not the droids you're looking for


I don’t feel anger, only sadness that I cannot finish one of my favorite works of art ever..

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Micheal, Sophia, and Shin that spooked me

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First is mine, you nerds. e.e


you know, i think the fact that your left this story up, and are still getting spirit stones from it to be disgusting. Like, straight up your a good writer but not a good person. At the very least you should leave an authors note for all those people who spent their spirit stones on this. The fact that you are not really shows how much you appreciate your readers. So not at all.


i believe he just dropped it


So... here we are... at the end. I'm just gonna say it. Shouldn't Zero have a Soul Spell Matrix Genie now? Ausra did say all anomalies would get one at the Angelic class and that Dorian having one at only Earth class was highly abnormal. P.S. Wiz, if you're still alive IRL, please just post an update about whether your droping this or going hiatus due to life issues. Makes everyone happier since they don't get wound up with unnecessary anticipation and you don't need to worry about the novel for a while. (Also, how the heck is Mello using Sun Wukong's Eyes? He doesn't have a divine body and he put the eyes into Ausra's body anyway) ((Also, also, why doesn't Dorian have any comprehension of the Law of Fire and Law of Life? He ate fruits that give him super-sensitivity to those Laws and even surrounded himself with the Law of Fire))

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A book about reincarnation has a cross-over using reincarnation as a trick.


Neeeaaaar, Faaaaaaaaar, WHEEEEEEEREEEEEVEEER YOOOOOUUUU AAAAAARRRRREEEE!!!!!!!!! ... *quite sad voice* I miss this story. T^T


AuthorWiz i have just caught up to this chapter and surprisingly it was 2 months ago when it was last updated. i just hope you are alright


Time's flowing, fast-passes collecting, Impatience growing, still interest thriving, Always speculating, previous chapters reminiscing, Le me, at all times, Still patiently waiting, waiting, waiting. Hey AuthorWiz, all my fast-passes for you! Please grant us those chapters!! Can't wait to know how Yukeli, Dorian, Helena, Sukong, turns next! And if you are interested, I can even be of help! P.S : BTW, thanks for the wonderful plot :) As anyone, you also must have things to do IRL, so I understand. Even if the plot stops here, I will support your work anyways :) Once again, thanks for everything!


april came and went , maybe you guys should look forward to july 😂😂😂


This is from WIZ facebook page (a post made around 1 month ago) You can find his facebook page by searching facebook.com/*AuthorKerr/ without the * p.s. For any R:EFN fans, after R:A V4 is released, I will return and finish the last Volume of R:EFN before I start work on R:A V5. So therefore we can expect that R:A V4 will take around 1 year, so in sometime around 2022 this book should be starting again. Also I dont know why WIZ hasnt really gave us additional information, but I think it is because 1. Wiz makes money off these books and is literally like his job, so if he is just posting stuff for free hes probably going to be homeless soon, which then means that we probably will never see an update again 2. Wiz had some relationship issues mid last year so thats another factor to take in 3. Along with the fact that wiz also got some type of sickness or smth along with a few other things (not covid thank god) but he also had to deal with that. FYI I am just saying a summary of sorts of whats going on in his life since most of you dont know why he stopped uploading in so long along with the fact that Im a relatively new reader but I really love WIZ's books, if you really want to check out the details go to his facebook page


I guess the story was dropped, for whatever reason. I'm I'm disappointed, but hope the author fairs well.

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F....finally... The beauty of the story continues.



-looks from World Bridge- Since when was there an Exotic World of Cliffhangers?!


What the hell no chapts

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Bruh the crossoveer